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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1982978-0-918618-21-4Carmen Capri-KarkaLove and the Symbolic Journey in the Poetry of Cavafy, Eliot & Seferis: An Interpretation with Detailed Poem-by-poem Analysis
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1986978-0-918618-32-0Michael HerzfeldOurs Once More: Folklore, Ideology and the Making of Modern Greece
1991978-0-918618-47-4Dan Georgakas · Charles MoskosNew Directions in Greek-American Studies
1992978-0-918618-48-1Theodore C. KariotisThe Greek Socialist Experiment: Papandreou's Greece 1981-1989
  ''978-0-918618-50-4Andre GerolymatosGuerrilla Warfare & Espionage in Greece, 1940-1944
1997978-0-918618-64-1K. Kapre-Karka600 Modern Greek Verbs: Fully Conjugated in All the Tenses Alphabetically Arranged
  ''978-0-918618-66-5Michael MatsasThe Illusion of Safety: The Story of the Greek Jews During the Second World War
2001978-0-918618-68-9Carmen Capri-Karka600 Modern Greek Verbs
1998978-0-918618-69-6Lili BitaThe Scorpion
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2000978-0-918618-79-5Harry J. PsomiadesThe Eastern Question: The Last Phase: A Study in Greek-Turkish Diplomacy (Modern Greek Research Series)
2002978-0-918618-83-2Spyros D. OrfanosReading Greek America: Studies in the Experience of Greeks in the United States (Modern Greek Research Series)
2006978-0-918618-92-4Dan GeorgakasMy Detroit, Growing Up Greek and American in Motor City (Modern Greek Research Series)