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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1980978-0-917086-00-7Marion MarchThe Only Way to Learn Astrology, Vol. 1
1978978-0-917086-14-4Joan NegusBasic Astrology: A Guide for Teachers and Students
1983978-0-917086-15-1   ''Basic Astrology: A Workbook for Students
1981978-0-917086-26-7Marion D. March · Joan McEversOnly Way to Learn Astrology, Volume II: Math and Interpretation Techniques(Only Way to Learn Astrology)
  ''978-0-917086-30-4Neil F. MichelsenAmerican Sidereal Ephemeris 1976-2000
1987978-0-917086-32-8Francoise GauquelinPsychology of the Planets
1982978-0-917086-37-3Joan NegusCosmic Combinations: A Book of Astrological Exercises
1985978-0-917086-40-3James A. EshelmanInterpreting Solar Returns
1982978-0-917086-42-7Michel GauquelinThe Cosmic Clocks: From Astrology to a Modern Science
  ''978-0-917086-43-4Marion D. March · Joan McEversThe Only Way to Learn Astrology, Vol. 3: Horoscope Analysis
1985978-0-917086-48-9Planting by the Moon 1983/4
1982978-0-917086-50-2Neil F. MichelsenAmerican Ephemeris for the Twenty First Century
1988978-0-917086-59-5Marcia MasinoEasy Tarot Guide
1990978-0-917086-65-6Marion D. March · Joan McEversOnly Way to Learn About Tomorrow
1984978-0-917086-88-5Ann Druffel · Armand MarcottePast Lives, Future Growth (Inner Visions, No. 7)
1994978-0-917086-92-2Neil MichelsenThe American Ephemeris for the 20th Century: 1900 to 2000, Revised Edition