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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1984978-0-913299-00-5John Marshall BeachButterfly: A Journey into Consciousness
  ''978-0-913299-01-2Meredith Young-SowersAgartha: A Journey to the Stars
1985978-0-913299-02-9C. Alan AndersonThe Problem Is God
1984978-0-913299-03-6George TrevelyanA Vision of the Aquarian Age: The Emerging Spiritual World View
1985978-0-913299-04-3Steven M. RosenThe Moebius Seed: A Visionary Novel of Planetary Transformation
1984978-0-913299-07-4Chuck HilligThe Magic King
  ''978-0-913299-08-1Jane RobertsEmir's Education in the Proper Use of Magical Powers
  ''978-0-913299-10-4Kathleen J. FortiThe Door to the Secret City (Adventures of Freddie)
  ''978-0-913299-15-9John Warren WhiteThe Christmas mice (An Angelfood book)
1985978-0-913299-16-6Carol Bell KnightPassing the Torch: The Way of the Avatar
1985978-0-913299-17-3George TrevelyanOperation Redemption: A Vision of Hope in an Age of Turmoil
1986978-0-913299-18-0Michael GrossoThe Final Choice: Playing the Survival Game
1985978-0-913299-19-7Garrett Porter · Ph.D. Patricia NorrisWhy Me?: Harnessing the Healing Power of the Human Spirit
  ''978-0-913299-20-3Corinne McLaughlinBuilders of the dawn: Community lifestyles in a changing world
  ''978-0-913299-21-0Shaun De WarrenThe Harris Visits the Garden of Everything
  ''978-0-913299-22-7Dan MillmanThe Warrior Athlete: Body, Mind & Spirit
  ''978-0-913299-23-4George Trevelyan · Belle GauntA Tent in Which to Pass a Summer Night
1985978-0-913299-24-1Helen NearingSimple Food for the Good Life
1986978-0-913299-25-8Seth · Jane RobertsSeth, Dreams and Projections of Consciousness
  ''978-0-913299-26-5Elaine Aron · Arthur AronThe Maharishi Effect: A Revolution Through Meditation
  ''978-0-913299-27-2George WashingtonGeorge Washington: The missing pages
  ''978-0-913299-29-6RaphaelThe Starseed Transmissions
  ''978-0-913299-31-9Ken CareyTerra Christa
1986978-0-913299-32-6Eva PierrakosGuide Lectures for Self-Transformation
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  ''978-0-913299-35-7Bill D. SchulLet Me Do This Thing
1987978-0-913299-36-4Ken CareyNotes to My Children: A Simplified Metaphysics
1986978-0-913299-37-1Jean K. FosterThe God-Mind Connection
1987978-0-913299-38-8Becca ZinnStardust: The Musings of a Gradually Awakening Soul
1986978-0-913299-39-5Kristine Willis LathropThe mysterious gentleman 5
1988978-0-913299-40-1C. Norman Shealy · Caroline M. MyssCreation of Health: Merging Traditional Medicine With Intuitive Diagnosis
1991978-0-913299-41-8Bill, Ph.D. SchullPyramid Power: A New Reality
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1988978-0-913299-46-3Ramon StevensWhatever Happened to Divine Grace? an Alexander Book
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1989978-0-913299-48-7Naomi StephanFinding Your Life Mission: How to Unleash That Creative Power and Live with Intention
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1988978-0-913299-50-0Jerry LynchLiving Beyond Limits: The Tao of Self-Empowerment
  ''978-0-913299-51-7Barry WeinholdPlaying Grown-Up Is Serious Business: Breaking Free of Addictive Family Patterns
1987978-0-913299-52-4Meredith Lady YoungLanguage of the Soul (An Agartha Workbook)
  ''978-0-913299-53-1Liah Kraft-Macoy30 days to happiness: Setting yourself up to win in life
  ''978-0-913299-54-8John RobbinsDiet for a New America
1987978-0-913299-55-5John RobbinsDiet for a New America
1988978-0-913299-56-2C. Norman ShealyBreaking Through Illness: Igniting the Power Within
  ''978-0-913299-58-6Caroline MyssApplying Universal Principles for Spiritual Fitness: Co-Creation Course II
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1993978-0-913299-89-0Meredith L. Young-SowersSpiritual Crisis: What's Really Behind Loss, Disease, and Life's Major Hurts
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1993978-0-913299-94-4C. Norman Shealy · Caroline M. MyssThe Creation of Health: The Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Responses That Promote Health and Healing
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