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1984978-0-929261-01-0William PalluthPainting in Oil (Artist's Library series #01)
  ''978-0-929261-02-7Duane R. LightWatercolor (Artist's Library series #02)
1988978-0-929261-03-4Gene FranksPencil Drawing (Artist's Library series #03)
1984978-0-929261-04-1R. Bradford JohnsonAcrylics (Artist's Library series #04)
  ''978-0-929261-05-8William F. PowellColor and How to Use It (Artist's Library series #05)
1985978-0-929261-06-5Carl GlassfordDrawing with Pen & Ink (Artist's Library series #06)
1990978-0-929261-07-2Morrell WiseColored Pencils (Artist's Library Series #07)
1988978-0-929261-08-9Leslie B. DemillePastels (Artist's Library series #08)
1986978-0-929261-09-6Peter WestAirbrushing (Artist's Library series #09)
1991978-0-929261-10-2Eugene MetcalfCalligraphy: Techniques & Uses (Artist's Library)
1988978-0-929261-11-9Keith WardOil Painting: Impressionism (Artist's Library Series)
  ''978-0-929261-12-6Gene FranksWatercolor: Drybrush Technique (Artist's Library Series)
1989978-0-929261-13-3William F PowellPerspective (Artist's Library series #13)
  ''978-0-929261-14-0Hal TollisonCartooning (Artist's Library series #14)
1988978-0-929261-16-4Leon FranksHow to Do Still Life
1988978-0-929261-17-1Claude ParsonFlowers: Basic Skills (How to Draw and Paint Series)
  ''978-0-929261-18-8Nan GreacenThe Magic of Flower Painting
1997978-0-929261-19-5Lola AdesRoses and Other Flowers (How to Draw and Paint series #130)
1989978-0-929261-20-1Fritz WillisShortcuts to Still Life Painting
1990978-0-929261-21-8H. P. McLaughlin · Walter FosterPainting with Oil Pastels (How to Draw and Paint Series #152)
1997978-0-929261-22-5Lola AdesFlowers
  ''978-0-929261-23-2Rose EdinHow to Draw and Paint: Watercolor Workshop HT213 (v. 1)
1989978-0-929261-24-9Frederick J. GarnerTrees (How to Draw and Paint Series)
  ''978-0-929261-26-3Carolyn Davis · Charlene BrownDrawing Fun (Beginners Art Series)
1990978-0-929261-27-0Carolyn Davis · Charlene BrownColor Fun
  ''978-0-929261-28-7Curlin DavisClay Fun: How to Work With Clay (Beginners Art Series)
1990978-0-929261-29-4Carolyn Davis · Charlene BrownComic Strip Fun (Beginners Art Series)
  ''978-0-929261-30-0   ''Poster Fun (Beginners Art Series)
  ''978-0-929261-31-7   ''Paper Art Fun (Beginners Art Series)
978-0-929261-32-4Landscapes (How to Draw and Paint Series)
1989978-0-929261-33-1Robert WoodLandscapes and Seascapes HT-66, How to Draw and Paint Series
1990978-0-929261-34-8Arden VondewitzBarns & Other Scenes
1989978-0-929261-35-5Bela Bodo · Jan BodoLandscapes in Oil, No. 1 (How to Draw and Paint Srs.) (v. 1)
2001978-0-929261-36-2Diana FisherCeramic Painting (Artist's Library series #34)
1990978-0-929261-37-9William AlexanderMagic of Oil Painting (How to Draw and Paint Series)
1989978-0-929261-38-6Alfred WandsHow to draw and paint mountains (How to draw and paint series)
  ''978-0-929261-39-3Mona MillsLandscapes in Oil, No. 2 (How to Draw and Paint Srs.)
2001978-0-929261-40-9Christine MariottiThe Art of Silk Painting (Artist's Library series #35)
1998978-0-929261-41-6Anton GutknechtOil: Landscapes with Anton Gutknecht (HT180)
  ''978-0-929261-42-3Bob BatesAcrylic: Country Scenes (HT186)
1970978-0-929261-43-0William PulluthComposition Made Easy (How to Paint&Draw Series)
1998978-0-929261-44-7Anton GutknechtAcrylic: Landscapes (HT198)
1989978-0-929261-45-4Bob BatesAdventures in Acrylics and Oils (How to Draw and Paint Series)
1983978-0-929261-46-1Lola AdesSmall Paintings That Sell (How to Draw and Paint series #201)
1998978-0-929261-47-8Kolan PetersonWatercolor: Landscapes: American Scenes (HT205)
1998978-0-929261-48-5William F. PowellOil: Clouds & Skies (HT206)
  ''978-0-929261-49-2Kolan PetersonSpecial Effects in Watercolours (How to Draw & Paint S.)
