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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-924722-00-4David W. BercotWill the Real Heretics Please Stand Up: A New Look at Today's Evangelical Church in the Light of Early Christianity
1990978-0-924722-01-1Marcus Minucius Felix · Mark Felix · Robert Ernest Wallis · Marcus Dods · Justin · Justin MartyrWe Don't Speak Great Things - We Live Them
  ''978-0-924722-02-8Clement of AlexandriaThe One Who Knows God
  ''978-0-924722-03-5TertullianA Glimpse at Early Christian Church Life.
1991978-0-924722-04-2David W. BercotThe Pilgrim Road: Insights From the Early Christians
1992978-0-924722-06-6   ''Common Sense: A New Approach to Understanding Scripture.
1999978-0-924722-08-0   ''Let Me Die in Ireland: The True Story of Patrick
2007978-0-924722-18-9David BercotPlain Speaking
  ''978-0-924722-19-6Brother LawrenceThe Practice of the Presence of God
  ''978-0-924722-20-2Roger HertzlerThrough the Eye of a Needle: The Doctrine of Nonaccumulation
2008978-0-924722-21-9Francois FenelonLet Go
2008978-0-924722-22-6Henry Van Dyke · Johanna Spyri · Leo Tolstoy · Mark TwainThe Greatest Christian Stories Ever Written
2009978-0-924722-24-0David BercotWill the Theologians Please Sit Down
2011978-0-924722-25-7   ''In God We Don't Trust: A Look at the Founding of America in the Light of Jesus' Teachings