American Association for State and Local History

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1965978-0-910050-00-5Caroline K. KeckHandbook on the Care of Paintings
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1966978-0-910050-02-9Lucille M. KaneGuide to the Care and Administrations of Manuscripts
1968978-0-910050-03-6Clement M. SilverstroOrganizing a Local Historical Society
1964978-0-910050-04-3Carl Eugen GutheThe Management of Small History Museums
1970978-0-910050-05-0Caroline K. KeckSafeguarding Your Collection in Travel
1987978-0-910050-06-7Oral History for the Local Historical Society
1972978-0-910050-07-4Per E GuldbeckThe care of historical collections;: A conservation handbook for the nonspecialist
1973978-0-910050-09-8Robert George HartjeBicentennial USA; pathways to celebration
1974978-0-910050-11-1David J. RussoFamilies and Communities: A New View of American History
1975978-0-910050-12-8Robert G ChenhallMuseum cataloging in the computer age
  ''978-0-910050-13-5George Ellis BurcawIntroduction to museum work
1984978-0-910050-14-2George Ellis BurcawIntroduction to Museum Work
1975978-0-910050-15-9Tracey Linton CraigDirectory of Historical Societies and Agencies in the United States and Canada
  ''978-0-910050-16-6Kenneth W. DuckettModern Manuscripts: A Practical Manual for Their Management, Care, and Use
  ''978-0-910050-17-3Frederick L. RathHistorical Preservation: A Bibliography on Historical Organization Practices: 001
1975978-0-910050-18-0History News101 ideas from History news
1976978-0-910050-19-7William T Alderson · Shirley Payne LowInterpretation of historic sites
  ''978-0-910050-20-3Dorothy Weyer CreighA primer for local historical societies
1977978-0-910050-21-0Robert A. Weinstein · Larry BoothCollection, Use, and Care of Historical Photographs
1976978-0-910050-22-7Thomas Edward FeltResearching, writing, and publishing local history
1996978-0-910050-23-4Arminta NealExhibits for the Small Museum: A Handbook (American Association for State and Local History Book Series)
1977978-0-910050-24-1John J. G BlumensonIdentifying American architecture: A pictorial guide to styles and terms, 1600-1945
1976978-0-910050-25-8American issues: Understanding who we are
1991978-0-910050-26-5Willa K. BaumTranscribing and Editing Oral History (American Association for State and Local History)
1977978-0-910050-27-2Karyn Jean HarrisCostume display techniques
1974978-0-910050-29-6David J. RussoFamilies and Communities: A New View of American History
1978978-0-910050-30-2Robert G. ChenhallNomenclature for Museum Cataloging: A System for Classifying Man-Made Objects
  ''978-0-910050-31-9Frederick Rath · Merrilyn R. O'ConnellInterpretation (Bibliography on Historical Organization Practices: Vol 3)
1979978-0-910050-32-6William SealeRecreating the historic house interior
1978978-0-910050-33-3Enid T. ThompsonLocal History Collections: A Manual for Librarians
1979978-0-910050-34-0Rudy J. FavrettiLandscapes and Gardens for Historic Buildings: A Handbook for Reproducing and Creating Authentic Landscape Settings
1978978-0-910050-35-7Edward Porter AlexanderMuseums in Motion: An Introduction to the History and Functions O F Museums
1982978-0-910050-36-4Directory of Historical Societies and Agencies in the United States and Canada
1971978-0-910050-37-1Daniel B. ReibelRegistration Methods for the Small Museum
1979978-0-910050-38-8R.S. Reese · F. L. Jr. RathDocumentation of Collections
1978978-0-910050-39-5Museums in Motion
1979978-0-910050-40-1Hedy A HartmanFunding sources and technical assistance for museums and historical agencies: A guide to public programs
  ''978-0-910050-41-8Jerry McWilliamsThe Preservation and Restoration of Sound Recordings
  ''978-0-910050-42-5Houston Gwynne JonesLocal Government Records, an Introduction to Their Management, Preservation, and Use
1979978-0-910050-43-2Arthur P. Ziegler · Walter C. KidneyHistoric Preservation in Small Towns: A Manual of Practice
1980978-0-910050-44-9Frederick L. RathBibliography on Historical Organization Practices: Administration
  ''978-0-910050-45-6Alice P. KenneyAccess to the Past: Museum Programs and Handicapped Visitors: A Guide to Section 504-Making Existing Programs and Facilities Accessible to Disabled
  ''978-0-910050-46-3Harrison Goodall · Renee FriedmanLog Structures: Preservation and Problem-Solving
1981978-0-910050-47-0Thomas J. SchlerethArtifacts and the American Past
