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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-0-907871-03-3Oswald WyndThe Ginger Tree
1991978-0-907871-07-1Arthur KoestlerScum of the Earth
2002978-0-907871-08-8Peter MayneA Year in Marrakesh
2003978-0-907871-09-5John BeamesMemoirs of a Bengal Civilian
1985978-0-907871-11-8Roger VaillandThe Law (Literature & Criti)
2002978-0-907871-13-2Walter B. HarrisMorocco That Was
2004978-0-907871-14-9Gavin MaxwellLords of the Atlas: The Rise and Fall of the House of Glaoua 1893-1956
1992978-0-907871-17-0Janina DavidA Square of Sky: Memoirs of a Wartime Childhood
2003978-0-907871-18-7Geoffrey GorerAfrica Dances
2004978-0-907871-19-4Gamel WoolseyDeath's Other Kingdom
2003978-0-907871-23-1Fawn M. BrodieThe Devil Drives: A Life of Sir Richard Burton
2004978-0-907871-24-8Simon LoftusA Pike in the Basement: Tales of a Hungry Traveller
1982978-0-907871-25-5W. H. HudsonFar Away and Long Ago: Childhood in Argentina (Celtic Interest)
2002978-0-907871-28-6Agnes Newton KeithThree Came Home
2005978-0-907871-29-3Leonard WoolfThe Village in the Jungle
1982978-0-907871-30-9Peter MayneA Year in Marrakesh
1993978-0-907871-32-3Hugh Trevor-RoperHermit of Peking: The Hidden Life of Sir Edmund Backhouse (History and Politics)
2003978-0-907871-33-0Norman LewisA Dragon Apparent: Travels in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam
2006978-0-907871-34-7Herbert J. KaufmannRed Moon & High Summer
1986978-0-907871-36-1Andrew Graham-YoollA State of Fear: Memories of Argentina's nightmare (Biography & Memoirs)
2003978-0-907871-38-5Norman LewisGolden Earth: Travels in Burma
2004978-0-907871-43-9   ''A View of the World: Selected Journalism
2006978-0-907871-44-6Alberto Denti Di PirannjoA Cure for Serpents
1996978-0-907871-47-7David KiddPeking Story
2003978-0-907871-48-4Norman LewisThe Honoured Society: The Sicilian Mafia Observed
2006978-0-907871-49-1Arthur KoestlerScum of the Earth
2007978-0-907871-53-8Nicolas BouvierThe Way of the World
2001978-0-907871-54-5Lesley BlanchJourney into the Mind's Eye
1996978-0-907871-57-6Tony ParkerPeople of Providence: Housing Estate and Some of Its Inhabitants
2006978-0-907871-58-3Tony ParkerLighthouse
2008978-0-907871-59-0Roger HudsonHoneymoons: Journeys from the Altar
1986978-0-907871-61-3Evan RogersA Funny Old Quist: The Memoirs of a Game Keeper (Celtic Interest)
2000978-0-907871-62-0Winston ChurchillMy Early Life
2003978-0-907871-63-7Duncan PrydeNunaga: Ten Years Among the Eskimos
2005978-0-907871-64-4Rose Baring · Barnaby RogersonMeetings with Remarkable Muslims
1986978-0-907871-66-8Tony ParkerLighthouse
2006978-0-907871-68-2Hetty Meyric HughesVenice (Poetry of Place)
2001978-0-907871-69-9Ogier De BusbecqTurkish Letters
1986978-0-907871-71-2Fawn M. BrodieThe Devil Drives: A Life of Sir Richard Burton
2002978-0-907871-72-9Norman LewisNaples '44: An Intelligence Officer in the Italian Labyrinth
2004978-0-907871-73-6Janina DavidA Square of Sky: A Jewish Childhood in Wartime Poland
1982978-0-907871-74-3W. H. HudsonFar Away & Long Ago: A Childhood in Argentina
2002978-0-907871-77-4Martha GellhornTravels with Myself and Another
2006978-0-907871-78-1Martha GellhornThe Weather in Africa
2005978-0-907871-79-8Sybille BedfordJigsaw: An Unsentimental Education
1988978-0-907871-81-1Irfan OrgaPortrait of a Turkish Family
2002978-0-907871-82-8Irfan OrgaPortrait of a Turkish Family
2004978-0-907871-83-5Gerald HanleyWarriors: Life and Death Among the Somalis
2006978-0-907871-84-2Marius KociejowskiSyria: Through Writers' Eyes (Through Writers' Eyes)
1989978-0-907871-86-6Moritz ThomsenLiving Poor: American's Encounter with Ecuador (Art & Architecture)
2002978-0-907871-87-3Sybille BedfordA Visit to Don Otavio
  ''978-0-907871-88-0Fanny ParkesBegums, Thugs and White Mughals
2006978-0-907871-89-7Barnaby RogersonCroatia (Through Writers' Eyes)
2002978-0-907871-92-7Robin FeddenChantemesle
2003978-0-907871-93-4Gavin MaxwellA Reed Shaken by the Wind: Travels Among the Marsh Arabs of Iraq
2006978-0-907871-94-1Horatio ClareSicily: Through Writers' Eyes (Through Writers' Eyes)
2002978-0-907871-97-2Irfan OrgaThe Caravan Moves on
2006978-0-907871-98-9Anthony ThwaiteThe Ruins of Time: Antiquarian and Archaeological Poems (Poetry of Place)
  ''978-0-907871-99-6Barnaby RogersonMarrakesh (Through Writers' Eyes)