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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1961978-0-911572-00-1Harvey RoehlPlayer Piano Treasury: The Scrapbook History of the Mechanical Piano in America, As Told in Story, Pictures, Trade Journal Articles and Advertising
1968978-0-911572-01-8Q. David BowersPut another nickel in: A history of coin-operated pianos and orchestrions
1913978-0-911572-02-5George Laing MillerRecent Revolution in Organ Building
1963978-0-911572-03-2Larry GivensRebuilding the Player Piano
1967978-0-911572-04-9Romke De WaardFrom Music Boxes to Street Organs
1970978-0-911572-05-6Reginald FoortThe cinema organ;: A description in non-technical language of a fascinating instrument and how it is played
1940978-0-911572-06-3Harvey N. RoehlPlayer Pianos and Music Boxes: Keys to a Musical Past
1970978-0-911572-07-0Larry GivensRe-enacting the artist;: A story of the Ampico reproducing piano
1972978-0-911572-08-7Q. David BowersEncyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments
1973978-0-911572-09-4Robert F GellermanThe American reed organ;: Its history, how it works, how to rebuild it,
1980978-0-911572-10-0Radio Equipment and Supplies
1974978-0-911572-11-7John W LandonJesse Crawford: Poet of the Organ; Wizard of the Mighty Wurlitzer
1976978-0-911572-12-4Arthur A. ReblitzPiano Servicing, Tuning, & Rebuilding: For the Professional, the Student, the Hobbyist
  ''978-0-911572-13-1David G ChristensenSlot Machines: A Pictorial Review
1985978-0-911572-15-5Piano Technicians ConferenceSecrets of Piano Construction - [ISBN 0 911572 15 5]
1997978-0-911572-18-6Alfred DolgeMen Who Have Made Piano History
1981978-0-911572-19-3Robert RobinsonRobert Robinson, American illustrator
  ''978-0-911572-20-9Arthur A ReblitzTreasures of mechanical music: A compilation of hundreds of tracker bar, key frame, and note layouts for automatic music machines, together with ... of outstanding mechanical musical instruments
  ''978-0-911572-21-6ROBERT B. WHITINGEstey reed organs on parade: A pictorial review of the many parlour, cabinet, boudoir, philharmonic, and other types of reed organs made over a ... together with a brief corporate history
1988978-0-911572-22-3How to Buy a Good Used Piano
1981978-0-911572-23-0Larry Crumbley · Jerry CurtisDonate Less to the IRS: The Antique Collectors and Sellers Tax Reduction Guide
1982978-0-911572-24-7Charles J., Jr. JacquesKENNYWOOD --The Roller Coaster Capital of the World
  ''978-0-911572-26-1David L SaulRebuilder's illustrated guide to the Model B Ampico
1982978-0-911572-27-8John W Stokes70 Years of Radio Tubes and Valves: A Guide for Electronic Engineers Historians and Collectors
  ''978-0-911572-28-5Harvey RoehlHow to Reside a Motorhome or Rv With Fiberglass
1997978-0-911572-29-2Frederick FriedA Pictorial History of the Carousel
1983978-0-911572-30-8Condo · PaperThe Outbursts of Everett True
1922978-0-911572-31-5Staudaud Pneumatic Action CompanyPrincipal of Player Action
  ''978-0-911572-32-2RCARadio Enters the Home
1984978-0-911572-33-9Mike KitnerMills Violano-Virtuoso: The Famous Sell-Playing Violin and Piano :How It Works, How to Service and Rebuild It, Together With a Fascination Collection
1904978-0-911572-34-6Tuning Care and Repair of Reed and Pipe Organs
1922978-0-911572-35-3Stanley Motor Carriage CompanyInstructions for the Care and Operation of the Stanley Car (Twenty-Seventh Year)
1984978-0-911572-36-0Graham WebbThe Musical Box Handbook: Vol 1: Cylinder Boxes (2nd Edition)
1997978-0-911572-37-7Charles DesmondWooden Ship-Building
1982978-0-911572-38-4Cretor's Popcorn Wagons, 1913
1985978-0-911572-39-1Hugo GernsbackOfficial Radio Service Manual and Complete Directory of All Commercial Wiring Diagrams, 1930: Prepared Especially for the Radio Service Man
1997978-0-911572-40-7Arthur ReblitzPlayer Piano: Servicing and Rebuilding
1985978-0-911572-41-4Arthur A. ReblitzPlayer Piano Servicing and Rebuilding: A Treatise on How Player Pianos Function and How to Get Them Back into Top Playing Condition if They Don't Work
1984978-0-911572-42-1Official radio service manual and complete directory of all commercial wiring diagrams, 1930: Prepared especially for the radio service man
1985978-0-911572-43-8Q. David BowersThe Moxie Encyclopedia, Vol. 1: The History
  ''978-0-911572-45-2Robert F. GellermanGellerman's International Reed Organ Atlas
1997978-0-911572-47-6Harvey RoehlCarousel of Limericks
