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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-0-923891-04-6Evalyn Walsh McLeanFather Struck It Rich and The Curse of the Hope Diamond
2007978-0-923891-09-1Georg MorgenstierneReport on a Linguistic Mission to Afghanistan
2006978-0-923891-10-7A. A. TroitzkyCollection of Chess Studies
  ''978-0-923891-11-4Sam SloanChinese Chess for Beginners
  ''978-0-923891-12-1Hiroaki FukuyamaHow to Talk Dirty in Japanese and English: A Bilingual Book
  ''978-0-923891-13-8Jefferson PolandSex Marchers
  ''978-0-923891-14-5Georg MorgenstierneReport on a Linguistic Mission to North-Western India
2006978-0-923891-15-2Mohammad Ismail SloanKhowar English Dictionary: A Dictionary of the Predominant Language of Chitral, also known as Chitrali Zaban and as Qashqari
2009978-0-923891-17-6William J. Faber · Morton WalkerPain, Pain, Go Away
2006978-0-923891-18-3Eduard KannIllustrated Catalog of Chinese Coins, Vol. 1: Gold, Silver, Nickel and Aluminum
  ''978-0-923891-19-0   ''Illustrated Catalog of Chinese Coins, Vol. 2: Gold, Silver, Nickel and Aluminum
  ''978-0-923891-20-6   ''Illustrated Catalog of Chinese Coins, Vol. 3: Gold, Silver, Nickel and Aluminum
2010978-0-923891-21-3William H. Masters · Virginia E. JohnsonHuman Sexual Response
2008978-0-923891-27-5Arpad E. EloThe Rating of Chess Players, Past and Present
  ''978-0-923891-31-2John DeweyNot Guilty Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Charges Made Against Leon Trotsky in the Moscow Trials
  ''978-0-923891-42-8Donald M. LiddellChessmen
2008978-0-923891-46-6Bobby FischerBobby Fischer's Games of Chess
  ''978-0-923891-47-3Reuben FineBobby Fischer's Conquest of the World Chess Championship: The Psychology and Tactics of the Title Match
  ''978-0-923891-48-0Richard RetiMasters of the Chessboard
  ''978-0-923891-49-7Alexander Alexanderovich AlekhineMy Best Games of Chess 1908-1923
2009978-0-923891-50-3Sam Sloan · Reuben FineChess the Easy Way
2008978-0-923891-52-7Emil ArtinA Freshman Honors Course in Calculus and Analytic Geometry
  ''978-0-923891-53-4Kurt GödelThe Consistency of the Continuum Hypothesis
2008978-0-923891-55-8John Leroy KelleyGeneral Topology
  ''978-0-923891-56-5Leroy W. DubeckThreats to Humanity
2009978-0-923891-57-2Stephen Cole KleeneIntroduction to Metamathematics
  ''978-0-923891-58-9Bobby FischerMy 60 Memorable Games: Selected and fully annotated by Bobby Fischer
  ''978-0-923891-65-7John HerseyHiroshima
  ''978-0-923891-71-8Herbert PenzlA Reader of Pashto
2009978-0-923891-72-5Herbert PenzlA Grammar of Pashto A Descriptive Study of the Dialect of Kandahar, Afghanistan
  ''978-0-923891-73-2Albert SpeerInside the Third Reich
2008978-0-923891-74-9Louis WatsonWatson on the Play of the Hand at Contract Bridge
2007978-0-923891-75-6Sakata EioModern Joseki and Fuseki, Vol. 1: Parallel Fuseki
  ''978-0-923891-76-3Sakata EioModern Joseki and Fuseki (Ishi Press Go)
  ''978-0-923891-77-0   ''The Middle Game of Go (Ishi Press Go)
  ''978-0-923891-78-7Sam LoydSam Loyd's Cyclopedia of 5000 Puzzles tricks and Conundrums with Answers
2006978-0-923891-80-0Thomas JeffersonThe Farm Book by Thomas Jefferson with light notes and annotations by Sam Sloan
2007978-0-923891-81-7Robert G. EmmensGuests of the Kremlin: Updated in 2007 with Pictures, Maps and Introductions by Mario L. Sacripante and Sam Sloan
2007978-0-923891-83-1Weaver W. AdamsWhite to Play and Win plus Simple Chess
  ''978-0-923891-84-8Norman T. Whitaker365 Selected Chess Endings One for Each Day of the Year: 365 Ausgewahlte Endspiele, Eines Fur jeden Tag Im Jahr
  ''978-0-923891-85-5Samuel SloanThe Model Architect: A Series of Original Designs for Cottages, Villas, Suburban Residences, Etc.
  ''978-0-923891-86-2Samuel SloanThe Model Architect: A Series of Original Designs for Cottages, Villas, Suburban Residences, Etc.
  ''978-0-923891-87-9Ghenrikh M. KasparyanDomination in 2,545 Endgame Studies
2007978-0-923891-88-6Pal BenkoPal Benko's Endgame Laboratory
2008978-0-923891-90-9Judith Campbell ExnerMafia Moll: The Judith Exner Story, The Life of the Mistress of John F. Kennedy
  ''978-0-923891-96-1Lillian Rogers ParksMy Thirty Years Backstairs at the White House
2007978-0-923891-97-8Anatoly KarpovELISTA DIARIES: Karpov-Kamsky, Karpov-Anand, Anand Mexico City 2007 World Chess Championship Matches