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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-0-925065-34-6Siri N. EspyMarketing Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations
2001978-0-925065-35-3Harold E. BriggsSocial Work Practice: Treating Common Client Problems
2003978-0-925065-37-7Catheleen Jordan · Cynthia FranklinClinical Assessment for Social Workers: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods, 2nd Edition
2005978-0-925065-41-4Sophia F. DziegielewskiUnderstanding Substance Addictions: Assessment and Intervention
2004978-0-925065-44-5Harold E. BriggsUsing Evidence in Social Work Practice: Behavioral Perspectives
1991978-0-925065-45-2Douglas BukowskiBaseball Palace of the World: The Last Year of Comiskey Park
2003978-0-925065-47-6Edith V. P. Hudley · Wendy Haight · Peggy J. MillerRaise Up a Child: Human Development in an African-American Family
2008978-0-925065-51-3William BordenContemporary Psychodynamic Theory and Practice: Toward a Critical Pluralism
2006978-0-925065-52-0Ellen L. Csikai · Elizabeth ChaitinEthics In End-of-life Decisions in Social Work Practice
2002978-0-925065-54-4Thomas William Heyck · Stanford E. LehmbergThe Peoples of the British Isles: A New History: From Prehistoric Times to 1688
  ''978-0-925065-55-1Stanford E. Lehmberg · Thomas William HeyckThe Peoples of the British Isles: A New History: From 1688 to 1870, Volume 2
  ''978-0-925065-56-8Thomas William Heyck · Stanford E. LehmbergThe Peoples of the British Isles: A New History: From 1870 to the Present, Volume 3
  ''978-0-925065-60-5Steven HickAdvocacy, Activism, and the Internet: Community Organization and Social Policy
2001978-0-925065-61-2Arthur MarwickThe New Nature of History: Knowledge, Evidence, Language
2003978-0-925065-62-9Margaret GibelmanNavigating Human Service Organizations
2010978-0-925065-63-6Christopher G. HudsonComplex Systems and Human Behavior
2001978-0-925065-64-3Martin Herbert · Karen V. Harper-DortonWorking with Children, Adolescents, and their Families
2005978-0-925065-68-1Thomas O'HareEvidence-Based Practices for Social Workers: An Interdisciplinary Approach
  ''978-0-925065-70-4Karen M. Sowers · Bruce A. ThyerGetting Your MSW: How to Survive and Thrive in a Social Work Program
2009978-0-925065-72-8James R. DudleySocial Work Evaluation: Enhancing What We Do
2008978-0-925065-73-5Flavio Francisco Marsiglia · Stephen KulisDiversity, Oppression, and Change: Culturally Grounded Social Work
2003978-0-925065-74-2Sheldon R. Gelman · Arthur J. FrankelCase Management: An Introduction to Concepts and Skills
2004978-0-925065-75-9Thomas M. Meenaghan · Keith M. Kilty · John G. McNuttSocial Policy Analysis and Practice
2007978-0-925065-76-6Jim Lantz · Karen V. Harper-DortonCross-cultural Practice: Social Work With Diverse Populations
2004978-0-925065-77-3Robert Constable · Daniel B. LeeSocial Work With Families: Content and Process
2005978-0-925065-83-4Malcolm PayneModern Social Work Theory
2004978-0-925065-84-1Glenn E. RohrerMental Health In Literature: Literary Lunacy And Lucidity
2004978-0-925065-85-8Thomas M. Meenaghan · W. Eugene Gibbons · John G. McNuttGeneralist Practice In Larger Settings: Knowledge And Skill Concepts
2006978-0-925065-90-2Soleman H. Abu-BaderUsing Statistical Methods in Social Work Practice: A Complete Spss Guide
2005978-0-925065-92-6Kelly Ward · Robin S. MamaBreaking Out of the Box: Adventure-based Field Instruction
  ''978-0-925065-93-3Richard HoeferAdvocacy Practice for Social Justice