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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-0-915166-07-7Robert E. Alberti · Michael L. EmmonsYour Perfect Right: A Guide to Assertive Living
  ''978-0-915166-08-4Robert E AlbertiYour perfect right: A guide to assertive living
1990978-0-915166-09-1Robert E. Alberti · Michael L. EmmonsYour Perfect Right: A Guide to Assertive Living (Volume 1 of the Professional Edition of Your Perfect Right)
1995978-0-915166-12-1Robert E. Alberti · Michael EmmonsYour Perfect Right: A Guide to Assertive Living
1979978-0-915166-17-6John VasconcellosA liberating vision: Politics for growing humans
  ''978-0-915166-18-3Tony LarsenTrust Yourself: You Have the Power
1982978-0-915166-19-0C. Michele HaneyStressmap: Finding your pressure points
1975978-0-915166-21-3Stanlee PhelpsThe assertive woman
1979978-0-915166-28-2Geraldine Ponte MarkelParents Are to Be Seen and Heard: Assertiveness in Educational Planning for Handicapped Children
1984978-0-915166-29-9William R. BerkowitzCommunity Dreams: Ideas for Enriching Neighborhood and Community Life
1977978-0-915166-38-1Robert E. AlbertiAssertiveness: Innovations, applications, issues
1980978-0-915166-39-8Dawn UngrueConferencing in California: A guide to affordable retreats and centers
  ''978-0-915166-45-9Susan M. CampbellThe Couple's Journey: Intimacy As a Path to Wholeness
1978978-0-915166-47-3Michael L EmmonsThe inner source: A guide to meditative therapy
  ''978-0-915166-48-0Emmons · Michael L. EmmonsThe Inner Source: A Guide to Meditative Therapy
1981978-0-915166-49-7Judy LalliAt Least I'm Getting Better! Poems for Kids and Other People
1988978-0-915166-57-2Jack BarrangerKnowing When to Quit
1987978-0-915166-58-9Martin A. KranitzGetting Apart Together: The Couple's Guide to a Fair Divorce or Separation
1987978-0-915166-59-6Margaret Kraker McKeanThe Stop Smoking Book
  ''978-0-915166-61-9Stanlee PhelpsThe Assertive Woman: A New Look
1990978-0-915166-67-1Bruce FisherRebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends
  ''978-0-915166-68-8John D. AdamsLife Changes: Growing Through Personal Transitions
  ''978-0-915166-69-5Robert E. AlbertiProfessional Edition of Your Perfect Right
1992978-0-915166-75-6Bruce, Dr. FisherRebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends
1993978-0-915166-78-7John PrestonGrowing Beyond Emotional Pain: Action Plans for Healing
  ''978-0-915166-79-4Gavin WhitsettGuerrilla Kindness: A Manual of Good Works, Kind Acts and Thoughtful Deeds
1993978-0-915166-80-0Arnold Lazarus · Clifford Lazarus · Allen FayDon't Believe It for a Minute: Forty Toxic Ideas That Are Driving You Crazy
1994978-0-915166-82-4Ed.D. Pat PalmerI Wish I Could Hold Your Hand: A Child's Guide to Grief and Loss
1995978-0-915166-87-9Carla PerezWithout Clothes, We're All Naked: Reflections on Life in the Real Lane
  ''978-0-915166-88-6John Preston · Nicolette Varzos · Douglas LiebertEvery Session Counts: Making the Most of Your Brief Therapy
1994978-0-915166-92-3Susan C. WalkerKeeping Active: A Caregiver's Guide to Activities With the Elderly (Working Caregiver)
1996978-0-915166-94-7Mary Williams M.A. M.N.Cool Cats, Calm Kids
  ''978-0-915166-97-8Virginia Fraser · Sara Hunt · Barbara FrankNursing Homes: Getting Good Care There
  ''978-0-915166-98-5Yvette StraussThe Other Mother: How to Be an Almost-Perfect Mother-In-Law
  ''978-0-915166-99-2John PrestonLife Is Hard (Mental Health)