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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1970978-0-912592-02-2Richand Synder · Robert McGovernSixty on the Sixties: A Decade's History in Verse
1971978-0-912592-07-7Alberta TurnerNeed
  ''978-0-912592-08-4Robert McGovernA Feast of Flesh and Other Occasions
2011978-0-912592-11-4Mary MakofskeTraction (Richard Snyder Publication)
2012978-0-912592-12-1Robert GrunstBlue Orange
1972978-0-912592-13-8Richard SnyderOur Only Hope Is Humor: Some Public Poems
1973978-0-912592-14-5David SchlossBeloved
1974978-0-912592-21-3William SylvesterCurses Omens Prayers
  ''978-0-912592-22-0Harold WittNow, Swim
  ''978-0-912592-23-7Robert McGovernA Poetry Ritual for Grammar Schools
1981978-0-912592-24-4   ''Seventy on the Seventies: A Decade's History in Verse
1987978-0-912592-25-1HOLLIS. SUMMERSAfter the Twelve Days
1988978-0-912592-26-8Richard SnyderPracticing Our Sighs: The Collected Poems of Richard Snyder
1990978-0-912592-28-2Robert McGovern80 On the 80s: A Decade's History in Verse
  ''978-0-912592-29-9Kenneth H. BrownYou'd Never Know It from the Way I Talk: Lectures and Readings (Writers in Residence Ser)
1991978-0-912592-30-5Lewis TurcoThe Public Poet: Five Lectures on the Art and Craft of Poetry (Writers-In-Residence Series)
1992978-0-912592-31-2William SylvesterFever Spreading into Light: Five Lectures on the Sources of Energy in Literature
1992978-0-912592-32-9William SylvesterHeavy Metal from Pliny
2006978-0-912592-33-6Andrew GreeleyThe Sense of Love
1994978-0-912592-34-3Rebecca McClanahanOne Word Deep
  ''978-0-912592-35-0Harold WittAmerican Lit
  ''978-0-912592-36-7Robert Mcgovern · Stephen HavenScarecrow Poetry: The Muse in Post Middle Age
  ''978-0-912592-37-4Carolyne WrightA choice of fidelities: Lectures and readings from a writer's life: delivered at Ashland University, spring, 1994
  ''978-0-912592-38-1Jim ElledgeEarth As It Is
1995978-0-912592-39-8William SylvesterWar and Lechery - the Poem
1997978-0-912592-40-4Wendy BattinLittle Apocalypse (Richard Snyder Publication)
2006978-0-912592-41-1Robert Mcgovern · Stephen HavenAnd What Rough Beast: Poems at the End of the Century
1998978-0-912592-42-8David RayDemons in the Diner (Richard Snyder Publication)
2000978-0-912592-43-5Philip BradyWeal
2001978-0-912592-44-2Robert McGovernFool: Selected Poems
2001978-0-912592-45-9Jeffrey LooStrangers in a Homeland
  ''978-0-912592-46-6Jan Lee AndeInstructions for Walking on Water (Richard Snyder Publication)
2002978-0-912592-47-3Robert LundayMad Flights
  ''978-0-912592-48-0Kathryn WinogradAir into Breath
  ''978-0-912592-49-7Corrinne HalesSeparate Escapes (Richard Snyder Publication)
2003978-0-912592-50-3Philip BradyTo Prove My Blood
  ''978-0-912592-51-0Richard JacksonUnauthorized Autobiography: New and Selected Poems
2003978-0-912592-52-7Scott WithiamArson & Prophets
2005978-0-912592-53-4Carol BarrettCalling in the Bones (Richard Snyder Publication)
2004978-0-912592-54-1Vern RutsalaThe Moment's Equation
  ''978-0-912592-55-8Jerry HarpGatherings
  ''978-0-912592-56-5A.V. ChristieThe Housing
2006978-0-912592-57-2Christine GelineauRemorseless Loyalty (Richard Snyder Publication)
2007978-0-912592-58-9Benjamin S. GrossbergUnderwater Lengths in a Single Breath
2006978-0-912592-59-6Nathalie AndersonCrawlers
  ''978-0-912592-60-2Maria TerroneA Secret Room in Fall
2008978-0-912592-61-9Lorna Knowles BlakePermanent Address (Richard Snyder Publication)
  ''978-0-912592-62-6Michael MillerThe Joyful Dark
2008978-0-912592-63-3Helen Pruitt WallaceShimming the Glass House
2009978-0-912592-64-0Robert PhillipsNow & Then: New and Selected Poems
  ''978-0-912592-66-4Elizabeth Biller ChapmanLight Thickens
  ''978-0-912592-67-1Marc J. SheehanVengeful Hymns
2010978-0-912592-68-8Christine GelineauAppetite for the Divine
  ''978-0-912592-69-5Richard JacksonResonance
  ''978-0-912592-70-1Jason SchneidermanStriking Surface (Richard Snyder Publication)
2011978-0-912592-71-8Arthur VogelsangExpedition: New and Selected Poems
2013978-0-912592-75-6Robin DavidsonLuminous Other
2014978-0-912592-76-3Nicholas SamarasAmerican Psalm, World Psalm
2014978-0-912592-77-0Richard JacksonOut of Place
  ''978-0-912592-78-7J. David CummingsTancho
2015978-0-912592-79-4Laura Van ProoyenOur House Was on Fire
2012978-0-912592-92-3Gabriel SperaThe Rigid Body
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2013978-0-912592-96-1Catherine StaplesThe Rattling Window
  ''978-0-912592-98-5John HennessyConey Island Pilgrims