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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-913990-04-9The Big Dummy's Guide to C.B. Radio
1978978-0-913990-05-6Stephen GaskinThis Season's People: A Book of Spiritual Teachings
1976978-0-913990-06-3Margaret NofzingerA Cooperative Method of Natural Birth Control
1994978-0-913990-07-0Dan SteinLeast Toxic Home Pest Control
1977978-0-913990-08-7Stephen GaskinVolume One: Sunday Morning Services on the Farm
1994978-0-913990-09-4Women's Committee of South and Meso-Amer · Wom's Cmte of S & MeDaughters of Abya Yala
1980978-0-913990-10-0Ina May GaskinSpiritual Midwifery
1995978-0-913990-11-7Maher A. Abbas · Marilyn J. Spiegl · Marilyn J. SpeigelOlive Oil Cookery: The Mediterranean Diet
1994978-0-913990-12-4Bryanna Clark GroganThe Almost No-Fat Cookbook: Everyday Vegetarian Recipes
1979978-0-913990-13-1Margaret NofzigerA cooperative method of natural birth control
1994978-0-913990-14-8Stan PadillaA Natural Education (Native American Ideas and Thoughts)
1993978-0-913990-16-2Bobbie F. HinmanBurgers 'n Fries 'n Cinnamon Buns: Low-Fat, Meatless Versions of Fast Food Favorites
1994978-0-913990-17-9Barb BloomfieldFabulous Beans
1978978-0-913990-18-6Louise MaglerThe Farm vegetarian cookbook
1979978-0-913990-21-6Albert BatesShut Down: Nuclear Power on Trial: Experts Testify in Federal Court
1994978-0-913990-22-3Patricia Stevenson · Patricia LeshaneVegetarian Cooking for People With Diabetes
1986978-0-913990-23-0Akwesasne NotesA Basic Call to Consciousness
1979978-0-913990-24-7Stephen GaskinMind at Play
2000978-0-913990-25-4Rosalie BertellNo Immediate Danger: Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth
1979978-0-913990-26-1Mind at Play
1990978-0-913990-29-2Stephen GaskinHaight Ashbury Flashbacks
1993978-0-913990-30-8Karen DavisInstead of Chicken, Instead of Turkey: A Poultryless "Poultry" Potpourri: Featuring Homestyle, Ethnic, and Exotic Alternatives to Traditional Poult
  ''978-0-913990-31-5Liz CampbellPowwow 1994 Calendar: Guide to North American Powwows and Gatherings (Powwow Calendar: Guide to Native American Gatherings in the U.S.A. & Canada)
1986978-0-913990-32-2Rendered Infamous
1984978-0-913990-33-9Ina GaskinBoobies for Babies: A Modern Guide to Breastfeeding (Shopping Guide for Caring Consumers: A Guide to Products That Are Not Tested on Animals)
1993978-0-913990-34-6John SailerA Vogt for the Environment: The True Story of How One Teenager, Tanja Vogt, Convinced McDonald's to Show Concern for the Environment
1981978-0-913990-35-3Mark LongThe big dummy's guide to British C.B. radio
1993978-0-913990-36-0TehanetorensSacred Song of the Hermit Thrush: A Native American Legend
1996978-0-913990-37-7Peggy ThompsonSong of the Wild Violets
1982978-0-913990-38-4Louise HaglerTofu cookery
1984978-0-913990-39-1Colleen PrideTempeh Cookery
1981978-0-913990-40-7Stephen GaskinRendered infamous: A book of political reality
1993978-0-913990-41-4Jennifer SnyderThe Shiitake Way: Vegetarian Cooking With Shiitake Mushrooms
1994978-0-913990-42-1Joanne StepaniakThe Uncheese Cookbook: Creating Amazing Dairy-Free Cheese Substitutes and Classic "Uncheese" Dishes
1982978-0-913990-43-8Margaret NofzigerThe Fertility Question
1983978-0-913990-45-2Mark LongThe world of satellite television
1993978-0-913990-46-9Harriet Kofalk · Harriet KolfalkThe Peaceful Cook
1987978-0-913990-47-6Patricia MozzerVegetarian cooking for diabetics
2003978-0-913990-48-3Eli Gifford · R. Michael Cook · Michael CookHow Can One Sell the Air?: Chief Seattle's Vision
1993978-0-913990-49-0Anne Saks · Faith Stone · Ann SaksThe Shoshoni Cookbook: Vegetarian Recipes from the Shoshoni Yoga Retreat
1986978-0-913990-50-6Louise HaglerTofu Quick & Easy
1987978-0-913990-51-3Alice LadenGeorge Bernard Shaw Vegetarian Cookbook
  ''978-0-913990-52-0Tom RobertsShepherd's Purse: Organic Pest Control Handbook
  ''978-0-913990-53-7Mark Long · Bonnie Crystal · Jeffrey KeatingThe World of CB Radio
  ''978-0-913990-54-4Murrieta FoundationMurrieta Hot Springs Vegetarian Cookbook: Including Spa Cuisine
