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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1982978-0-907689-02-7Hans Keller · Milein CosmanStravinsky Seen and Heard
1985978-0-907689-07-2Neil ButterworthThe Music of Aaron Copland (0)
1986978-0-907689-13-3Otto KlempererKlemperer on Music: Shavings from a Musician's Workbench (2) (Musicians on Music)
1991978-0-907689-16-4Vagn HolmboeExperiencing Music: A Composer's Notes (5) (Musicians on Music)
1986978-0-907689-17-1Geoffrey SelfThe Music of E.J. Moeran (0)
  ''978-0-907689-19-5Havergal BrianHavergal Brian on Music: Volume One: British Music (3) (Musicians on Music)
  ''978-0-907689-21-8Hans KellerMusic, Closed Societies, and Football (0)
1997978-0-907689-24-9Owen TollerPfitzner's Palestrina: The 'Musical Legend' and its Background (1) (Other Operas)
1992978-0-907689-26-3Brian NewbouldSchubert and the Symphony: A New Perspective (1) (Symphonic Studies S.)
1994978-0-907689-28-7Heitor Villa-LobosThe Villa-Lobos Letters (1) (Musicians in Letters)
  ''978-0-907689-29-4Heitor Villa-LobosThe Villa-Lobos Letters (1) (Musicians in Letters)
1990978-0-907689-32-4Noel MalcolmGeorge Enescu: His Life and Music (0)
1999978-0-907689-33-1Noel MalcolmGeorge Enescu: His Life and Music
2010978-0-907689-39-3Karol Szymanowski · Alistair WightmanSzymanowski on Music: Selected Writings of Karol Szymanowski (Musicians on Music): 6
2005978-0-907689-40-9Colin Scott-SutherlandRonald Stevenson: The Man and his Music. A Symposium. (0)
2010978-0-907689-50-8Tully PotterAdolf Busch: the Life of an Honest Musician: Two Volume Set
1998978-0-907689-56-0Dmitry FeofanovShostakovich Reconsidered (0)
  ''978-0-907689-57-7Allan B. Ho · Dmitry FeofanovShostakovich Reconsidered: 0
2020978-0-907689-58-4David CairnsDiscovering Berlioz: Essays, Reviews, Talks (Musicians on Music)
2011978-0-907689-69-0Hans Keller · Milein CosmanStravinsky the Music-Maker: Writings, Prints and Drawings
2020978-0-907689-80-5Hans Keller · Mark DoranTruth and Music: The Complete Writings from Music and Musicians, 1957-85 (10) (Musicians on Music)
2013978-0-907689-90-4Andrzej PanufnikComposing Myself and Other Texts: Collected Writings (Musicians on Music)