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1982978-0-912964-15-7Minneapolis Institute of ArtsThe Asian galleries
1983978-0-912964-16-4Christian A. PetersonPictorialism in America: The Minneapolis Salon of Photography, 1932-1946
1985978-0-912964-17-1Jeffrey A HessTheir splendid legacy: The first 100 years of the Minneapolis Society of Fine Arts
1983978-0-912964-19-5Barry KahnBarry Kahn retrospective: Inquiry and speculation
  ''978-0-912964-20-1Carole FisherCarole Fisher
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  ''978-0-912964-23-2Victor I., et al. CARLSONRegency to empire: French printmaking, 1715-1814
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1984978-0-912964-25-6Arne NyenArne Nyen
1985978-0-912964-26-3Christian A PetersonCamera Work: Process & Image
1986978-0-912964-28-7Minneapolis Institute of ArtsThe art of collecting: Acquisitions at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, 1980-85
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1987978-0-912964-30-0Christian A. PetersonPhotographs Beget Photographs
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1989978-0-912964-37-9Francis J. PuigThe American Craftsman and the European Tradition, 1620-1820
1989978-0-912964-38-6Francis J. PuigThe American Craftsman and the European Tradition, 1620-1820
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  ''978-0-912964-42-3Lotus StackThe Decorative Thread: Embroidery
  ''978-0-912964-43-0The Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program presents the academic dialogue: An exhibition
1991978-0-912964-44-7Minneapolis Institute of ArtsThe pile thread: Carpets, velvets, and variations
  ''978-0-912964-45-4Evan M MaurerThe intelligence of forms: An artist collects African art
1992978-0-912964-47-8John H Daniels · Harold Peterson · Michael K Boe · Minneapolis Institute of Arts.Five hundred years of sporting books, manuscripts, prints, and drawings: From the collection of John H. Daniels: exhibition
1992978-0-912964-48-5Minneapolis Institute of ArtsCelebrating fifty years a trustee: Bruce B. Dayto Collection
  ''978-0-912964-49-2   ''Celebrating fifty years a trustee: Bruce B. Dayto Collection
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