1984978-0-910050-48-7Frederick L. Rath · Merrilyn Rogers O'ConnellResearch: A Bibliography on Historical Oraganization Practices
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1981978-0-910050-52-4Milo M. NaeveIdentifying American Furniture: A Pictorial Guide to Styles and Terms, Colonial to Contemporary
  ''978-0-910050-53-1Thomas Edward FeltResearching Writing and Publishing Local History
  ''978-0-910050-54-8Jeff DeanArchitectural photography: Techniques for architects, preservationists, historians, photographers, and urban planners
  ''978-0-910050-55-5Sunny O'NeillGift of Christmas Past: A Return to Victorian Tradition
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  ''978-0-910050-57-9Brad JollyVideotaping Local History
1982978-0-910050-58-6Tracey Linton CraigDirectory of Historical Societies and Agencies in the United States and Canada
  ''978-0-910050-59-3David Kyvig · Myron MartyNearby history: Exploring the past around you
  ''978-0-910050-60-9Marilyn E PhelanMuseums and the law (AASLH management series)
  ''978-0-910050-61-6Thomas J.SchlerethMaterial Culture Studies in America
1983978-0-910050-62-3Robert F McGiffinFurniture care and conservation
1982978-0-910050-63-0Suellen M Hoy · Michael C RobinsonPublic Works History in the United States: A Guide to the Literature
1983978-0-910050-64-7Beverly SerrellMaking Exhibit Labels: A Step-by-Step Guide
1995978-0-910050-65-4Donald G. AdamsMuseum Public Relations (American Association for State and Local History)
1983978-0-910050-66-1James B. Gardner · George Rollie AdamsOrdinary People and Everyday Life: Perspectives on the New Social History
1982978-0-910050-67-8Thomas J. SchlerethMaterial culture studies in America
1983978-0-910050-68-5Edward P. AlexanderMuseum Masters: Their Museums and Their Influence
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1990978-0-910050-73-9Per E. Guldbeck · A. Bruce MacLeishThe Care of Antiques and Historical Collections, 2nd Revised & Expanded Edition
1986978-0-910050-74-6Sheldan CollinsHow to photograph works of art
1985978-0-910050-75-3Jay AndersonLiving History Sourcebook
  ''978-0-910050-76-0William SealeRecreating the Historic House Interior
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1983978-0-910050-80-7James B Gardner · George Rollie AdamsOrdinary People and Everyday Life
1986978-0-910050-81-4Carol KammenOn Doing Local History: Reflections on What Local Historians Do, Why, and What It Means
  ''978-0-910050-82-1Ronald E. ButchartLocal Schools: Exploring Their History (American Association for State and Local History)
1987978-0-910050-83-8Ross J. LoomisMuseum Visitor Evaluation: New Tool for Management (AASLH Management Series)
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1995978-0-910050-85-2Patricia HallFolklife and Museums: Selected Readings
1987978-0-910050-86-9David W. WilliamsA Guide to Museum Computing
  ''978-0-910050-87-6Willa K. BaumOral History for the Local Historical Society
1995978-0-910050-88-3Gerald A. DanzerPublic Places: Exploring Their History (The Nearby History Series, Vol. 3)
1987978-0-910050-89-0Lonn W. (Editor) TaylorA Common agenda for history museums: Conference proceedings, February 19-20, 1987
1988978-0-910050-90-6Lynette StrangstadGraveyard Preservation Primer (The AASLH primer series)
1988978-0-910050-91-3Bruce W. DearstyneThe Management of Local Government Records: A Guide for Local Officials
1995978-0-910050-92-0John Obed CurtisMoving Historic Buildings
1988978-0-910050-93-7James R. Blackaby · Patricia Greeno · Nomenclature Committee · Robert G. ChenhallThe Revised Nomenclature for Museum Cataloging: A Revised and Expanded Version of Robert G. Chenhall's System for Classifying Man-Made Objects
  ''978-0-910050-94-4African American Museums AssociationProfile of Black Museums
1992978-0-910050-95-1Steven T. PugliaThe Care and Duplication of Historical Negative Collections: An Interested Approach
1989978-0-910050-96-8Milo M. NaeveIdentifying American Furniture: A Pictorial Guide to Styles and Terms Colonial to Contemporary (American Association for State and Local History Book Series)
1995978-0-910050-98-2James A. GlassThe Beginnings of a New National Historic Preservation Program, 1957 to 1969
1988978-0-910050-99-9Catherine LynnWallpapers in historic preservation

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