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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1981978-0-913573-03-7Benjamin DavidsonThe Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon
1986978-0-913573-06-8John WesleyExplanatory Notes upon the New Testament: Matthew to Acts/Romans to Revelation
1985978-0-913573-07-5Calvin M JohanssonMusic and Ministry: A Biblical Counterpart
1984978-0-913573-08-2John WesleyWorks of John Wesley Complete 14VOL
  ''978-0-913573-09-9Ronald A. KyddCharismatic Gifts in the Early Church: An Exploration into the Gifts of the Spirit During the First Three Centuries of the Christian Church
  ''978-0-913573-11-2Roger StronstadThe Charismatic Theology of St. Luke
1985978-0-913573-12-9Howard M. ErvinConversion-Initiation and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
1986978-0-913573-16-7Harold W. Attridge · Robert Hodgson Jr. · Charles W. Hedrick · Working Seminar on Gnosticism and Early ChristianityNag Hammadi, Gnosticism, & Early Christianity: Fourteen Leading Scholars Discuss the Current Issues in Gnostic Studies
  ''978-0-913573-18-1William Graham MacDonaldGreek Enchiridion: A Concise Handbook of Grammar for Translation and Exegesis
  ''978-0-913573-19-8Stanley M. BurgessReaching Beyond: Chapters in the History of Perfectionism
1985978-0-913573-20-4Francis Brown · Edward Robinson · S. R. Driver · Charles A. BriggsThe New Brown, Driver, Briggs, Gesenius Hebrew-English Lexicon: With an Appendix Containing the Biblical Aramaic (English, Hebrew and Aramaic Edition)
1986978-0-913573-21-1George V. WigramThe New Englishman's Hebrew Concordance: Coded to Strong's Concordance Numbering System
1988978-0-913573-22-8John ThayerThe New Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament
1986978-0-913573-29-7Jay P. GreenThe Interlinear Greek-English New Testament
1986978-0-913573-37-2Charles W. CarterThe Wesleyan Bible Commentary: Matthew-Mark-Luke-John-Acts
  ''978-0-913573-38-9Charles W. CarterThe Wesleyan Bible Commentary: Romans and Galatians, I Corinthians and Ephesians, II Corinthians, Philippians and Colossians, I and II Thessalonians
  ''978-0-913573-39-6   ''The Wesleyan Bible Commentary: Hebrews, James and Jude, I and II Peter, I, Ii, III John, Revelation
1987978-0-913573-42-6Jay P. GreenLiteral Translation of the Bible
1986978-0-913573-44-0Lancelot C. BrentonThe Septuagint with Apocrypha: Greek and English
1987978-0-913573-47-1John L., Jr. GreshamCharles G. Finney's Doctrine of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  ''978-0-913573-48-8Siegfried S. SchatzmannA Pauline Theology of Charismata
1988978-0-913573-49-5ElbertFaces of Renewal: Studies in Honor of Stanley M. Horton
1987978-0-913573-58-7C. K BarrettA commentary on the First Epistle to the Corinthians (Harper's New Testament commentaries)
  ''978-0-913573-59-4C. K BarrettA commentary on the Second Epistle to the Corinthians (Harper's New Testament commentaries)
1998978-0-913573-60-0Ronald A. N. KyddHealing Through the Centuries: Models for Understanding
1988978-0-913573-68-6J. N. D. KellyThe Epistles of Peter and of Jude (Harper's New Testament Commentaries)
1987978-0-913573-69-3J. L. HouldenThe Johannine Epistles (Harper's New Testament Commentaries)
1988978-0-913573-72-3Richard M. RissA Survey of 20th-Century Revival Movements in North America
1987978-0-913573-77-8Richard J. PenaskovicTheology and Authority
1988978-0-913573-78-5D. R. McConnellA Different Gospel: A Historical and Biblical Analysis of the Modern Faith Movement
1987978-0-913573-79-2Howard M. ErvinSpirit Baptism: A Biblical Investigation
1989978-0-913573-81-5Stanley M. BurgessThe Holy Spirit: Eastern Christian Traditions
1987978-0-913573-83-9James Allen HewettKey to Exercises for New Testament Greek: A Beginning and Intermediate Grammar
1980978-0-913573-86-0Flavius JosephusThe Works of Josephus: Complete and Unabridged, New Updated Edition
2006978-0-913573-88-4C. F. Keil · Franz DelitzschCommentary on the Old Testament
1993978-0-913573-89-1Victor H. Matthews · Don C. BenjaminThe Social World of Ancient Israel: 1250-587 BCE
1988978-0-913573-92-1Stanley J. GrenzPrayer: The Cry for the Kingdom
1988978-0-913573-94-5B. F. Westcott · Fenton John Anthony HortIntroduction to the New Testament in the Original Greek: With Notes on Selected Readings
1987978-0-913573-98-3George SmeatonDoctrine of the Atonement According to the Apostles
1992978-0-913573-99-0Charles W. NienkirchenA.B. Simpson and the Pentecostal Movement: A Study in Continuity, Crisis, and Change