Pro Am Music Resources

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1983978-0-912483-00-9Richard HowardThe Works of Alan Hovhaness: A Catalog, Opus 1-Opus 360 (Pro/Am Musicaids)
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1990978-0-912483-34-4Jim SamsonThe Music of Szymanowski.
1989978-0-912483-48-1Carol MontparkerAnatomy of a New York Debut Recital: A Chronicle
1990978-0-912483-55-9Dallas A. Weekley · Nancy ArganbrightSchubert's Music for Piano Four-Hands: A comprehensive Guide to Performing and Listening to the Dances, Marches, Plonaisees , Sonatas , Variations and Other Duets.
1993978-0-912483-70-2David MontgomeryExpressive Rhythm in European Classical Music: 1700-1900 Annotated Sourcebook and Performance Guide
1995978-0-912483-71-9Carola GrindeaTensions in the Performance of Music
1993978-0-912483-90-0George JellinekHistory Through the Opera Glass: From the Rise of Caesar to the Fall of Napoleon
1995978-0-912483-99-3Joan PeyserThe Music of My Time: Collected essays and articles by a gited musicologist, on the modern classical scene (Something About the Music: Guide to Contemporary Repertory, Vol 1)