Sheridan House

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-0-924486-02-9Tristan JonesYarns
1990978-0-924486-03-6Tristan JonesOne Hand for Yourself, One for the Ship: The Essentials of Single-Handed Sailing
1998978-0-924486-15-9Lin Pardey · Larry PardeySeraffyn's Mediterranean Adventure
1991978-0-924486-17-3Tristan JonesSeagulls in My Soup: Further Adventures of a Wayward Sailor
  ''978-0-924486-20-3John CaldwellDesperate Voyage
1998978-0-924486-25-8Tom CunliffeCunliffe on Cruising (Tips from the Top)
  ''978-0-924486-27-2Gwenda CornellCruising with Children
  ''978-0-924486-30-2Tristan JonesAdrift
  ''978-0-924486-31-9Maurice Bailey117 Days Adrift (World of Cruising)
1992978-0-924486-36-4Lin PardeyCruising in Seraffyn
2000978-0-924486-46-3Jack LondonThe Cruise of the Snark
1993978-0-924486-52-4Victor SlocumCapt. Joshua Slocum: The Life and Voyages of America's Best Known Sailor
1998978-0-924486-53-1Eric TwinameSail, Race and Win: How to Develop a Winning Attitude
1990978-0-924486-55-5Hal RothChasing the Wind: A Book of High Adventure
1998978-0-924486-58-6Ian NicolsonSurveying Small Craft
1994978-0-924486-71-5Bo StreiffertModern Boat Maintenance: The Complete Fiberglass Boat Manual
1994978-0-924486-73-9Dougal RobertsonSurvive the Savage Sea: Sheridan House Maritime Classics (2008 CFR Index and Finding Aids)
1995978-0-924486-75-3Dom DegnonSails Full and By
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1998978-0-924486-82-1Bill BeavisSalty Dog Talk: The Nautical Origins of Everyday Expressions
1995978-0-924486-84-5Bernard MoitessierThe Long Way
1998978-0-924486-89-0Tristan JonesIce!
1996978-0-924486-90-6   ''The Incredible Voyage: A Personal Odyssey
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1996978-0-924486-99-9George H. ReidMarine Salvage: A Guide for Boaters and Divers