Breakthrough Pubns

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-0-914327-01-1Mary TwelveponiesEveryday Training: Backyard Dressage
1983978-0-914327-03-5Donald Lee · Robert F. WayAnatomy of the Horse
1986978-0-914327-04-2James R. RooneyThe Lame Horse: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
1985978-0-914327-08-0Volker Schusdziarra · Heinrich SchudziarraAn Anatomy of Riding (English and German Edition)
1987978-0-914327-17-2Werner StorlRiding to Music: Music and Choreography for the Individual Kur, Pas De Deux, and the Classical Quadrille (English and German Edition)
1988978-0-914327-18-9Linda Tellington-Jones · Ursula BrunsAn Introduction to the Tellington-Jones Equine Awareness Method: The T.E.A.M. Approach to Problem-Free Training
  ''978-0-914327-19-6Cherry HillThe Formative Years: Raising and Training the Young Horse from Birth to Two Years
1993978-0-914327-28-8Nancy W. Ambrosiano · Mary F. HarcourtComplete Plans for Building Horse Barns Big and Small
2017978-0-914327-29-5Eleanor KellonDr. Kellon's Guide to First Aid for Horses
1993978-0-914327-35-6Federal Jobs DigestU.S. Postal Exam Test 470 for City Carrier, Clerk, Distribution Clerk, Flat Sorting Machine Operator, Mail Handler, Mail Processor, Mark Up Clerk (Hom)
1987978-0-914327-38-7Louise Mills WildeGuide to Dressage,3rd Edition
1990978-0-914327-39-4David KrolickShoeing Right: Advice to Horse Owners from a Working Farrier
1992978-0-914327-43-1Cherry HillMaking, Not Breaking: The First Year Under Saddle
  ''978-0-914327-45-5Frank Chapot · Arlene NewmanWinning With Frank Chapot
  ''978-0-914327-46-2D. Phillip SponenbergHorse Color
  ''978-0-914327-47-9Sue Ellen Marder · Leslie A. Winter · Tony WinterTax Planning and Preparation for Horse Owners 1995
1994978-0-914327-48-6Bookkeeper for Horse Owners 1994
1993978-0-914327-49-3Richard ShrakeResistance-Free Riding
1993978-0-914327-50-9Eleanor M. KellonThe Older Horse: A Complete Guide to Care and Conditioning for Horses 10 and Up
  ''978-0-914327-51-6Richard Zambeck · Richard ShrakeResistance Free Riding
  ''978-0-914327-52-3Susan McBane · Benjamin FranklinPoor Richard's Horse Keeper: More Ways Than a Poor Soul Can Count t o Save Time and Money Providing Quality Care for Horses Today
1997978-0-914327-54-7Theresa J. Jordan · Peter E. De MicheleOvercoming the Fear of Riding
1995978-0-914327-55-4Thomas TobinEquine Drugs and Vaccines: A Guide for Owners and Trainers
  ''978-0-914327-56-1Linnea A. SheppardSew Your Own Riding Clothes
  ''978-0-914327-57-8Charlene StricklandShow Grooming the Look of a Winner-Second Edition
1995978-0-914327-58-5Leslie WinterTax Planning and Preparation for Horse Owners 1995
1994978-0-914327-59-2Leslie Winter · Sue MarderBookkeeper for Horse Owners 1994
1996978-0-914327-60-8Bonnie Kreitler50 Careers With Horses!: From Accountant to Wrangler
1997978-0-914327-61-5Nancy W. Ambrosiano · Mary F. HarcourtComplete Plans for Building Horse Barns: Big and Small
1996978-0-914327-62-2Sandra BurgerHorse Owners Field Guide to Toxic Plants
1998978-0-914327-65-3Marder · Flint · WinterBusiness Planner & Bookkeeper for the Horse Enterprise
1996978-0-914327-68-4Maria BelknapHorseman's English/Spanish Dictionary
  ''978-0-914327-69-1Sue Ellen MarderLegal Forms, Contracts, and Advice for Horse Owners
1997978-0-914327-75-2Nancy S. LovingConformation and Performance: A Guide to the Performance Consequences of Common Conformation Points
1999978-0-914327-78-3Eleanor M. KellonEquine Supplements & Nutraceuticals: A Guide to Peak Health and Performance
2001978-0-914327-79-0Lendon GrayFlatwork Routines for Every Horse and Rider: Design Your Own Training Program with Lendon Gray's 110 Routines
1995978-0-914327-82-0Brenda ImusHeavenly Gaits: The Complete Book of Gaited Riding Horses
1998978-0-914327-87-5Breakthrough PublicationsHorses on My Mind
  ''978-0-914327-88-2Eleanor M KellonEquine supplements & nutraceuticals: A guide to peak health and performance
2000978-0-914327-89-9Eleanor M. KellonKeeping the Older Horse Young: A Natural Approach to Revitalizing Horses 10 and over
2003978-0-914327-90-5Denny Hassett · Lynda Bloom Layne · Lynda Bloom-LayneWinning at Halter
2006978-0-914327-91-2Nancy W. Ambrosiano · Mary F. HarcourtComplete Plans for Building Horse Barns Big and Small(3rd Edition)
2005978-0-914327-92-9Eleanor KellonDr. Kellon's Guide to First Aid for Horses 2nd Edition (2005)