Rocky Mountain Books

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-0-921102-14-4Sean DoughertySelected Alpine Climbs in the Canadian Rockies
1997978-0-921102-30-4Keith MortonPlanning a Wilderness Trip in Canada and Alaska
2001978-0-921102-31-1Gillean DaffernKananaskis Country Trail Guide V1
  ''978-0-921102-34-2Cic ScottSummits And Icefields
1995978-0-921102-37-3Commuting by Bike: You've Got to Crazy
2001978-0-921102-38-0Jane RossThe David Thompson Highway: A hiking guide
1983978-0-921102-39-7Ruth OltmannLizzie Rummel: Baroness of the Canadian Rockies
1996978-0-921102-52-6Beulah BarssCowboys & Chuckwagons: Come'n Get It
2010978-0-921102-59-5Chic ScottPushing the Limits: The Story of Canadian Mountaineering
2000978-0-921102-65-6Dave Birrell50 Roadside Panoramas in the Canadian Rockies
2010978-0-921102-67-0Alan KaneScrambles in the Canadian Rockies
1999978-0-921102-70-0Jack BennettNot Won in a Day: Climbing Canada's Highpoints
2009978-0-921102-71-7Ray DjuffHigh On A Windy Hill: The Story of the Prince of Wales Hotel
2001978-0-921102-72-4Tony DaffernAvalanche safety for skiers, climbers and snowboarders
2010978-0-921102-75-5David FinchR. M. Patterson: A Life of Great Adventure
2001978-0-921102-79-3Dustin LynxHiking Canada's Great Divide Trail
  ''978-0-921102-81-6Issac SeanMixed Climbs in the Canadian Rockies
  ''978-0-921102-85-4Vera Matrasova-Engler · Susan Engler PottsBruno Engler Photography: Sixty Years of Mountain Photography in the Canadian Rockies
2002978-0-921102-91-5John Martin · Jon JonesSport Climbs In The Canadian Rockies
2000978-0-921102-96-0Sean IsaacMixed Climbs: in the Canadian Rockies