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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-918606-01-3Alison Zier · Virginia BoegliThe Middle Aged Princess and the Frog
1980978-0-918606-02-0Back in town: An anthology of chico poets
1979978-0-918606-03-7L. ClarkFocus One Hundred One
  ''978-0-918606-04-4Laverne H. Clark · Mary MacArthurThe Face of Poetry
1980978-0-918606-05-1Herbert R. CoursenAfter the War
1981978-0-918606-06-8Herbert R. CoursenAfter the War
1989978-0-918606-07-5Maurice Kenny · William M. KunstlerGreyhounding This America
1985978-0-918606-08-2Elizabeth RevereWindows of Snow: Collected Poems
1992978-0-918606-09-9   ''Cricket Moon
1993978-0-918606-10-5Herbert R. CoursenThe Outfielder
1992978-0-918606-11-2Phillip HemenwayRiding the Tiger's Back: A Footnote to the Assassination of JFK
1994978-0-918606-12-9Robert StuberMissing!: Stranger Abduction: Teaching Your Child How to Escape
1999978-0-918606-13-6Lawrence A. WenzelTurnip Patch Infield and a Navajo
  ''978-0-918606-14-3Herbert R. CoursenReturn to Archerland: By H.R. Coursen