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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-929385-00-6Janet McClureLight Techniques That Trigger Transformation (Tools for Transformation)
1988978-0-929385-06-8Janet McClureThe Source Adventure (Tools for Transformation)
1989978-0-929385-09-9   ''Scopes of Dimensions: How to Experience Multi-Dimensional Reality (Tools for Transformation)
1990978-0-929385-17-4VywamusThe Story of Sanat Kumara: Training a Planetary Logos (Tools for Transformation)
  ''978-0-929385-18-1Brian GrattanThe Rider on the White Horse
  ''978-0-929385-19-8Elizabeth RoseI Speak and Heal for the Angels
1991978-0-929385-22-8Milton William CooperBehold a Pale Horse
  ''978-0-929385-23-5Lynn BuessNumerology: Nuances in Relationships
  ''978-0-929385-26-6Wesley H. BatemanDragons and Chariots: An Explanation of Extraterrestrial Spacecraft and Their Propulsion Systems
1993978-0-929385-27-3Charles KlotscheColor Medicine: The Secrets of Color Vibrational Healing
1991978-0-929385-28-0Lynn Buess1992 Your Year by the Numbers
1992978-0-929385-30-3Brian GrattanMahatma 1
1978978-0-929385-31-0Lynn BuessNumerology for the New Age
1993978-0-929385-35-8Barbara Burns · VywamusChannelling: Evolutionary Exercises for Channels
1995978-0-929385-38-9Zoosh · Robert ShapiroThe Explorer Race
1993978-0-929385-39-6Wesley H. BatemanKnowledge from the Stars
1994978-0-929385-40-2Dorothy RoederCrystal Co-Creators
1993978-0-929385-42-6Gabriel Hudson BainLiving Rainbows: Develop Your Aura Sight
1991978-0-929385-45-7Wesley H. BatemanDragons and Chariots: An Explanation of Extraterrestrial Spacecraft and Their Propulsion Systems
1993978-0-929385-48-8Robert Shapiro · Virgil Armstrong · Eileen NaumanThe New Age Primer: Spiritual Tools for Awakening
1993978-0-929385-49-5Nancy FallonAcupressure for the Soul: Biological Spirituality and The Gifts of the Emotions
  ''978-0-929385-50-1Dorothy RoederThe Next Dimension Is Love
1995978-0-929385-54-9Janet McClurePrelude to Ascension: Tools for Transformation
1994978-0-929385-55-6Joshua David StoneThe Complete Ascension Manual: How to Achieve Ascension in This Lifetime (Ascension Series, Book 1) (Easy-To-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path)
1995978-0-929385-56-3Joshua David StoneSoul Psychology: Keys to Ascension (The Ascension Series)
  ''978-0-929385-57-0Joshua D. StoneHidden Mysteries: ETs, Ancient Mystery Schools and Ascension (The Easy-to-Read Encyclodedia of the Spiritual Path, Volume IV)
  ''978-0-929385-58-7Joshua David StoneThe Ascended Masters Light the Way: Beacons of Ascension (Ascension Series, Book 5) (The Ascension Series)
1994978-0-929385-59-4MailePrinciples to Remember and Apply
1995978-0-929385-61-7Janet McClure · Lillian HarbenAHA!: The Realization Book
1994978-0-929385-66-2Arthur Fanning · Robert ShapiroShining the Light: the Truth About ETs, Secret Government, Alien Bases: The Battle Begins
1997978-0-929385-68-6Cathleen M. Crami · Derren A. RobbThe Legend of the Eagle Clan
1995978-0-929385-69-3Dorothy RoederReach For Us: Your Cosmic Teachers and Friends
  ''978-0-929385-70-9Arthur Fanning · Robert ShapiroShining the Light II: The Battle Continues (Shining the Light Series, Book 2)
1996978-0-929385-71-6   ''Shining the Light III: The Truth about the Secret Government and their ET Allies/Enemies; Humanity Gets a Second Chance/Light Technology Research
1995978-0-929385-73-0Joshua David StoneBeyond Ascension: How to Complete the Seven Levels of Initiation
1996978-0-929385-75-4Jose ArguellesThe Arcturus Probe: Tales and Reports of an Ongoing Investigation
1994978-0-929385-77-8Brian GrattanMahatma I & II: The I Am Presence
1996978-0-929385-78-5John McIntoshThe Millennium Tablets: The Quest for Light
1996978-0-929385-79-2Robert ShapiroETs and the Explorer Race (Explorer Race Series, Book 2)
  ''978-0-929385-80-8Leia StinnettAll My Angel Friends (Little Angel Books Series)
  ''978-0-929385-81-5   ''Principles and Applications of the Twelve Universal Laws (Little Angel Books)
  ''978-0-929385-85-3   ''The Bridge Between Two Worlds (Little Angel Books Series)
1996978-0-929385-86-0Leia StinnettExploring the Chakras (Little Angel Books Series)
  ''978-0-929385-87-7   ''A Circle of Angels (Little Angel Books Series)
  ''978-0-929385-88-4   ''Happy Feet: A Child's Guide to Foot Reflexology (Little Angel Books Series)
  ''978-0-929385-89-1   ''Who's Afraid of the Dark? (Little Angel Books Series)
  ''978-0-929385-90-7   ''Where Is God? (Little Angel Books Series)
1996978-0-929385-91-4Leia StinnettWhen the Earth Was New: An Experience in Healing Our Planet (Little Angel Book)
1996978-0-929385-92-1Leia StinnettCrystals R for Kids (Little Angel Books)
1997978-0-929385-93-8Robert ShapiroShining the Light IV: Humanity's Greatest Challenge (Shining the Light)
  ''978-0-929385-95-2   ''Explorer Race: Origins and the Next 50 Years (Explorer Race Series)
  ''978-0-929385-96-9Leia StinnettAnimal Tales: Spiritual Lessons from Our Animal Friends (Little Angel Books)
1998978-0-929385-97-6Robert ShapiroParticle Personalities (Explorer Race Series, Book 5)
2011978-0-929385-98-3Hannah BeaconsfieldWelcome to Planet Earth: A Guide for Walk-Ins, Starseeds, and Lightworkers of All Varieties
1998978-0-929385-99-0Joshua David Stone PH.D.Cosmic Ascension: Your Cosmic Map Home (The Easy-To-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path, Vol.6)