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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-927545-01-3Frank Kaleb JansenTarget Earth: The Necessity of Diversity in a Holistic Perspective on World Mission
  ''978-0-927545-05-1Sherman · DeanSpiritual Warfare for Every Christian: How to Live in Victory and Retake the Land (From Dean Sherman)
1992978-0-927545-06-8Loren Cunningham · Janice RogersDaring to Live on the Edge: The Adventure of Faith and Finances (From Loren Cunningham)
1993978-0-927545-07-5StantonMission Bridge
1991978-0-927545-08-2Joy DawsonThe Character of the One Who Says "Go"
1996978-0-927545-10-5Betty BarnettFriend Raising: Building A Missionary Support Team That Lasts
1992978-0-927545-11-2Denny GundersonThrough the Dust: Servant Leadership Using Jesus As an Example
1996978-0-927545-12-9John GoodfellowStreetwise
1991978-0-927545-13-6LehmannBefore You Hit the Wall
  ''978-0-927545-14-3Joy DawsonSome of the Ways of God in Healing: How to Get Answers and Directions When You're Suffering (From Joy Dawson)
1992978-0-927545-15-0Andrew JacksonA Heart for Others: Evangelism and Witnessing As Jesus Did
1990978-0-927545-19-8Floyd McClungLearning to Love People You Don't Like: How to Develop Love and Unity in Every Relationship
1984978-0-927545-22-8Loren Cunningham · Janice RogersIs That Really You, God?: Hearing the Voice of God
1992978-0-927545-24-2Ron SmithGrace Simply Grace: Dealing with Condemnation and Legalism in the Christian Life
1996978-0-927545-29-7Moy Hawthorne · KrStepping Out: A Guide to Short Term Missions (old edition out of print, new ed available
  ''978-0-927545-37-2Bob SjogrenUnveiled at Last: Discover God's Hidden Message from Genesis to Revelation (out of print)
  ''978-0-927545-39-6Stacy SellsFanning the Flame: Dare to Let God Kindle Your Fire to Ignite the World
2013978-0-927545-40-2Peter JordanRe Entry: Making The Transition From Missions To Life At Home
1992978-0-927545-41-9Ron BoehmeIf God Has a Plan for My Life, Why Can't I Find It?: Finding God's Will for Your Life, Destiny, Discipleship
1993978-0-927545-42-6Ross TooleyWe Cannot but Tell
2002978-0-927545-43-3John Dekker · Lois NeelyTorches of Joy: A Stone Age Tribe's Encounter With the Gospel (International Adventures)
2000978-0-927545-44-0Jim StierAgainst All Odds: "Lord, I've Ruined My Life. I'm Yours, If You Still Want Me." (International Adventures)
1999978-0-927545-45-7Floyd McClungLiving on the Devil's Doorstep: From Kabul to Amsterdam (International Adventures) (International Adventure Series)
1996978-0-927545-46-4Beverly CarusoAround the World
1996978-0-927545-47-1Landa CopeClearly Communicating Christ
1997978-0-927545-48-8John SherrillHe Still Speaks Today: Releasing the Dynamic Power of God's Word in Your Life
1993978-0-927545-50-1Sheri PerlHealing from the Inside Out
1992978-0-927545-51-8Tom MarshallUnderstanding Leadership
978-0-927545-56-3Love, Sex and Relationships
1996978-0-927545-58-7Ron SmithDear Paul, Am I on the Right Track?
1993978-0-927545-60-0Dave GustavesonThe Missing Video (Reel Kids Adventures)
  ''978-0-927545-62-4Michelle DrakeThe Go Manual Global Opportunities in Youth With A Mission
1994978-0-927545-65-5Dave GustavesonMystery at Smokey Mountain (Reel Kids Adventures) (Reel Kids Series)
  ''978-0-927545-66-2Ywam Personal PR Diary 95 Blue
  ''978-0-927545-67-9Ywam Personal PR Diary 95 Burg
  ''978-0-927545-68-6Ywam Personal PR Diary 95 Rose
1994978-0-927545-69-3Ywam Personal PR Diary 95 Grn
  ''978-0-927545-70-9Jim DrakeTracking Your Walk: The Young Person's Prayer Diary (Chart Your Course)
  ''978-0-927545-71-6Dave GustavesonThe Stolen Necklace (Reel Kids Adventures)
978-0-927545-72-3Asia: A Christian Perspective
1995978-0-927545-73-0Nelson Word1996 Prayer Diary and Daily Planner
  ''978-0-927545-74-7   ''1996 Prayer Diary and Daily Planner
  ''978-0-927545-75-4   ''1996 Prayer Diary and Daily Planner
1995978-0-927545-76-1Nelson Word1996 Prayer Diary and Daily Planner
2004978-0-927545-77-8Michael DrakeThe Go Manual
1995978-0-927545-78-5David GustavesonThe Mysterious Case (Reel Kids Adventures)
2005978-0-927545-79-2Michelle DrakeWalking With God: The Young Person's Prayer Diary
1995978-0-927545-80-8C. Peter Wagner · Stephen Peters · Mark WilsonPraying Through the 100 Gateway Cities of the 10/40 Window (out of print edition)
1996978-0-927545-81-5Don StephensMandate for Mercy: A Call to Compassionate Action for a Hurting World
1995978-0-927545-82-2Dave GustavesonDangerous Voyage (Reel Kids Adventures)
  ''978-0-927545-83-9   ''Amazon Stranger (Reel Kids Adventures)
  ''978-0-927545-86-0George OtisStrongholds of the 10 40 Window: Intercessor"s Guide to the World"s Least Evangelized Nations
1997978-0-927545-87-7Denny GundersonThe Leadership Paradox (From Loren Cunningham)
1996978-0-927545-88-4Dave GustavesonThe Lost Diary (Reel Kids Adventures)
  ''978-0-927545-89-1   ''Forbidden Road (Reel Kids Adventures)
  ''978-0-927545-90-7Ross TooleyAdventures in Naked Faith (International Adventure) (International Adventure)
1996978-0-927545-91-4Ethel Emily WallisDayuma: Life Under Waorani Spears: A Tragedy That Shocked The World. A Vision That Refused To Die. (International Adventures)
  ''978-0-927545-92-1Reona Peterson JolyTomorrow You Die: "You are a traitor. . .and traitors are shot." (International Adventures)
1997978-0-927545-93-8Danny Lehmann · Scott TompkinsStoked: Firing Up Your Passion for God
1996978-0-927545-94-5Ymam PublishingPersonal Prayer Diary and Daily Planner Navy Blue
978-0-927545-95-2Personal Prayer Diary and Daily Planner Burgundy
1941978-0-927545-96-9Ywam PublishingPersonal Prayer Diary and Daily Planner Green
1996978-0-927545-97-6Ywam PublishingPersonal Prayer Diary and Daily Planner (1997)
  ''978-0-927545-98-3Patrick JohnstoneThe Unreached Peoples
1999978-0-927545-99-0Dave GustavesonReel Kids Gift Set, Books 1-5 (Reel Kids Adventures Series) (Reel Kids Adventures Series, 1-5)