DBI Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1980978-0-910676-09-0Ken WarnerGun Digest 35th Anniversary 1981 Deluxe Edition
1982978-0-910676-26-7Ken WarnerGun Digest, 36th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
1981978-0-910676-28-1Ian V HoggMilitary small arms of the 20th century
  ''978-0-910676-36-6J. B WoodThe Gun Digest Sporting Rifle Take-Down and Reassembly Guide
1982978-0-910676-43-4Ken WarnerGun Digest; 37th Anniversary; 1983 Deluxe Edition
  ''978-0-910676-44-1Harold A. MurtzGuns Illustrated 1983
  ''978-0-910676-49-6Dean A GrennellPistol & revolver digest
978-0-910676-51-9Knives '83
1983978-0-910676-52-6Jack P LewisThe Gun digest book of modern gun values
  ''978-0-910676-53-3Mark ThiffaultComplete Survival Guide
1983978-0-910676-56-4Jack LEWISThe Hunting Rifle
  ''978-0-910676-57-1Ken WarnerGun Digest, 38th Anniversary 1984 Deluxe Edition
  ''978-0-910676-59-5Dean GrennellGun Digest Book of Autoloading Pistols
  ''978-0-910676-60-1Harold A. MurtzGuns Illustrated, 1984, 16th Ed
  ''978-0-910676-61-8Bob BellGun Digest Book of Scopes and Mounts
1984978-0-910676-75-5Ken WarnerGun Digest 1985
1984978-0-910676-76-2Books Inc DbiGuns Illustrated, 1985
  ''978-0-910676-80-9Ken WarnerHandloader's Digest
1985978-0-910676-83-0Jack P LewisThe Gun digest book of modern gun values
  ''978-0-910676-87-8Ian V HoggMilitary small arms of the 20th century: A comprehensive illustrated encyclopedia of the world's small-calibre firearms
  ''978-0-910676-88-5Ken WarnerGun Digest, 1986 Annual 40th Edition
  ''978-0-910676-89-2Harold A. MurtzGuns Illustrated-86
1985978-0-910676-95-3Frank C BarnesCartridges of the World, 5th Edition
1986978-0-910676-97-7Dean A. Grennell · Wiley ClappThe Gun Digest Book of 9mm Handguns: An In-Depth Study of the 9mm Luger / Parabellum Cartridge & the Guns That Fire it.