Independent Curators International (ICI)

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1997978-0-916365-46-2Jacqueline BurckhardtMeret Oppenheim: Beyond The Teacup
  ''978-0-916365-47-9Dore Ashton · Michael Brenson · Matthew MarksDavid Smith: Medals For Dishonor
1998978-0-916365-51-6Bruce AltschulerDo It
2001978-0-916365-59-2Ingrid Schaffner · Werner MuensterbergerPictures, Patents, Monkeys, And More...On Collecting
  ''978-0-916365-60-8Jean-Christophe Ammann · Judith Richards · Carin KuoniWords Of Wisdom: A Curator's Vade Mecum
2002978-0-916365-64-6Barbara ClausenThin Skin: The Fickle Nature Of Bubbles, Spheres, And Inflatable Structures
  ''978-0-916365-65-3Tom MarioniWalk Ways
2003978-0-916365-66-0Mary Kay Lombino · Chris AstleyUnnaturally
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2004978-0-916365-68-4100 Artists See God
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2005978-0-916365-72-1Situation Comedy: Humor In Recent Art
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