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1984978-0-914171-00-3Beverly A. PotterTurning Around: Keys to Motivation and Productivity
  ''978-0-914171-01-0William H. M. WeberOut of the Closet and Off the Wall: An Illustrated History of the Coat Hanger
1993978-0-914171-02-7Dhyana Bewicke · Beverly A. PotterChlorella: The Emerald Food
  ''978-0-914171-03-4Sebastian OrfaliComputer Comics
1992978-0-914171-04-1PH D Beverly A Potter PH DBeating Job Burnout: How to Transform Work Pressure Into Productivity
1987978-0-914171-05-8Beverly A. PotterFrom Conflict to Cooperation: A Manager's Guide to Mediation
  ''978-0-914171-06-5Daniel E StormMarijuana hydroponics: High-tech water culture
1993978-0-914171-07-2Daniel StormMarijuana Hydroponics: High-Tech Water Culture
1986978-0-914171-08-9Rosenthal, EdEd Rosenthal's Marijuana Growing Tips
1987978-0-914171-09-6Jacob OrfaliAn Armenian from Jerusalem
1993978-0-914171-10-2Sebastian OrfaliA Jewish Girl in the Weimar Republic
1987978-0-914171-11-9Mark J EstrenA History of Underground Comics
1986978-0-914171-12-6Michael StarksCocaine Fiends and Reefer Madness: An Illustrated History of Drugs in the Movies
1988978-0-914171-13-3William DrakeInternational Cultivators Handbook
1993978-0-914171-16-4Ph.D. Beverly A. PotterTurning Around: Keys to Motivation and Productivity
2003978-0-914171-18-8Peter StaffordPsychedelics
  ''978-0-914171-19-5Peter StaffordMagic Mushrooms
1990978-0-914171-20-1Rothuso. RogerMarijuana As Medicine 1990
1988978-0-914171-21-8John Cunningham LillyThe Scientist: A Metaphysical Autobiography
1988978-0-914171-22-5Colin WilsonThe Sex Diary of a Metaphysician: An Autobiography (Visions Series)
  ''978-0-914171-23-2Arthur Conan, Sir DoyleThe Wanderings of a Spiritualist (Visions Series)
1989978-0-914171-25-6Bruce EisnerEcstasy: The MDMA story
1988978-0-914171-26-3Beverly PotterThe Way of the Ronin: Riding the Waves of Change at Work
1991978-0-914171-28-7Controlled Substances
1990978-0-914171-30-0Stephen GaskinHaight Ashbury Flashbacks
  ''978-0-914171-32-4Beverly A PotterDrug testing at work: A guide for employers & employees
  ''978-0-914171-33-1Timothy LearyThe Politics of Ecstasy (Visions Series)
1993978-0-914171-39-3Michael StarksMarijuana Chemistry: Genetics, Processing, Potency
  ''978-0-914171-40-9GoldCannabis Alchemy: The Art of Modern Hashmaking
1990978-0-914171-44-7Robert Anton WilsonThe Illuminati Papers
1993978-0-914171-45-4Robert Anton WilsonRight Where You Are Sitting Now: Further Tales of the Illuminati (Visions Series)
1991978-0-914171-46-1Adam GottliebLegal Highs: A Concise Encyclopedia of Legal Herbs & Chemicals With Psychoactive Properties
1993978-0-914171-47-8GrubberGrowing the Hallucinogens: How to Cultivate and Harvest Legal Psychoactive Plants (Twentieth Century Alchemist Series)
1991978-0-914171-48-5Robert Connell ClarkeMarijuana Botany
1993978-0-914171-49-2Bradley Gascoigne · Julie N. IrwinSmart Ways to Stay Young and Healthy
1991978-0-914171-50-8Alexander T. ShulginControlled Substances: A Chemical and Legal Guide to the Federal Drugs Laws
1993978-0-914171-51-5Peter StaffordPsychedelics Encyclopedia
1993978-0-914171-52-2David Wallechinsky · Saunie SalyerLaughing Gas
  ''978-0-914171-53-9DrakeCultivator's Handbook of Marijuana
2000978-0-914171-54-6Tina Wright HansGrowing Marijuana Hydroponically
