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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1975978-0-916374-01-3Rod VarneyTexas Electric album, Texas Electric Railway (Interurbans special)
  ''978-0-916374-02-0Jim WalkerLines of Pacific Electric: Southern & Western Districts
1977978-0-916374-25-9Jim WalkerYellow Cars of Los Angeles (Interurbans special)
  ''978-0-916374-27-3Robert S. FordRed Trains in the East Bay: The History of the Southern Pacific Transbay Train and Ferry System (Special 65)
  ''978-0-916374-28-0Charles S McCalebSurf, sand & streetcars: A mobile history of Santa Cruz, California (Interurbans special)
  ''978-0-916374-29-7Malcolm D IselyArkansas Valley Interurban (Interurbans special)
1980978-0-916374-35-8Allison Chandler · Stephen D. MaguireWhen Oklahoma Took the Trolley (Interurbans Special)
1979978-0-916374-37-2Edward HammWhen Fresno rode the rails (Interurbans special)
1979978-0-916374-38-9Edmund KeiltyInterurbans without wires: The rail motorcar in the United States (Interurbans special)
1980978-0-916374-41-9Stephen P Carlson · Fred W. Schneider IIIPCC: The Car That Fought Back
1981978-0-916374-42-6Anthony PerlesThe People's Railway: The History of the Municipal Railway of San Francisco
1980978-0-916374-43-3Russell E SchultzA Milwaukee transport era: The trackless trolley years (Interurbans special)
1981978-0-916374-48-8Charles S. McCalebTracks, Tires, & Wires: Public Transportation in California's Santa Clara Valley (Interurbans Special #78)
1982978-0-916374-49-5John McKaneInside Muni: The properties and operations of the Municipal Railway of San Francisco (Interurbans special)
  ''978-0-916374-50-1Edmund KeiltyDoodlebug Country: The Rail Motorcar on the Class 1 Railroads of the United States (Interurbans Special 77)
  ''978-0-916374-53-2Richard Steinheimer · Donald SimsGrowing Up with Trains: A Southern California Album (Interurbans Special 83)
  ''978-0-916374-54-9Bruce MoffatForty Feet Below: The Story of Chicago's Freight Tunnels (Interurbans special)
1983978-0-916374-56-3Andrew D YoungTrolley to the past: A brief history and companion to the operating trolley museums of North America (Interurbans special)
  ''978-0-916374-57-0Fred W Schneider · Stephen P. CarlsonPCC--from coast to coast (Interurbans special)
1984978-0-916374-59-4Richard Steinheimer · Ted BensonGrowing Up with Trains II: A Northern California Album (Interurbans Special 88)
1984978-0-916374-61-7Eli BailFrom Railway to Freeway: Pacific Electric and the Motor Coach (INTERURBANS SPECIAL)
  ''978-0-916374-65-5Jack E Schramm · William H. Henning · Richard R. AndrewsWhen Eastern Michigan Rode the Rails (Special 94)
1985978-0-916374-67-9Ronald DeGrawRed Arrow: The first hundred years, 1848-1948 (Interurbans special)
  ''978-0-916374-68-6Harre W. DemoroThe Key Route, Part 2: Transbay Commuting by Train and Ferry (Interurbans Special 97)
  ''978-0-916374-69-3John F. KirklandThe Diesel Builders, Vol. 1: Fairbanks-Morse and Lima-Hamilton (Interurbans Special No. 98)
  ''978-0-916374-70-9Ronald H DeiterThe story of Metro: Transportation and politics in the Nation's Capital (Interurbans special)
1986978-0-916374-73-0Seymour Kashin · Harre W. DemoroAn American Original: The PCC Car (Interurbans Special)
1988978-0-916374-77-8Edmund KeiltyThe Short Line Doodlebug: Galloping Geese and Other Railcritters (INTERURBANS SPECIAL)
1987978-0-916374-78-5Gary W. DolzallMonon: The Hoosier Line
1987978-0-916374-79-2Andrew D. YoungThe st Louis Streetcar Story (INTERURBANS SPECIAL)
1989978-0-916374-82-2Paul H. StringhamIllinois Terminal, the Electric Years
1974978-0-916374-85-3Arthur D. DubinMore Classic Trains
1990978-0-916374-88-4Ronald H. DeiterThe Story of Metro: Transportation and Politics in the Nation's Capital (INTERURBANS SPECIAL)
1992978-0-916374-89-1Vernon J. SappersKey System Streetcars
  ''978-0-916374-98-3Gordon Lloyd Jr. · Louis A. MarreConrail Motive Power Review: The First 10 Years 1976-1986: 001
  ''978-0-916374-99-0Gordon Lloyd Jr. · Louis A. MarreConrail Motive Power Review, Volume 1: The First 10 Years 1976-1986