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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1976978-0-914918-03-5Enid HoffmanHuna: A Beginner's Guide
1978978-0-914918-07-3Robert PelletierPlanets in Houses: Experiencing Your Environment
1997978-0-914918-08-0Robert Carl JanskyAstrology, Nutrition and Health
1979978-0-914918-10-3Faith Javane · Dusty BunkerNumerology and the Divine Triangle
1978978-0-914918-12-7Marcia Moore · Howard AlltounianJourneys into the bright world
1997978-0-914918-14-1Steve KravetteComplete Relaxation
1981978-0-914918-16-5Robert HandHoroscope Symbols
978-0-914918-17-2Enid HoffmanExpand You Psychic Skills
1997978-0-914918-18-9Dusty BunkerNumerology and Your Future
1998978-0-914918-19-6Bruce NevinAstrology Inside Out
1997978-0-914918-20-2Robert PelletierPlanets in Aspect: Understanding Your Inner Dynamics (The Planet Series)
  ''978-0-914918-21-9John TownleyPlanets in Love: Exploring Your Emotional and Sexual Needs
1975978-0-914918-22-6Robert HandPlanets in Composite: Analyzing Human Relationships (The Planet Series)
1980978-0-914918-24-0   ''Planets in Transit: Life Cycles for Living (The Planet Series)
1997978-0-914918-26-4   ''Planets in Youth: Patterns of Early Development (The Planet Series)
  ''978-0-914918-27-1Robert PelletierPlanets in Houses: Experiencing Your Environment Planets
  ''978-0-914918-28-8Stephen KravetteComplete Meditation
1981978-0-914918-29-5Enid HoffmanDevelop Your Psychic Skills
1997978-0-914918-34-9Brad SteigerKahuna Magic
1982978-0-914918-38-7Brad SteigerMonsters among us
1997978-0-914918-39-4Dusty BunkerBirthday Numerology
  ''978-0-914918-42-4Robert HandEssays on Astrology
1983978-0-914918-45-5Sandor KonraadNumerology: Key to the Tarot
1983978-0-914918-47-9Norman FordGood Night: The Easy and Natural Way to Sleep the Whole Night Through
1997978-0-914918-48-6Enid HoffmanHands: A Complete Guide to Palmistry
1984978-0-914918-49-3Betty Clare MoffattLooking Good: A Woman's Guide to Personal Unfoldment
1997978-0-914918-61-5Inc. Para ResearchWorld Ephemeris: 20th Century, Noon
1985978-0-914918-64-6Sandor KonraadClassic Tarot Spreads
1990978-0-914918-69-1Dusty BunkerQuintiles and Tredeciles: The Geometry of the Goddess
1998978-0-914918-71-4Mary DevlinAstrology & Past Lives
1997978-0-914918-72-1Enid HoffmanExpand Your Psychic Skills
  ''978-0-914918-73-8KelyndaThe Crystal Tree
  ''978-0-914918-74-5Dusty BunkerNumerology, Astrology, and Dreams
1998978-0-914918-77-6Mary DevlinAstrology & Relationships
  ''978-0-914918-78-3J. Lee Lehman · Lee J. LehmanThe Ultimate Asteroid Book
1997978-0-914918-79-0Skye AlexanderPlanets in Signs (The Planet Series)
1994978-0-914918-80-6MorwynSecrets of a Witch's Coven
1997978-0-914918-81-3Faith JavaneMaster Numbers: Cycles of Divine Order
  ''978-0-914918-83-7Martin GoldsmithMoon Phases: A Symbolic Key
1997978-0-914918-86-8Gini Graham ScottShamanism for Everyone
  ''978-0-914918-87-5KelyndaThe Magnificent Quest: Six Paths to the Inner Grail
1989978-0-914918-88-2Eugene MaureyExorcism: How to Clear at a Distance a Spirit Possessed Person
1997978-0-914918-89-9Stephen KravetteAlternatives to Aging
1989978-0-914918-95-0Brad SteigerMysteries of Time and Space
1997978-0-914918-96-7Robert B. StoneThe Secret Life of Your Cells
1990978-0-914918-99-8Olivia BarclayHorary Astrology Rediscovered: A Study in Classical Astrology