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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1979978-0-930100-04-9Natalie GoldbergChicken and in Love
2004978-0-930100-05-6Joyce SutphenNaming the Stars: Poems
1996978-0-930100-07-0Dorian Brooks KottlerA Pause in the Light
1981978-0-930100-08-7Jim PerlmanWalt Whitman--The Measure of His Song
  ''978-0-930100-09-4   ''Walt Whitman: The Measure of His Song
2004978-0-930100-13-1Louis JenkinsSea Smoke
2000978-0-930100-14-8Louis JenkinsWinter Road
1996978-0-930100-18-6Jeanie ThompsonHow To Enter The River
  ''978-0-930100-19-3Michelle EdwardsMisha the Minstrel
2001978-0-930100-28-5Joyce SutphenStraight Out of View
1996978-0-930100-29-2J. .P. WhiteThe Pomegranate Tree Speaks from the Dictator's Garden
1997978-0-930100-37-7Meridel Le SueurThe River Road: A Story of Abraham Lincoln (Meridel Le Sueur Wilderness Book Series)
1991978-0-930100-38-4Michael A. CareyHonest Effort
  ''978-0-930100-39-1   ''Honest Effort
2008978-0-930100-41-4Sara Balbin · Thelma Nayquonabe · James R. BaileySpirit of the Ojibwe: Images of Lac Courte Oreilles Elders
2002978-0-930100-45-2Roseann LloydBecause of the Light: Poems
1996978-0-930100-47-6Cary WatermanWhen I Looked Back You Were Gone
1992978-0-930100-48-3Joseph BruchacTurtle Meat and Other Stories
1996978-0-930100-49-0Joseph BruchacTurtle Meat: And Other Stories
  ''978-0-930100-50-6Brenda UelandStrength to Your Sword Arm: Selected Writings
1996978-0-930100-56-8Brenda UelandMe: A Memoir
1994978-0-930100-58-2Jyotsna SreenivasanMoon Over Crete
2001978-0-930100-59-9Kirsten DierkingOne Red Eye: Poems
1996978-0-930100-61-2Louis JenkinsNice Fish: New and Selected Prose Poems
  ''978-0-930100-68-1Roseann LloydWar Baby Express
  ''978-0-930100-69-8Jim JohnsonDovetailed Corners
1997978-0-930100-75-9Louis JenkinsJust Above Water: Prose Poems
  ''978-0-930100-77-3Meridel Le SueurThe River Road: A Story of Abraham Lincoln (Wilderness Book Series)
1998978-0-930100-78-0Jim Perlman · Ed Folsom · Dan CampionWalt Whitman: The Measure of His Song
  ''978-0-930100-79-7Victoria (editor) BrehmWomen's Great Lakes Reader
1998978-0-930100-83-4Ruth F. BrinBittersweet Berries: Growing Up Jewish in Minnesota
1999978-0-930100-88-9Else Lasker-SchulerStar in My Forehead
  ''978-0-930100-89-6Ruth F. BrinHarvest: Collected Poems And Prayers
2000978-0-930100-98-8Joyce SutphenComing Back to the Body: Poems
2002978-0-930100-99-5Connie WanekHartley Field: Poems