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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1983978-0-907579-03-8Jack CurrieMosquito Victory
1984978-0-907579-06-9Don CharlwoodNo Moon Tonight
1985978-0-907579-07-6Tom SawyerOnly Owls and Bloody Fools Fly at Night
1986978-0-907579-08-3Guy GibsonEnemy Coast Ahead
1987978-0-907579-09-0Jack CurrieThe Augsburg Raid
1988978-0-907579-10-6Leonard CheshireBomber Pilot
1989978-0-907579-11-3Jack CurrieWings Over Georgia
  ''978-0-907579-12-0Pip BeckA WAAF in Bomber Command
1991978-0-907579-15-1Alan W. CooperBeyond the Dams to the "Tirpitz"
2001978-0-907579-18-2Tony SpoonerClean Sweep: The Life of Air Marshal Sir Ivor Broom (Bomber crews)
2002978-0-907579-19-9Peter C. SmithPedestal: The Convoy That Saved Malta
1998978-0-907579-27-4Ron SmithRear Gunner Pathfinders (Witness to War)
2004978-0-907579-28-1Jack CurrieLancaster Target
  ''978-0-907579-33-5   ''Mosquito Victory (Goodall S.)
1997978-0-907579-37-3Walter ThompsonLancaster to Berlin
2004978-0-907579-38-0Pip BeckKeeping Watch A WAAF in Bomber Command
1997978-0-907579-42-7Mike HenryAir Gunner (A Goodall paperback)
2003978-0-907579-43-4Tony SpoonerWarburton's War: The Life of Maverick Ace Adrian Warburton, DSO, DFC, DFC (USA)
1998978-0-907579-57-1Don C.T. BennettPathfinder (Bomber crews)
2008978-0-907579-58-8Tony SpoonerFaith, Hope and Malta: Ground and Air Heroes of the George Cross Island
1998978-0-907579-62-5Guy GibsonEnemy Coast Ahead (Bomber Crews)
2009978-0-907579-63-2Kenneth PoolmanFaith, Hope and Charity: The Defence of Malta
1998978-0-907579-67-0C.F. Rawnsley · Robert WrightNight Fighter (Fighter pilots)
2010978-0-907579-68-7L.Anthony LeicesterFlights into the Night: Reminiscences of a World War II RAF Wellington Pilot
1998978-0-907579-72-4Doug StokesWings Aflame (Fighter pilots)
2010978-0-907579-73-1Gerald L Duskin · Ralph SegmanIf the Gods are Good: The Story of "HMS Jervis Bay's" Final Heroic Battle
1999978-0-907579-77-9L. BrandonNight Flyer (Fighter pilots)
2011978-0-907579-78-6Albert Smith · Ian SmithMosquito Pathfinder: Navigating 90 WWII Operations
1999978-0-907579-82-3Alan C. DeereNine Lives
2011978-0-907579-83-0Norman FranksSky Tiger: The Story of Sailor Malan
2000978-0-907579-87-8J. E. JohnsonWing Leader: Top-scoring Allied Fighter Pilot of World War Two (Fighter pilots)
  ''978-0-907579-92-2Tom SawyerOnly Owls and Bloody Fools Fly at Night (Bomber crews)
  ''978-0-907579-97-7Don CharlwoodNo Moon Tonight (Witness to War)
2018978-0-907579-98-4Bob SpurdleThe Blue Arena