1993978-0-914171-55-3Adam GottliebCooking with Cannabis: The Most Effective Methods of Preparing Food and Drink with Marijuana, Hashish, and Hash Oil Third E
  ''978-0-914171-56-0   ''Sex, Drugs, and Aphrodisiacs: Where to Obtain Them, How to Use Them, and Their Effects
1999978-0-914171-58-4Tina WrightThe Little Book of Hydroponics
1993978-0-914171-59-1Colin WilsonSex Diary of a Metaphysician
1992978-0-914171-61-4Ernest CallenbachLiving Cheaply With Style: Live Better and Spend Less
1993978-0-914171-62-1Richard Glen BoireMarijuana Law
  ''978-0-914171-63-8Colin WilsonRitual in the Dark (Visions)
  ''978-0-914171-64-5EstrenA History of Underground Comics
1993978-0-914171-65-2Beverly Potter · J. Sebastian OrfaliBrain Boosters: Foods & Drugs That Make You Smarter
  ''978-0-914171-66-9Beverly PotterPathfinding Strategies: Tools for Self-Leadership
  ''978-0-914171-67-6William GriffithOpium Poppy Garden The Way of a Chinese Grower
  ''978-0-914171-68-3Bruce EisnerEcstasy: The MDMA Story
  ''978-0-914171-69-0Beverly PotterBeating Job Burnout: How to Transform Work Pressure into Productivity
1995978-0-914171-70-6Beverly Potter · Sebastian OrfaliDrug Testing at Work: A Guide for Employers & Employees
2000978-0-914171-71-3Adam GottliebCannabis Underground Library
1996978-0-914171-72-0John C. LillyThe Scientist: A Metaphysical Autobiography
1994978-0-914171-73-7Arthur Conan DoyleWanderings of a Spiritualist (Visions Series)
1994978-0-914171-74-4Beverly PotterFinding a Path with a Heart: How to Go from Burnout to Bliss
1995978-0-914171-75-1Jacob OrfaliEverywhere You Go, People Are the Same
1996978-0-914171-76-8Editors of Ronin Publishing · Ward Dean · John A. MannFountains of Youth: How to Live Longer and Healthier
1994978-0-914171-77-5Timothy LearyChaos & Cyber Culture
1993978-0-914171-78-2Robert Connell ClarkeMarijuana Botany: An Advanced Study: The Propagation and Breeding of Distinctive Cannabis
1996978-0-914171-79-9Potter · Phil FrankFrom Conflict to Cooperation: How to Mediate a Dispute
1995978-0-914171-80-5Timothy LearyHigh Priest (Leary, Timothy)
1999978-0-914171-81-2Adam GottliebThe Pleasures of Cocaine
1994978-0-914171-82-9   ''Legal Highs: A Concise Encyclopedia of Legal Herbs and Chemicals with Psychoactive Properties
2003978-0-914171-83-6Debra Moraes · Francis MoraesThe Little Book of Opium
1997978-0-914171-84-3Timothy LearyPsychedelic Prayers: And Other Meditations (Leary, Timothy)
  ''978-0-914171-85-0Lester GrinspoonCannabis the Healing Herb
1996978-0-914171-86-7BoireMarijuana Law
1995978-0-914171-87-4Timothy Francis LearyHigh Priest
1999978-0-914171-88-1Ronin PublishingThe Little Book of Acid
1996978-0-914171-89-8Gary P. MenserHallucinogenic and Poisonous Mushroom Field Guide
1997978-0-914171-90-4Sebastian OrfaliAuthor Strategies: How to Get Your Book into Print and Make It a Success
  ''978-0-914171-91-1Stephanie Braun OrfaliA Jewish Girl Finds New Roots
  ''978-0-914171-92-8Adam GottliebPsilocybin Production
1998978-0-914171-93-5Mary Jane Superweed · Adam GottliebHerbal Highs
  ''978-0-914171-94-2Adam GottliebGrowing Extraordinary Marijuana
1997978-0-914171-95-9   ''Peyote and Other Psychoactive Cacti
1997978-0-914171-96-6Timothy LearyPsychedelic Prayers and Other Meditations
1999978-0-914171-97-3Kit KellyThe Little Book of Ketamine (Little Book Series)
2000978-0-914171-98-0Ph.D. Francis MoreasThe Little Book of Heroin
2002978-0-914171-99-7Bill DrakeThe Marijuana Food Handbook: A Guide for the Sensuous Connoisseur