2004978-0-929261-50-8Walter FosterBasic Animation (HT25)
2003978-0-929261-51-5Preston J. BlairAnimation 1: Learn to Animate Cartoons Step by Step (Cartooning, Book 1)
1980978-0-929261-52-2Preston BlairHow to Draw Film Cartoons
1998978-0-929261-53-9Ed NofzigerCartooning: Animals (HT134)
1989978-0-929261-54-6Walter FosterHow to Draw Story Cartoons (How to Draw Series)
  ''978-0-929261-55-3   ''Comic Characters
1998978-0-929261-56-0   ''HT-5 The Art of Watercolor (How to Draw and Paint series #5)
1997978-0-929261-57-7Walter FosterThe Art of Pastels (How to Draw and Paint series #6)
1988978-0-929261-58-4   ''How to Draw and Paint Flowers
1989978-0-929261-59-1Dorothy DunniganBasic Skills: Still Life (Walter Foster How to Draw and Paint)
1997978-0-929261-60-7William AlexanderOil: Landscapes with William Alexander (Learn to Paint Step by Step)
1990978-0-929261-61-4Earl DanielsThe Sea in Action/How to Draw & Paint Series
1989978-0-929261-62-1Ralph S. CoventryBoats (How to Draw and Paint)
1997978-0-929261-63-8Violet ParkhurstHow to Draw And Paint Ocean Sunsets
1989978-0-929261-65-2Maurice HarveySeascapes & Landscapes in Acrylics (How to Draw & Paint)
  ''978-0-929261-67-6Charles F. CochraneHow to Draw and Paint Water and Weather/1 (#155 in the "How To" series) (v. 1)
2003978-0-929261-68-3Vernon KerrOil: Land and Sea (HT183)
1990978-0-929261-69-0Charles F. CochraneWater and Weather No. 2 (How to Draw & Paint Series)
1997978-0-929261-70-6Duane R. LightBoats in Watercolor (How to Draw and Paint Series)
  ''978-0-929261-71-3Walter T. FosterDrawing: Dogs (HT10)
2003978-0-929261-72-0   ''Drawing: Horses (HT11)
1997978-0-929261-73-7   ''Drawing: Animals (HT12)
1998978-0-929261-74-4Walter FosterHow to Draw and Paint Cats (from the How to Draw and Paint Series)
1990978-0-929261-75-1Lynn Bogue HuntBirds (How to Draw & Paint Series)
1989978-0-929261-76-8Walter J. WilwerdingCats in Action (How to Draw and Paint Series)
1990978-0-929261-77-5Walter J. WilwerdingHoofed Animals (How to Draw & Paint Series)
  ''978-0-929261-78-2Ralph S. CoventryExotic Butterflies and Moths (How to Draw & Paint Series)
1989978-0-929261-79-9Walter J. WilwerdingAnimal Textures (How to Draw and Paint)
  ''978-0-929261-80-5   ''How to Draw and Paint Animal Expressions (How to Draw and Paint Series)
2002978-0-929261-81-2Frank SerranoPlein Air Painting in Oil (Artist's Library Series)
1998978-0-929261-82-9Mona MillsHorses & Other Animals (How to Draw and Paint series #165)
2001978-0-929261-83-6Walter Foster · Jim PaillotCreate Your Own Slimy Gooey Gunk
1989978-0-929261-84-3Walter FosterHorses in Action (How to Draw and Paint Series)
1988978-0-929261-85-0J. BazieHow to Draw Cats and Kittens (184)
1997978-0-929261-86-7Sadako ManoHow To Draw and Paint: Painting Baby Animals
1988978-0-929261-87-4Ena GrantHow to Draw and Paint Gulls and Other Sea Birds
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1998978-0-929261-89-8Gene FranksDrawing: Still Lifes with Gene Franks (HT215)
1986978-0-929261-91-1Georgia FeazleBasic Beginnings of Rub Out Painting by Feazle, Georgia (1986) Paperback
1987978-0-929261-96-6Jan BurnettPainting With a Knife/Da-8