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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-0-929636-01-6Kendall BohnAbstract Adventure V: a KALEIDOSCOPIA coloring book
2010978-0-929636-08-5Kendall BohnWinged Adventure: a KALEIDOSCOPIA coloring book
  ''978-0-929636-14-6Jerry Van AmerongenKeeping Score on Ballard Street
2002978-0-929636-16-0Chad ThomasSeasons Without Shade: Remembering the Siren Tornado
2004978-0-929636-19-1Lynda Dykes Talmadge · William C. TalmadgeLoveMaking: The Intimate Journey in Marriage
  ''978-0-929636-21-4John Howard PrinStolen Hours: Breaking Free from Secret Addictions
  ''978-0-929636-24-5Bernard A. FashingbauerPocket Life List: A Birdwatcher's Life List and Diary of North American Birds
  ''978-0-929636-25-2Andy NelsonThe Carl Larsson Coloring Book
2004978-0-929636-26-9Andy NelsonThe Impressionists Coloring Book
  ''978-0-929636-27-6   ''The Renaissance Painters Coloring Book
  ''978-0-929636-28-3Kendall BohnUndersea Adventure: a Kaleidoscopia coloring book
  ''978-0-929636-29-0   ''Abstract Adventure: A Kaleidoscopia Coloring Book
  ''978-0-929636-30-6Theresse Nelson Lundby · Kristie Nelson-Neuhaus · Ann Nordland WallaceLive Well: The Letters of Sigrid Gjeldaker Lillehaugen
2005978-0-929636-31-3Sam JordanFrom Religion To Rebellion To Relationship: A Memoir
2005978-0-929636-33-7Ann Murphy O'FallonKiss Me Goodnight: Stories And Poems By Women Who Were Girls When Their Mothers Died
  ''978-0-929636-39-9B. E. MarshSpanish Places: A Memoir
  ''978-0-929636-43-6Julie AyerMore than Meets the Ear: How Symphony Musicians Made Labor History
  ''978-0-929636-45-0Catherine WatsonRoads Less Traveled: Dispatches from the Ends of the Earth
  ''978-0-929636-48-1Hand in HandVoices of Rondo: Oral Histories of Saint Paul's Historic Black Community
2005978-0-929636-51-1Pat SamplesBody Odyssey: Lessons from the Bones and Belly
2006978-0-929636-53-5Rubin R. NaimanHealing Night: The Science and Spirit of Sleeping, Dreaming, and Awakening
  ''978-0-929636-59-7Pamela F. LenehanWhat You Don't Know and Your Boss Won't Tell You: Advice from Senior Female Executives on What You Need to Succeed
  ''978-0-929636-60-3Earl GustafsonThe Swedish Secret: What the United States Can Learn from Sweden's Story
  ''978-0-929636-61-0Meg TillyGemma
  ''978-0-929636-62-7Meg TillySinging Songs
2006978-0-929636-63-4Elaine SolowayThe Division Street Princess
  ''978-0-929636-65-8Kevin WingeNever Give Up / Vignettes from Sub-Saharan Africa in the Age of AIDS
  ''978-0-929636-66-5Kendall BohnAbstract Adventure II: A Kaleidoscopia Coloring Book
  ''978-0-929636-68-9Gregg AamotThe New Minnesotans: Stories of Immigrants and Refugees
2007978-0-929636-71-9Carl O. HelvieHealthy Holistic Aging; A Blueprint for Success
  ''978-0-929636-76-4Catherine WatsonHome on the Road: Further Dispatches from the Ends of the Earth
2007978-0-929636-77-1Jerry Van AmerongenPracticing People Skills on Ballard Street; The Comic Art of Jerry Van Amerongen
  ''978-0-929636-79-5Carol Curoe · Robert CuroeAre There Closets in Heaven?; A Catholic Father and Lesbian Daughter Share their Story
  ''978-0-929636-80-1Al SichermanUncle Al's Geezer Salad: A mixed bag of reports on overlong repair projects, smart remarks from dogs, and a whole lot of one man's decline into mental cottage cheese
  ''978-0-929636-81-8Kendall BohnAbstract Adventure III: A Kaleidoscopia Coloring Book
2009978-0-929636-98-6   ''Abstract Adventure IV; Coloring Outside the Box: A Kaleidoscopia Coloring Book
  ''978-0-929636-99-3   ''Abstract Adventure: The Original (Kaleidoscopia Coloring Books)