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1976978-0-915190-03-4Alvyn M. Freed · Regina Faul-JansenT.A. for Teens and Other Important People (Transactional Analysis for Everybody Series ; #5)
  ''978-0-915190-04-1Margaret De Haan FreedA time to teach, a time to dance: A creative approach to teaching dance
  ''978-0-915190-05-8Theodore B. NoveyTa for Management, Making Life Work (Transactional analysis for everybody series)
1978978-0-915190-06-5Dennis A. LookJoy of Backpacking: People's Guide to the Wilderness
1983978-0-915190-08-9Claude SteinerThe Original Warm Fuzzy Tale
1977978-0-915190-09-6Alvyn Freed · Margaret FreedThe New TA for Kids and Grown-Ups Too: Powerful Techniques for Developing Self-Esteem: Transactional Analysis for Everybody Series
1983978-0-915190-12-6Alvyn M FreedTransactional Analysis for Tots and Other Prinzes: Bk. 1 (Transactional Analysis for Everybody)
1978978-0-915190-13-3Don SeveranceReach for the sky: The romance and techniques of hang-gliding
1980978-0-915190-14-0Harriet BirdWarm Fuzzy Songbook
1977978-0-915190-15-7Harold BessellThe Parent Book: The Holistic Program for Raising the Emotionally Mature Child
1979978-0-915190-16-4Lura Jane GeigerFinding hidden treasure: TA groups in the church
  ''978-0-915190-17-1Asa H SparksHope for the frogs: A story
1978978-0-915190-21-8Trish GribbenPajamas Don't Matter: Or What Your Baby Really Needs
1980978-0-915190-23-2Jean and Georgiana Dickinson MillerWhen Apples Ain't Enough
  ''978-0-915190-24-9Jean M MillerWhen apples ain't enough: Career change techniques for teachers, counselors, and librarians
1971978-0-915190-25-6Alvyn M. FreedT.A. for Tots, Vol. 2 (Transactional Analysis for Everybody Series) (Bk.2)
1980978-0-915190-26-3Reva Camiel · Michaelsen Hila · Hila MichaelsenFirst Time Out: Skills for Living Away from Home
1980978-0-915190-27-0Alvin FreedPlease Keep on Smoking
  ''978-0-915190-28-7Andrew AddkisonCooking on a Woodburning Stove: 150 Down Home Recipes
  ''978-0-915190-29-4Rita JusticeStress: In the Eye of the Beholder
1981978-0-915190-30-0Joan PackardNatural Breast Enlargement: Through Effective Relaxation Techniques
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1991978-0-915190-33-1Alvyn FreedTa for Tots Coloring Book (Pr K -3)
1982978-0-915190-35-5Barbara Meister VitaleUnicorns Are Real: A Right-Brained Approach to Learning (Creative Parenting/Creative Teaching Series)
1983978-0-915190-36-2Eva FugittHe Hit Me Back First (The Creative parenting/creative teaching series)
  ''978-0-915190-37-9Charles Kraus · Linda KrausCharles the Clowns Guide to Children's Parties (The Creative parenting/creative teaching series)
1985978-0-915190-38-6Joanne Haynes-KlassenLearning to Live, Learning to Love
1983978-0-915190-39-3Joe GantzWhose Child Cries: Children of Gay Parents Talk About Their Lives
1983978-0-915190-40-9Joe GrantzWhose Child Cries: Children of Gay Parents Talk About Their Lives
1985978-0-915190-41-6Dorothy Fink UngerleiderReading, writing, and rage: the terrible price paid by victims of school failure
  ''978-0-915190-42-3Dorothy F. UngerleiderReading, Writing and Rage: The Terrible Price Paid by Victims of School Failure
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1987978-0-915190-45-4Bob SamplesOpenmind/Wholemind: Parenting and Teaching Tomorrow's Children Today
  ''978-0-915190-46-1Naomi DrewLearning the Skills of Peacemaking: An Activity Guide for Elementary-Age Children on Communicating, Cooperating, Resolving Conflict
1991978-0-915190-47-8Larry ShlesHugs and Shrugs: The Continuing Saga of a Tiny Owl Named Squib
  ''978-0-915190-49-2Larry ShlesAliens in My Nest: Squib Meets the Teen Creature
1988978-0-915190-50-8Michael J. GelbPresent Yourself
  ''978-0-915190-51-5Michael J. GelbPresent Yourself!: Capture Your Audience with Great Presentation Skills
1989978-0-915190-52-2Asa SparksThe Two Minute Lover (Creative Loving Series)
1989978-0-915190-53-9Michele Borba Dr · Michele BorboEsteem Builders: A K-8 Self-Esteem Curriculum for Improving Student Achievement, Behavior, and School Climate
  ''978-0-915190-54-6Elaine Young · Robert Dean FrelowI Am a Blade of Grass: A Breakthrough in Learning and Self-Esteem
1988978-0-915190-55-3Timothy D. ShannonA System for Caring: Supportive Counseling for Professionals and Families
1991978-0-915190-56-0Larry SchlesHoots and Toots and Hairy Brutes: The Continuing Adventures of Squib (Hoots & Toots & Hairy Brutes)
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