year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-929591-00-1The World Map Directory, 1989
1990978-0-929591-01-8Aaron MaizlishThe World Map Directory 1990-1991: A Practical Guide to U.S. and International Maps Available Today
1991978-0-929591-03-2William A BenjaminSanta Barbara, the American Riviera
2007978-0-929591-05-6Ml MiddleMiddle East (Middle East with Afghanistan & Pakistan)
2015978-0-929591-06-3National Geographic MapsIdaho Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas
1991978-0-929591-07-0William A. BanjaminSanta Barbara the American Riviera (Guide & Map)
1992978-0-929591-08-7Aaron Maizlish · William TefftThe World Map Directory, 1992-1993: A Practical Guide to U.S. & International Maps (MAP LINK ACADEMIC SECTION)
  ''978-0-929591-09-4Allan CartographyTime zones of the world
  ''978-0-929591-10-0   ''The world
2010978-0-929591-11-7Benchmark MapsNew Mexico Road and Recreation Atlas (Benchmark Atlas)
1997978-0-929591-13-1Peter WillisRail map of Europe
1992978-0-929591-16-2R. Buckminster FullerFuller Projection Dymaxion Air-ocean World
2018978-0-929591-18-6Benchmark MapsArizona Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas
1993978-0-929591-19-3GiziMap (Firm)Estonia
1995978-0-929591-22-3Ml MacedoniaMacedonia
1996978-0-929591-23-0GiziMap (Firm)Latvia 1:400 000
1997978-0-929591-24-7   ''Caucasus, Armenia-Azerbaijan-Georgia: 1:1 000 000
1995978-0-929591-25-4Map Link Academic Section 1995
  ''978-0-929591-26-1Benchmark MapsNew Mexico Road & Recreation Atlas (Streetfinder Atlas)
1999978-0-929591-27-8United States Railroads
1996978-0-929591-28-5Benchmark MapsAlbuquerque regional street atlas
2002978-0-929591-31-5   ''Benchmark Arizona Road & Recreation Atlas
2000978-0-929591-32-2   ''New Mexico Benchmark Map (Benchmark Folded Maps: New Mexico)
  ''978-0-929591-33-9Albuquerque Benchmark Map (Benchmark Folded Maps: New Mexico)
2000978-0-929591-34-6Benchmark MapsSanta Fe Taos Benchmark Map (Benchmark Folded Maps: New Mexico)
2003978-0-929591-36-0Treasure Chest BooksArizona Northeast Road Map (Benchmark Folded Maps: Arizona)
  ''978-0-929591-37-7Treasure Chest BooksArizona Northwest Road Map (Benchmark Folded Maps: Arizona)
  ''978-0-929591-38-4Benchmark MapsSoutheastern Arizona (Benchmark Folded Maps: Arizona)
  ''978-0-929591-39-1Arizona Southwest Road Map (Benchmark Folded Maps: Arizona)
1997978-0-929591-41-4GiziMap (Firm)Ukraine (Ukrainian Edition)
2002978-0-929591-42-1Benchmark MapsBenchmark New Mexico Road & Recreation Atlas
2000978-0-929591-43-8Benchmark MapsBenchmark California Road & Recreation Atlas
1999978-0-929591-45-2Map Link · Sagebrush MapsRand McNally Streetfinder Western Nevada Street Atlas: Featuring the Reno/Sparks Area and Carson City
1997978-0-929591-46-9Magellan GeographixUpside Down Map of California (Upside Down Maps)
2001978-0-929591-47-6GiziMap (Firm)Central Asia (English, French, German and Russian Edition)
1999978-0-929591-48-3Cartographia KftDemocratic Republic of Congo (English, French and German Edition)
2013978-0-929591-49-0Benchmark MapsBenchmark California Road & Recreation Atlas
2004978-0-929591-50-6   ''Benchmark Oregon Road & Recreation Atlas
978-0-929591-52-0Albuquerque Street Atlas
2002978-0-929591-53-7Benchmark MapsWashington Road & Recreation Atlas
1998978-0-929591-54-4Map LinkWorld Time Zone Map
2003978-0-929591-55-1GiziMap (Firm)Caucasus (English, French, Italian, German and Russian Edition)
1999978-0-929591-57-5Map LinkCalifornia Gold Country
2000978-0-929591-58-2GiziMapKosovo (English, French, Italian, German and Russian Edition)
  ''978-0-929591-59-9Pinkerton Global IntelligenceWorld Risk Map
2014978-0-929591-62-9National Geographic MapsOregon Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas
2000978-0-929591-63-6Actual (Firm)California Missions
2007978-0-929591-64-3Map LinkSanta Barbara, Goleta, Montecito, Carpinteria
2000978-0-929591-65-0Magellan GeographixSanta Barbara, Goleta, Montecito, and Carpinteria
2014978-0-929591-66-7National Geographic MapsMontana Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas
2004978-0-929591-67-4Sagebrush MapsEugene Springfield, Oregon: Street Atlas- GMJ
2005978-0-929591-70-4Map LinkRail Map of Europe
2001978-0-929591-71-1   ''Montenegro
  ''978-0-929591-72-8Benchmark MapsAlbuquerque & Santa Fe street atlas
2008978-0-929591-73-5   ''Benchmark Utah Road & Recreation Atlas, 6th Edition
2002978-0-929591-74-2Stuart Allan · Benchmark MapsBenchmark Utah Road & Recreation Atlas
978-0-929591-75-9Ben Nm BenchmarkNew Mexico Map
2005978-0-929591-80-3Benchmark MapsCalifornia Road & Recreation Atlas: Landscape Maps, Recreation Guides, Detailed Roads, GPS Grids (Benchmark Maps)
2003978-0-929591-81-0   ''Benchmark Nevada Road & Recreation Atlas
2005978-0-929591-82-7Benchmark MapsBenchmark Idaho Road & Recreation Atlas
2004978-0-929591-83-4   ''Washington Road & Recreation Atlas
  ''978-0-929591-84-1   ''Benchmark Arizona Road & Recreation Atlas. Fifth Edition
2008978-0-929591-85-8   ''Oregon Recreation Map (Benchmark Maps)
  ''978-0-929591-86-5Rite MapWashington Recreation Map (Benchmark Maps)
2006978-0-929591-87-2Benchmark MapsBenchmark New Mexico Road & Recreation Atlas, 10th Anniversary Edition (Benchmark Map: New Mexico Road & Recreation Atlas)
2005978-0-929591-88-9Stuart AllanBenchmark Oregon: Road & Recreation Atlas - Third Edition (Benchmark Map: Oregon Road & Recreation Atlas)
2012978-0-929591-89-6National Geographic MapsNew Mexico Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas
2015978-0-929591-90-2   ''Arizona Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas
2011978-0-929591-91-9Benchmark MapsColorado Road and Recreation Atlas (Benchmark Atlas)
2014978-0-929591-92-6National Geographic MapsNevada Road and Recreation Atlas (Benchmark)
2006978-0-929591-93-3BenchmarkBenchmark Utah Road & Recreation Atlas - Third edition (Benchmark Map: Utah Road & Recreation Atlas)
  ''978-0-929591-94-0Benchmark MapsColorado Road & Recreation Atlas
2007978-0-929591-95-7Benchmark MapsBenchmark Nevada Road & Recreation Atlas - 2nd Edition
  ''978-0-929591-96-4   ''Wyoming Road & Recreation Atlas
2013978-0-929591-97-1   ''Benchmark Arizona Road & Recreation Atlas - 7th edition
2015978-0-929591-98-8   ''Washington Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas

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