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1983978-0-912799-02-5Maurer MaurerAir Force Combat Units of World War II
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  ''978-0-912799-10-0Giulio DouhetThe Command of the Air (USAF Warrior Studies)
1984978-0-912799-12-4Charles RavensteinAir Force Combat Wings: Lineage and Honors Histories, 1947-1977 (Reference series)
1988978-0-912799-17-9Charles A. RavensteinOrganization and Lineage of the United States Air Force/Usaf Warrior Studies
1985978-0-912799-19-3Marcelle Size KnaackPost-World War II fighters, 1945-1973 (Reference series)
1987978-0-912799-38-4Maurer MaurerAviation in the U.S. Army 1919-1939
1986978-0-912799-39-1Haywood S., Jr. HansellThe Strategic Air War Against Germany & Japan (USAF warrior studies)
1990978-0-912799-53-7Robert MuellerAir Force Bases (Reference Series)
1988978-0-912799-56-8Richard H. Kohn · United States Air Force Office of Air Force HistoryStrategic Air Warfare: An Interview With Generals Curtis E Lemay, Leon W Johnson, David a Burchinal and Jack J Catton (Usaf Warrior Studies)
  ''978-0-912799-59-9Marcelle Size KnaackPost-World War II Bombers
1991978-0-912799-60-5Kenneth SchaffelThe emerging shield: The Air Force and the evolution of continental air defense, 1945-1960 (General histories)
1989978-0-912799-62-9Jacob NeufeldBallistic Missiles in the United States Air Force, 1945-1960 (General Histories)
1990978-0-912799-64-3Benjamin F CoolingCase studies in the development of close air support (Special studies)
1992978-0-912799-69-8Mae Mills Link · Hubert A. ColemanMedical Support of the Army Air Forces in World War II
1983978-0-912799-71-1Robert F. FutrellThe United States Air Force in Korea, 1950-1953
1992978-0-912799-73-5Eduard MarkAerial Interdiction: Air Power and the Land Battle in Three American Wars

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