1988978-0-913990-55-1Delia Quigley · Polly PitchfordStarting over: Learning to Cook With Natural Foods
1987978-0-913990-56-8Walking Night Bear.Song of the Seven Herbs
1994978-0-913990-57-5Stan Padilla · Viento Stan-PadillaDream Feather
1987978-0-913990-58-2Dorothy R. BatesKids Can Cook: Vegetarian Recipes Kitchen Tested by Kids for Kids
1987978-0-913990-59-9Patricia MozzerVegetarian cooking for diabetics
1988978-0-913990-60-5Louise Hagler · Dorothy R. BatesThe New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook
1989978-0-913990-61-2Seattle Chief Of The SuquamishHow Can One Sell the Air?: The Manifesto of an Indian Chief (Chief Seattle's Vision)
  ''978-0-913990-62-9Judy A. BrownJudy Browns Guide to Natural Foods Cooking
1990978-0-913990-63-6Ina May GaskinSpiritual Midwifery
1989978-0-913990-64-3Beatrice Culleton · Beatrice MosionierSpirit of the White Bison
  ''978-0-913990-65-0Dorothy R. BatesThe Tempeh Cookbook
  ''978-0-913990-66-7Carol WileyGuide to Natural Food Restaurants in the U.S. and Canada, 1990-91
1990978-0-913990-67-4Albert K. BatesClimate in Crisis: The Greenhouse Effect and What We Can Do
  ''978-0-913990-68-1Corinne McLaughlin · Corrine McLaughlin · Gordon DavidsonBuilders of the Dawn: Community Lifestyle in a Changing World
1990978-0-913990-69-8Neal D. BarnardThe Power of Your Plate: Eating Well for Better Health - 17 Experts Tell You How!
1991978-0-913990-70-4Ed Cooperative Whole Grain Education AssociationUprisings: The Whole Grain Bakers Book
  ''978-0-913990-71-1Adolf Hungry WolfLegends Told by the Old People (A Good Medicine Book)
  ''978-0-913990-72-8Adolf Hungry WolfTraditional Dress: Knowledge and Methods of Old-Time Clothings (A Good Medicine Book)
1990978-0-913990-73-5Adolf HungrywolfA Good Medicine Collection: Life in Harmony With Nature
1991978-0-913990-74-2Adolf Hungry Wolf · Beverly HungrywolfIndian Tribes of the Northern Rockies
  ''978-0-913990-75-9Adolf HungrywolfTeachings of Nature
  ''978-0-913990-76-6Louise HaglerTofu Cookery
1991978-0-913990-77-3Roger A. HammerThe People: Native American Thoughts and Feelings
  ''978-0-913990-78-0Miyoko NishimotoThe Now and Zen Epicure: Gourmet Cuisine for the Enlightened Palate
  ''978-0-913990-79-7Dorothy R. BatesThe TVP Cookbook: Using the Quick-Cooking Meat Substitute
  ''978-0-913990-80-3Adolf Hungry Wolf · Beverly Hungry WolfBlackfoot Craftworkers
1999978-0-913990-82-7Neal BarnardBeyond Animal Experiments
  ''978-0-913990-83-4Neal D. BarnardLive Longer, Live Better
1992978-0-913990-84-1Margaret NofzigerA Cooperative Method of Natural Birth Control
1992978-0-913990-85-8Joanne StepaniakEcological Cooking: Recipes to Save the Planet
1997978-0-913990-86-5Polly Pitchford · Delia QuigleyCookin' Healthy with One Foot Out the Door
1992978-0-913990-87-2Elisabeth Brutto HallettIn the Newborn Year: Our Changing Awareness After Childbirth
  ''978-0-913990-89-6Adolf Hungry Wolf · Star Hungry WolfChildren of the Circle
  ''978-0-913990-90-2Stan PadillaA Natural Education: Native American Ideas and Thoughts
  ''978-0-913990-91-9Neal D BarnardA Physician's Slimming Guide: For Permanent Weight Control (Workbook for Permanent Weight Control)
  ''978-0-913990-92-6Nigel BurroughsNature's Chicken: The Story of Today's Chicken Farms
1992978-0-913990-93-3Aphrodite PolemisFrom a Traditional Greek Kitchen (Healthy World Cuisine)
  ''978-0-913990-94-0Debbi LiebergotShopping Guide for Caring Consumers: A Guide to Products That Are Not Tested on Animals 1994 Edition
1993978-0-913990-95-7Dorothy R. Bates · Colby WingateCooking With Gluten and Seitan
  ''978-0-913990-96-4Mark Matthew BraunsteinThe Sprout Garden: The Indoor Grower's Guide to Gourmet Sprouts
  ''978-0-913990-97-1Wendy Bovard · Gladys MiltonWhy Not Me?: The Story of Gladys Milton, Midwife
1992978-0-913990-98-8Pest PublicationsShepherd's Purse: Organic Pest Control Handbook
  ''978-0-913990-99-5Liz CampbellPowwow-1993 Calendar: Guide to North American Powwows and Gatherings U.S.A. and Canada