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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-911307-00-9Muktananda ParamahamsaFrom the Finite to the Infinite (2 Volume Set)
978-0-911307-06-1Embrase mon coeur, tome I
978-0-911307-07-8Embrase mon coeur, tome II
1989978-0-911307-08-5Gurumayi Chidvilasananda · Swami KripanandaEntzunde Die Flamme in Meinem Herzen
1990978-0-911307-17-7Gurumayi CHIDVILASANANDACendres Aux Pieds de Mon Guru
  ''978-0-911307-18-4Gurumayi Chidvilasananda · Swami KripanandaAsche Zu Meines Gurus Fussen
1992978-0-911307-26-9Swami MuktanandaI Have Become Alive
1994978-0-911307-28-3Editors of Siddha Yoga PublicationsEverything Happens for the Best: A Book of Contemplations
  ''978-0-911307-29-0Gurumayi ChidvilasanandaMy Lord Loves a Pure Heart: The Yoga of Divine Virtues
1996978-0-911307-30-6   ''Kindle My Heart
1994978-0-911307-31-3Swami MuktanandaFrom the Finite to the Infinite
2000978-0-911307-33-7Swami Muktananda · MuktanandaPlay of Consciousness: A Spiritual Autobiography
1994978-0-911307-34-4Swami MuktanandaKundalini: The Secret of Life
1995978-0-911307-36-8   ''Does Death Really Exist?
1977978-0-911307-37-5   ''Selected Essays
1995978-0-911307-38-2   ''Ashram Dharma
  ''978-0-911307-39-9Swami KripanandaThe Sacred Power: A Seeker's Guide to Kundalini
  ''978-0-911307-41-2Gurumayi ChidvilasanandaInner Treasures
1995978-0-911307-42-9Swami Muktananda · Gurumayi ChidvilasanandaResonate with Stillness: Daily Contemplations
1996978-0-911307-43-6Gurumayi ChidvilasanandaThe Magic of the Heart: Reflections on Divine Love
1996978-0-911307-44-3Gurumayi ChidvilasanandaThe Yoga of Discipline
  ''978-0-911307-45-0Swami MuktanandaBhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri
  ''978-0-911307-47-4Swami AnantanandaWhat's on My Mind?: Becoming Inspired with New Perception
  ''978-0-911307-48-1Jane FerrarBe filled with enthusiasm and sing God's glory: A book of contemplations
  ''978-0-911307-49-8Margaret SimpsonA Perfect Life: The Story of Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa
1992978-0-911307-51-1Swami MuktanandaMystery of the Mind
1997978-0-911307-52-8Gurumayi ChidvilasanandaEnthusiasm
1998978-0-911307-53-5Swami MuktanandaConversations with Swami Muktananda: The Early Years
1997978-0-911307-56-6   ''Nothing Exists That is Not Siva: Commentaries on the Śiva-sūtra, Vijñānabhairava, Gurugītā, and Other Sacred Texts
1997978-0-911307-58-0Eric BaylinThe guru gita: An introduction
  ''978-0-911307-59-7William K MahonyThe Guru
1994978-0-911307-60-3Swami MuktanandaWhere Are You Going?: A Guide to the Spiritual Journey
1999978-0-911307-62-7   ''Meditate: Happiness Lies Within You
  ''978-0-911307-64-1Swami KripanandaJnaneshwar's Gita: A Rendering of the Jnaneshwari
1993978-0-911307-65-8Swami MuktanandaI Welcome You All With Love (Aphorisms by Swami Muktananda)
1999978-0-911307-68-9William K. MahonyRefresh Your Resolution, Smile at Your Destiny
  ''978-0-911307-69-6Gurumayi ChidvilasanandaSmile, Smile, Smile: Poems
1994978-0-911307-70-2Swami MuktanandaLight on the Path
1993978-0-911307-71-9   ''A Book for the Mind
  ''978-0-911307-72-6   ''God Is with You
1993978-0-911307-74-0Swami MuktanandaThe Self Is Already Attained
1999978-0-911307-76-4Swami MuktanandaThe Perfect Relationship: The Guru and the Disciple
  ''978-0-911307-77-1Gurumayi ChidvilasanandaCourage and Contentment: A Collection of Talks on the Spiritual Life
  ''978-0-911307-79-5   ''Smile! Smile! Smile!: Poems
2000978-0-911307-81-8Swami MuktanandaPlay of Consciousness: A Spiritual Autobiography
1999978-0-911307-82-5Editors of Siddha Yoga PublicationsA Golden Mind a Golden Life: A Book of Contemplations
2001978-0-911307-88-7Gurumayi ChidvilasanandaPulsation of Love
2002978-0-911307-97-9Swami DurganandaThe Heart of Meditation: Pathways to a Deeper Experience