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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1976978-0-914232-07-0Tom AhernA movie starring the late Cary Grant and an as-yet unsigned actress & Verdi's "A gorgeous gallery of galatial synecdoches" (The Treacle story series ; 1)
  ''978-0-914232-08-7Michael BrondoliSmithsburg
  ''978-0-914232-09-4   ''Smithsburg (The Treacle story series ; 2)
1979978-0-914232-16-2Carolee Schneemann · Bruce R. McPhersonMore Than Meat Joy: Complete Performance Works & Selected Writings
  ''978-0-914232-17-9Carolee SchneemannMore Than Meat Joy/Signed Edition
  ''978-0-914232-18-6Jaimy GordonPrivate T. Pigeon's Tale (Inscribed)
1979978-0-914232-28-5Kelly CherryConversion (Treacle story series)
  ''978-0-914232-29-2Kelly CherryConversion
1980978-0-914232-38-4Jaimy GordonShamp of the City-Solo
1983978-0-914232-39-1Peter FrankSomething Else Press: An Annotated Bibliography
1982978-0-914232-47-6Stan BrakhageBrakhage Scrapbook: Collected Writings 1964 to 1980/Signed Editon
  ''978-0-914232-48-3Sheila Ascher · Straus.The Menaced Assassin: A Novel
  ''978-0-914232-49-0Sheila Ascher · Dennis StrausMenaced Assassin
1983978-0-914232-56-8Carolee SchneemannCarolee Schneemann: Early Work 1960/1970
978-0-914232-57-5Carolee Schneemann: Early & Recent Work
1983978-0-914232-58-2Ursule MolinaroPositions With White Roses: A Novel
978-0-914232-59-9Ursule MolinaroPositions with white roses: a novel
1983978-0-914232-63-6Maya DerenDivine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti
2013978-0-914232-68-1Robert KellyA Transparent Tree
978-0-914232-69-8Robert KellyA transparent tree: fictions
1986978-0-914232-78-0G. V. DesaniAll About H. Hatterr: A Novel
  ''978-0-914232-79-7   ''All About H. Hatterr: A Novel
1987978-0-914232-87-2Anna Maria Ortese · Henry Martin · translatorThe Iguana (English and Italian Edition)
1988978-0-914232-88-9Pamela ZolineThe Heat Death of the Universe and Other Stories
1988978-0-914232-89-6Pamela ZolineThe Heat Death of the Universe and Other Stories
  ''978-0-914232-90-2Dick Higgins · NovalisHymns to the Night (English and German Edition)
1987978-0-914232-95-7Anna Maria OrteseThe Iguana
1988978-0-914232-96-4Ascher/StrausRed Moon, Red Lake: Stories
  ''978-0-914232-98-8Paul WestSheer Fiction, Volume One
1989978-0-914232-99-5Stan BrakhageFilm at wit's end: Eight avant-garde filmmakers