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1999978-0-907845-05-8Thomas MetzingerConscious Experience
2000978-0-907845-06-5Rafael Nunez · Walter J. FreemanReclaiming Cognition: The Primacy of Action, Intention and Emotion (Journal of Consciousness Studies)
  ''978-0-907845-07-2Leonard D. KatzEvolutionary Origins of Morality: Cross Disciplinary Perspectives (Journal of consciousness studies)
  ''978-0-907845-08-9Nicholas HumphreyHow to Solve the Mind-body Problem (Journal of Consciousness Studies)
  ''978-0-907845-09-6Shaun Gallagher · Jonathan ShearModels of the Self
1999978-0-907845-10-2Thomas MetzingerConscious Experience
2000978-0-907845-11-9Benjamin Libet · Anthony Freeman · Keith SutherlandVolitional Brain: Towards a Neuroscience of Freewill
  ''978-0-907845-12-6Joseph Goguen · Erik MyinArt and the Brain, II: Investigations into the Science of Art (Journal of Consciousness Studies)
2001978-0-907845-13-3Jensine Andresen · Robert K.C. FormanCognitive Models and Spiritual Maps: Interdisciplinary Explorations of Religious Experience (Journal of Consciousness Studies,)
2001978-0-907845-14-0Evan ThompsonBetween Ourselves: Second Person Issues in the Study of Consciousness
  ''978-0-907845-17-1Anthony FreemanGod in Us: A Case for Christian Humanism (Societas)
  ''978-0-907845-18-8   ''Emergence of Consciousness (Journal of Consciousness Studies)
  ''978-0-907845-19-5Alan Trench · Constitution UnitThe State of the Nations 2001: The Second Year of Devolution in the United Kingdom (State of the Nations Yearbooks)
  ''978-0-907845-20-1Karen Anne SutherlandNumber Butterfly: Pre-school Number Book
2003978-0-907845-24-9Owen HollandMachine Consciousness (Journal of Consciousness Studies,)
1999978-0-907845-25-6Franciso J. VarelaView from Within: First-person Approaches to the Study of Consciousness (Consciousness Studies)
2007978-0-907845-28-7Andrew SullivanIntimations Pursued: The Voice of Practice in the Conversation of Michael Oakeshott (British Idealist Studies: Series 1: Oakeshott)
2003978-0-907845-29-4Luke O'SullivanOakeshott on History (British Idealist Studies, Series 1: Oakeshott)
2002978-0-907845-33-1Ralph BlumenauPhilosophy and Living
2002978-0-907845-34-8Duke Maskell · Ian RobinsonNew Idea of a University
2006978-0-907845-37-9Gordon GrahamUniversities: The Recovery of an Idea (Societas)
2002978-0-907845-38-6Gordon GrahamCase Against the Democratic State: An Essay in Cultural Criticism (Societas)
  ''978-0-907845-39-3Max VelmansHow Could Conscious Experiences Affect Brains?
2003978-0-907845-41-6Graham AllenThe Last Prime Minister: Being Honest About the UK Presidency (Revised, Second Edition) (Societas)
  ''978-0-907845-42-3Pentti O. HaikonenCognitive Approach to Conscious Machines
  ''978-0-907845-43-0Richard E. CytowicMan Who Tasted Shapes
1999978-0-907845-45-4V.S. Ramachandran · Nicholas Humphrey · Erich HarthArt and the Brain: 6 (Journal of Consciousness Studies)
2003978-0-907845-46-1Sven Walter · Heinz-Dieter HeckmannPhysicalism and Mental Causation
  ''978-0-907845-47-8Sven Walter · Heinz-Dieter HeckmannPhysicalism and Mental Causation
2003978-0-907845-48-5James E Alcock · Jean Burns · Anthony FreemanPsi Wars: Getting to Grips with the Paranormal (Journal of Consciousness Studies)
  ''978-0-907845-49-2Robert HazellThe State of the Nations: The Third Year of Devolution in the United Kingdom (State of the Nations Yearbooks)
1999978-0-907845-50-8Benjamin Libet · Keith Sutherland · Anthony FreemanThe Volitional Brain: Towards a Neuroscience of Free Will (Journal of consciousness studies)
2004978-0-907845-51-5Keith SutherlandParty's Over: Blueprint for a Very English Revolution (Societas)
  ''978-0-907845-57-7Stein HelgebyAction as History: The Historical Thought of R.G. Collingwood (British Idealist Studies, Series 2: Collingwood)
  ''978-0-907845-58-4Ben WempeT.H. Green's Theory of Positive Freedom (British Idealist Studies, Series 3: Green)
2003978-0-907845-59-1Ian TregenzaMichael Oakeshott on Hobbes (British Idealist Studies, Series 1: Oakeshott)
  ''978-0-907845-64-5Ivo MosleyDemocracy, Fascism and the New World Order (Societas)
2012978-0-907845-68-3Robert K.C. FormanGrassroots Spirituality: What it is, Why it is Here, Where it is Going
2005978-0-907845-69-0P. King · Tim BrownHousing Left and Right
2000978-0-907845-70-6Keith SutherlandRape of the Constitution?
2004978-0-907845-73-7John MacMurrayJohn MacMurray: Selected Philosophical Writings (Library of Scottish Philosophy)
2007978-0-907845-78-2Shinichi NagaoPolitics and Society in Scottish Thought (Library of Scottish Philosophy)
2004978-0-907845-79-9David LorimerScience, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality
2000978-0-907845-80-5Robert HazellThe State and the Nations: The First Year of Devolution in the United Kingdom (State of the Nations Yearbooks)
2004978-0-907845-81-2Bernhard PoerksenCertainty of Uncertainty: Dialogues Introducing Constructivism
2004978-0-907845-82-9William Irwin ThompsonSelf and Society: Studies in the Evolution of Culture: Studies in the Evolution of Consciousness (Societas)
  ''978-0-907845-83-6Michael OakeshottWhat is History? And Other Essays: Selected Writings: v. 1 (Michael Oakeshott Selected Writings)
2005978-0-907845-85-0Colin TalbotParadoxical Primate (Societas)
2004978-0-907845-87-4Alan Trench · Robert HazellHas Devolution Made a Difference?: The State of the Nations 2004 (State of the Nations Yearbooks)
  ''978-0-907845-88-1Mark GarnettSnake That Swallowed Its Tail: Some Contradictions in Modern Liberalism (Societas)
  ''978-0-907845-89-8Patrick DiamondNew Labour's Old Roots: Revisionist Thinkers in Labour's History 1930-1997
  ''978-0-907845-91-1Soren Brier · Ranulph GlanvilleHeinz Von Foerster 1911-2002 (Cybernetics & Human Knowing)
2004978-0-907845-92-8Soren Brier · Jeanette BopryFrancisco J. Varela 1946-2001 (Cybernetics & Human Knowing)
  ''978-0-907845-93-5Soren BrierThomas Sebeok and the Biosemiotic Legacy (Cybernetics & Human Knowing)
  ''978-0-907845-94-2Raymond TallisWhy the Mind is Not a Computer: A Pocket Lexicon of Neuromythology (Societas)
  ''978-0-907845-96-6Dan ZahaviHidden Resources: Classical Perspectives on Subjectivity
2005978-0-907845-97-3Alexander DeaneGreat Abdication: Why Britain's Decline is the Fault of the Middle Class (Societas)
2004978-0-907845-98-0Joseph Goguen · Erik MyinArt and the Brain, III: v. 3 (Journal of Consciousness Studies)
2005978-0-907845-99-7Larry ArnhartDarwinian Conservatism (Societas)