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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1972978-0-910068-00-0Victor Paul WierwilleReceiving the Holy Spirit Today
1971978-0-910068-01-7   ''Power for abundant living;: The accuracy of the Bible
  ''978-0-910068-02-4   ''The Bible Tells Me So: Volume 1, Studies in Abundant Living
  ''978-0-910068-10-9Victor P. WierwilleBible Tells Me So
  ''978-0-910068-11-6Victor Paul WierwilleThe New, Dynamic Church
1979978-0-910068-12-3   ''The Word's Way, Studies in Abundant Living Volume 3
1977978-0-910068-13-0Victor Pual WierwilleGod's Magnified Word: Studies in Abundant Living, Vol.IV
1980978-0-910068-30-7Victor P. WierwilleJesus Christ Our Passover
1981978-0-910068-33-8   ''Jesus Christ Is Not God
1982978-0-910068-40-6Victor Paul WierwilleAre the dead alive now?
1982978-0-910068-41-3Victor Paul WierwilleReceiving the Holy Spirit today: A study of how to receive the Holy Spirit
  ''978-0-910068-42-0   ''Jesus Christ, our promised seed
1983978-0-910068-48-2Ethelbert W. BullingerHow to Enjoy the Bible
  ''978-0-910068-49-9Victor Paul WierwilleReceiving the Holy Spirit Today
1985978-0-910068-59-8Victor P. WierwilleOrder My Steps in Thy Word (Studies in Abundant Living)
1993978-0-910068-78-9L Craig MartindaleRise and Expansion of the Christian Church
1996978-0-910068-79-6Dorothea Kipp WierwilleVictor Paul Wierwille: Born Again to Serve
2002978-0-910068-81-9Victor Paul WierwilleBible Tells Me So: Prevailing Word Edition
2003978-0-910068-82-6   ''The New, Dynamic Church: Volume II Studies in Abundant Living