Books of Wonder

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-0-929605-00-5L. Frank BaumThe Sea Fairies
1989978-0-929605-04-3L. Frank BaumAnimal Fairy Tales
  ''978-0-929605-05-0Baum L FrankAnimal Fairy Tales
1990978-0-929605-07-4John R. NeillThe Wonder City of Oz
1991978-0-929605-09-8Jack SnowThe Magical Mimics in Oz
  ''978-0-929605-12-8John R. NeillThe Scalawagons of Oz
  ''978-0-929605-13-5L. Frank BaumThe Book of the Hamburgs: A Brief Treatise upon the Mating, Rearing, and Management of the Different Varieties of Hamburgs
  ''978-0-929605-15-9Donald AbbottHow the Wizard Came to Oz
1992978-0-929605-17-3John R. NeillLucky Bucky in Oz
1992978-0-929605-19-7Gilbert M. Sprague · Donald AbbottThe Nome King's Shadow in Oz
1997978-0-929605-20-3Donald AbbottThe Magic Chest of Oz
1993978-0-929605-22-7Eric ShanowerThe Giant Garden of Oz
1997978-0-929605-25-8Karyl Carlson · Eric GjovaagQueen Ann in Oz
  ''978-0-929605-27-2Gilbert M. SpragueThe Patchwork Bride of Oz
  ''978-0-929605-43-2Donald AbbottThe Speckled Rose of Oz
1995978-0-929605-44-9David Hulanthe Glass Cat of OZ - one of 25 Copies Hand Colored
1997978-0-929605-45-6   ''The Glass Cat of Oz
  ''978-0-929605-47-0Robin HessChristmas in Oz
1996978-0-929605-48-7Ruth Plumly ThompsonCaptain Salt in Oz
  ''978-0-929605-49-4Ruth Plumly Thompson · L. Frank BaumHandy Mandy in Oz
1996978-0-929605-56-2Ruth Plumly Thompson · L. Frank BaumThe Silver Princess in Oz
  ''978-0-929605-57-9   ''Ozoplaning With the Wizard of Oz
1990978-0-929605-61-6John R. NeillThe Wonder City of Oz
1997978-0-929605-75-3L. Frank BaumBaum's American Fairy Tales
1998978-0-929605-82-1H. G. WellsThe Inexperienced Ghost: And the Temptation of Harringay (Classic Frights Series)
1999978-0-929605-88-3Donald AbbottThe Amber Flute of Oz