Manic D Press, Inc.

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-0-916397-07-4Jon LonghiZucchini and Other Stories (Saturn Series)
  ''978-0-916397-08-1Jerry D. MileyStanding in Line
  ''978-0-916397-09-8Jennifer JosephDrugs
1991978-0-916397-18-0Jerry D. MileyNight is Colder Than Autum
1994978-0-916397-19-7Bucky SinisterAsphalt Rivers
2008978-0-916397-25-8Kathi Georges · Jennifer JosephThe Verdict Is In
1994978-0-916397-28-9Juan Felipe HerreraThe Roots Of A Thousand Embraces
  ''978-0-916397-29-6Jorge ArguetaCorazon del Barrio
1995978-0-916397-37-1Bucky SinisterKing Of The Roadkills
  ''978-0-916397-38-8Jeffrey McDanielAlibi School
1997978-0-916397-39-5Jennifer JosephThe Underground Guide to San Francisco
1995978-0-916397-40-1Richard SalaThe Ghastly Ones & Other Fiendish Frolics
1996978-0-916397-42-5Bambi LakeThe Unsinkable Bambi Lake
1997978-0-916397-47-0Justin ChinBite Hard
1997978-0-916397-48-7Bruce JacksonGrowing Up Free In America
  ''978-0-916397-49-4Beth LisickMonkey Girl: Swingin' Tales
  ''978-0-916397-50-0Keith KnightDances With Sheep: A K Chronicles Compendium
  ''978-0-916397-52-4Isabel SamarasDevil Babe's Big Book of Fun
1998978-0-916397-55-5Jeffrey McDanielForgiveness Parade
1999978-0-916397-56-2Pleasant GehmanThe Underground Guide to Los Angeles
  ''978-0-916397-58-6Tarin Towers · J. Tarin TowersSorry, We're Close
1999978-0-916397-59-3Marci BlackmanPo Man's Child
2000978-0-916397-63-0Keith KnightFear Of A Black Marker: Another K Chronicles Compendium
  ''978-0-916397-65-4Clint CatalystCottonmouth Kisses
  ''978-0-916397-66-1Gary GlaznerPoetry Slam: The Competitive Art of Performance Poetry
2005978-0-916397-67-8Keith KnightThe Passion of the Keef: The Fourth K Chronicles Compendium
2001978-0-916397-68-5Pleasant GehmanEscape From Houdini Mountain
2002978-0-916397-69-2Jennifer JosephThe Underground Guide to San Francisco 2 Ed
2001978-0-916397-73-9Beth LisickThis Too Can Be Yours
  ''978-0-916397-76-0James TracyThe Civil Disobedience Handbook: A Brief History and Practical Advice for the Politically Disenchanted
2002978-0-916397-77-7Jarret KeeneMonster Fashion
  ''978-0-916397-78-4Matt CookIn The Small Of My Backyard
2002978-0-916397-79-1Jeffrey McDanielSplinter Factory
  ''978-0-916397-80-7Ellyn MaybeWalking Barefoot In Glassblowers Museum
  ''978-0-916397-81-4Pleasant GehmanThe Underground Guide To Los Angeles, 2nd Edition
2003978-0-916397-84-5Graham RoumieuIn Me Own Words: The Autobiography of Bigfoot
  ''978-0-916397-86-9Rikki ErcoliLegends of Punk: Photos from the Vault
2004978-0-916397-88-3Keith KnightRed, White, Black And Blue: A (th)ink anthology
2003978-0-916397-89-0Michelle TeaThe Beautiful: Collected Poems
2004978-0-916397-95-1Juliette TorrezMadness And Retribution: Poems
  ''978-0-916397-96-8Morty DiamondFrom the Inside Out: Radical Gender Transformation, FTM and Beyond
2004978-0-916397-98-2Conor Buckley · Lawrence GipeColor Me Arnold: The Unofficial Arnold Schwarzenegger Coloring and Activity Book
2005978-0-916397-99-9Jarret KeeneThe Underground Guide To Las Vegas