1985978-0-911572-48-3Kiwanis Club of BinghamtonA Picture Post-Card History of New York's Broome County Area-- Binghamton, Johnson City, Endicott, Owego, and Surrounding Communities
1997978-0-911572-49-0David Q. BowersNickelodeon Theatres: and Their Music
  ''978-0-911572-50-6liDavid Q. BowersNickelodeon Theatres: and Their Music
1984978-0-911572-51-3Graham WebbThe Musical Box Handbook: Disc Boxes: 002
1986978-0-911572-52-0Victor SearleHow to build an electronic band organ
1973978-0-911572-53-7Robert F. GellermanThe American Reed Organ: Its History, How It Works, How to Rebuild It
1986978-0-911572-54-4Eric L. ReissThe Compleat Talking Machine: A Guide to the Repair and Restoration of Antique Phonographs
1986978-0-911572-55-1Eric L. ReissThe Compleat Talking Machine: The Restoration & Repair of Antique Phonographs
1996978-0-911572-56-8Horton PresleyRestoring and Collecting Antique Reed Organs
  ''978-0-911572-57-5Arthur W. J. G. Ord-HumeHarmonium: The History of the Reed Organ and Its Makers
1976978-0-911572-58-2Arthur A. ReblitzPiano Servicing, Tuning and Rebuilding: For the Professional, the Student, the Hobbyist
1997978-0-911572-59-9Harvey RoehlCornell and Ithaca in Early Postcards
1982978-0-911572-60-5John W. Stokes70 Years of Radio Tubes and Valves: A Guide for Electronic Engineers, Historians, and Collectors
1988978-0-911572-62-9Elaine ObenchainComplete Catalog of Ampico Reproducing Piano Rolls
1987978-0-911572-63-6David BowersMuriel Ostriche: Princess of Silent Films
  ''978-0-911572-64-3David BowersMuriel Ostriche: Princess of Silent Films
978-0-911572-65-0Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments
1987978-0-911572-66-7Hugo GernsbackRadio-Craft: 50 Years of Radio: March 1938 (Jubilee Souvenir Number 9, Vol 9)
1988978-0-911572-67-4Alan DouglasRadio manufacturers of the 1920's
  ''978-0-911572-68-1Alan DouglasRadio Manufacturers of the 1920's, Vol. 1, A-C Dayton to J. B. Ferguson
  ''978-0-911572-69-8Richard L. Crandall · Sam RobinsThe Incorruptible Cashier, Vol. 1: The Formation of an Industry, 1876-1890
1988978-0-911572-70-4Richard Crandall · Sam RobinsThe Incorruptible Cashier, Vol. 1: The Formation of an Industry, 1876-1890
  ''978-0-911572-71-1Anthony SlideThe Picture Dancing on a Screen: Poetry of the Cinema
1997978-0-911572-72-8Anthony SlideGreat Radio Personalities
  ''978-0-911572-73-5Gregory FilardoOld Milwaukee: A Historic Tour in Picture Postcards
  ''978-0-911572-74-2William DrewSpeaking of Silents: First Ladies of the Screen
  ''978-0-911572-75-9Madge BellamyA Darling of the Twenties: The Autobiography of Madge Bellamy
1997978-0-911572-76-6Richard CrandallThe Incorruptible Cashier (Volume 2)
978-0-911572-77-3Radio Manufacturers of the 1920's (Radio Manufacturers of the 1920s)
1997978-0-911572-78-0Anthony SlideSilent Portraits: Stars of the Silent Screen in Historic Photographs
1989978-0-911572-80-3Jack H. SmithOklahoma a Land and Its People: Early Views in Picture Postcards
1997978-0-911572-81-0William DrewSpeaking of Silents: First Ladies of the Screen
1988978-0-911572-82-7Richard L CrandallThe incorruptible cashier
1989978-0-911572-83-4Alan DouglasRadio Manufacturers of the 1920's: Freed-Eisemann to Priess
  ''978-0-911572-84-1Gene BassCarving Your Own Carousel Animal
  ''978-0-911572-85-8Madge BellamyA darling of the twenties: Madge Bellamy
1991978-0-911572-86-5Maurice L. SieversCrystal Clear: Vintage American Crystal Sets, Crystal Detectors, and Crystals
1990978-0-911572-87-2Richard PalmerRailroads in Early Postcards: Upstate New York (Railroads in Early Postcards , Vol. 1)
1997978-0-911572-89-6Philip JamisonPhiladelphia In Picture Postcards 1900-1930
1992978-0-911572-90-2Ralph Burnham ThompsonCleveland in Picture Postcards: 1900-1930
1997978-0-911572-91-9Geoffrey liN. SteinWhere's the Fire ?: American Firefighters in Picture Postcards, circa 1910
  ''978-0-911572-92-6Tony ThomasThe Best of Universal
1991978-0-911572-93-3Alan DouglasRadio Manufacturers of the 1920's: Rca to Zenith
  ''978-0-911572-94-0   ''Radio Manufacturers of the 1920s: Rca to Zenith: 003
1997978-0-911572-95-7Richard L. Crandall · Sam RobinsThe Incorruptible Cashier, Volume 2: The Brass Era, 1888-1915
978-0-911572-96-4Crystal Clear: Vintage American Crystal Sets, Crystal Detectors & Crystals
1991978-0-911572-97-1Anthony SlideEarly American Cinema
1900978-0-911572-98-8Ralph AshworthGreetings from Pittsburgh: A Picture Postcard History
1991978-0-911572-99-5Jan David PerkinsDon C. Wallace: W6Am, Amateur Radio's Pioneer