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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1983978-0-914797-06-7Marion BlankTeaching Learning in the Preschool a Dialogue Approach
1986978-0-914797-20-3Kristie Younghans Davis · Milton BudoffUsing Authoring in Education: Customizing Computer-Based Lessons for Students
1999978-0-914797-24-1Marian LiebmannArt Therapy for Groups: A Handbook of Themes, Games and Exercises
  ''978-0-914797-57-9Jean CiborowskiTextbooks and the Students Who Can't Read Them: A Guide for the Teaching of Content (Cognitive Strategy Training Series)
  ''978-0-914797-59-3Carl J DunstEnabling and Empowering Families: Principles and Guidelines for Practice
  ''978-0-914797-67-8Margo MastropieriTeaching Students Ways to Remember: Strategies for Learning Mnemonically (Cognitive Strategy Training Series)
  ''978-0-914797-68-5Edison J TrickettLiving An Idea: Empowerment and the Evolution of an Alternative High School (Series on Community and School Psychology)
1995978-0-914797-71-5William FowlerTalking from Infancy: How to Nurture and Cultivate Early Language Development
1999978-0-914797-75-3Irene GaskinsImplementing Cognitive Strategy Training: The Benchmark Manual for Teachers
2000978-0-914797-76-0Thomas ScruggsTeaching Test Taking Skills: Helping Students Show What They Know (Cognitive Strategy Training Series)
1999978-0-914797-85-2Karen ScheidHelping Students Become Strategic Learners: Guidelines for Teaching (Cognitive Strategy Training Series)
1999978-0-914797-93-7Jan M SpiegleMaking Changes: Family Voices on Living with Disabilities
  ''978-0-914797-94-4Carl J DunstSupporting and Strengthening Families: Methods, Strategies, and Outcomes (Vol 1)