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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1984978-0-912697-08-6Martin QuigleyThe Crooked Pitch: An Account of the Curveball in American Baseball History
  ''978-0-912697-09-3Lewis LearyThe Book-Peddling Parson: An Account of the Life and Works of Mason Locke Weems Patriot, Pitchman, Author and Purveyor of Morality to the Citizenry
1989978-0-912697-10-9Louis D RubinWeather Wizard's Cloud Book
1985978-0-912697-18-5Lylah BarberLylah
  ''978-0-912697-19-2Vermont Royster · Edmund FullerThe Essential Royster: A Vermont Royster Reader
  ''978-0-912697-20-8John Frye · Harriet FryeNorth to Thule: An Imagined Narrative of the Famous Lost Sea Voyage of Pytheas of Massalia in the 4th Century B.C.
  ''978-0-912697-27-7Helen Hill MillerCaptains from Devon: The Great Elizabethan Seafarers Who Won the Oceans for England
1988978-0-912697-28-4Keith WinstonV-Mail: Letters of a World War II Combat Medic
1986978-0-912697-29-1Sylvia WilkinsonCale
1986978-0-912697-30-7Lee K. AbbottLove Is the Crooked Thing: Stories (Bright Leaf Short Fiction III)
  ''978-0-912697-37-6Clyde BreseeSea Island Yankee (American Places of the Heart)
  ''978-0-912697-38-3Polly Stone BuckThe Blessed Town: Oxford, Georgia, at the Turn of the Century (American Places of the Heart)
  ''978-0-912697-39-0Dorothy CaseyLeaving Locke Horn: A Novel
  ''978-0-912697-45-1William HopkinsOne Bugle, No Drums: The Marines at Chosin Reservoir
1986978-0-912697-46-8Stephen FlemingThe Exile of Sergeant Nen
  ''978-0-912697-48-2Richard Samuel Roberts · Thomas L. JohnsonA True Likeness: The Black South of Richard Samuel Roberts 1920-1936
  ''978-0-912697-49-9Shannon RavenelNew Stories from the South: The Year's Best, 1986
1987978-0-912697-58-1Elizabeth LanghorneMonticello: A Family Story
  ''978-0-912697-59-8Dale Murphy · Curtis PattonAsk Dale Murphy
  ''978-0-912697-65-9Jill McCorkleTending to Virginia: A Novel
1987978-0-912697-67-3William S. PowellNorth Carolina: The Story of a Special Kind of Place
1988978-0-912697-68-0Eric LarsenAn American Memory
1987978-0-912697-69-7Herbert GoldThe Man Who Was Not With It (Second Edition Books)
  ''978-0-912697-73-4Shannon RavenelNew Stories from the South: The Year's Best, 1987
1988978-0-912697-77-2Terry PringleThe Preacher's Boy
  ''978-0-912697-78-9Max SteeleThe hat of my mother: Stories
  ''978-0-912697-79-6Richard O'Barry · Keith CoulbournBehind the Dolphin Smile
  ''978-0-912697-89-5Bob SimpsonWilderness Is Where You Find It
1989978-0-912697-98-7Jules WitcoverSabotage at Black Tom: Imperial Germany's Secret War in America, 1914-1917
1990978-0-912697-99-4Dale O. SmithScreaming Eagle: Memoirs of a B-17 Group Commander