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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-915957-03-3The Holy Qurʼān: Text, translation, and commentary
1990978-0-915957-07-1Ahmed Hassan DahlanPolitics Administration and Development in Saudi Arabia: Publisher Has Only Imperfect Bound Books Available
1991978-0-915957-08-8Abdullah Yusuf AliThe Meaning of the Holy Quran
1994978-0-915957-16-3Muhammad ShafiqThe Growth of Islamic Thought in North America: Focus on Ismail Raji Al Faruqi
1996978-0-915957-18-7Riyad Al SalihmEl Paso Hacia El Paraiso: Dichos De Muhammad El Enviado De Dios (Spanish Edition)
1994978-0-915957-19-4Jeffrey LangStruggling to Surrender: Some Impressions of an American Convert to Islam
1996978-0-915957-22-4Marmaduke William Pickthall · Arafat Kamil AshshiThe Meaning of the Glorious Qur'an: Explanatory Translation
1995978-0-915957-24-8Abdullah Yusuf AliThe Story of Mary and Jesus in the Quran: Reprinted from the Meaning of the Holy Quran
  ''978-0-915957-25-5Ismail R. Al-FaruqiTrialogue of the Abrahamic Faiths: Papers Presented to the Islamic Studies Group of American Academy of Religion (Issues of Islamic Thought)
2000978-0-915957-26-2Jeffrey LangStruggling to Surrender: Some Impressions of an American Convert to Islam
2008978-0-915957-32-3Abdullah Yusuf AliThe Meaning of the Holy Qur'an
1995978-0-915957-37-8Uthman HutchinsonBismillah
978-0-915957-38-5Finders Keepers
1981978-0-915957-39-2Gone Fishing
1995978-0-915957-48-4Uthman HutchinsonCrocodiles Pray
978-0-915957-49-1First Fast
1995978-0-915957-54-5Mamdouh N. MohamedHajj & Umrah: From A to Z (English and Arabic Edition)
2008978-0-915957-55-2Abdullah Yusuf Ali · Abdullah YusufaliMeaning of the Holy Qur'an
2001978-0-915957-58-3Imam Vehbi IsmailMuhammad, the Last Prophet
1996978-0-915957-59-0Abdullah Yusuf Ali · Abdullah Yusufali · Abdullah YusufThe Meaning of the Holy Qur'an
1997978-0-915957-67-5Jeffrey LangEven Angels Ask: A Journey to Islam in America
  ''978-0-915957-68-2Fatimah Suzanne Al-JafariDigest of Muslim Names: Beautiful Muslim Names and Their Meaning (English and Arabic Edition)
2001978-0-915957-69-9Imam Vehbi IsmailMuhammad The Last Prophet
1997978-0-915957-70-5Murad HofmannIslam 2000
  ''978-0-915957-71-2Murad HofmannIslam: The Alternative
  ''978-0-915957-72-9Nuh Ha Mim KellerReliance of the Traveller: The Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law Umdat Al-Salik (English, Arabic and Arabic Edition)
1997978-0-915957-73-6Rose Wilder Lane · Imad-ad-Dean AhmadIslam and the Discovery of Freedom
  ''978-0-915957-74-3Hammudah Abdal-Ati · Hammudah AbdulatiIslam in Focus
2001978-0-915957-75-0Amir Nashid Ali MuhammadMuslims in America
  ''978-0-915957-76-7Abdullah Yusuf AliThe Meaning of the Holy Qur'an (English, Arabic and Arabic Edition)
1995978-0-915957-77-4   ''The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an (pocket size)
1998978-0-915957-78-1Amir Nashid Ali MuhammadMuslims in America: Seven Centuries of History (1312-1998): Collections and Stories of American Muslims
  ''978-0-915957-79-8Wael AlkhairoSpeaking for Change: A Guide to Making Effective Friday Sermons (Khutbahs)
  ''978-0-915957-85-9Murad HofmannJourney to Makkah
1998978-0-915957-87-3Ekram Beshir · Mohamed Rida BeshirMeeting the Challenge of Parenting in the West: An Islamic Perspective
1997978-0-915957-88-0Kamel Mustafa HallakEl Coran Sagrado y la Traduccion de su sentido en lengua espanola (Spanish Qur'an with Arabic text) (Spanish and Arabic Edition)
2000978-0-915957-99-6Ruqayyah Waris MaqsoodThe Muslim Marriage Guide