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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1982978-0-905705-10-1Resi and Transi Banish the Mysteries of Electronics
1991978-0-905705-34-7304 Circuits (300 Series)
1994978-0-905705-36-1Leonard Seymour305 Circuits (300 Series) (300 circuits)
1995978-0-905705-39-2Rainer Zur LindeBuild Your Own AF Valve Amplifiers: Circuits for Hi-fi and Musical Instruments
  ''978-0-905705-40-8B. V. SegmentBuild Your Own High-End Audio Equipment
1997978-0-905705-44-6Ulrich WeberSCSI: the Ins and Outs [With CD-Rom]
2000978-0-905705-62-0Jan Buitin307 Circuits (300 Series)
1999978-0-905705-63-7I.R.Menno Van Der VeenModern High-end Valve Amplifiers: Based on Toroidal Output Transformers
2002978-0-905705-65-1Burkhard Kainka · Hans-Joachim BerndtPC Interfaces Under Windows: Measurement and Control Using Standard Ports
2003978-0-905705-66-8Jan Buitin308 Circuits (Elektor Electronics Library)
2006978-0-905705-68-2Vincent HimpeVisual Basic for Electronics Engineering Applications: 5.0, 6.0, Vba, .Net, 2005 (PUBLIT ELEKTOR)
  ''978-0-905705-69-9Elektor Electronics Publishing309 Circuits
2008978-0-905705-70-5Bert van DamPIC Microcontrollers: 50 Projects for Beginners & Experts (PUBLIT ELEKTOR)
  ''978-0-905705-71-2Pedram Azad · Tilo Gockel · Rüdiger DillmannComputer Vision: Principles and Practice
2009978-0-905705-76-7ElektorElektor 1990 Through 1999
  ''978-0-905705-77-4Bert van DamArtificial Intelligence: 23 projects to bring your microcontroller to life: 23 projects to bring your microcontroller to life! Intelligence ... vie à vos microcontrôleurs (PUBLIT ELEKTOR)
2009978-0-905705-78-1Elektor310 Circuits: Creative Solutions for All Areas of Electronics
  ''978-0-905705-80-4Warwick A. SmithC Programming for Embedded Microcontrollers (PUBLIT ELEKTOR)
2010978-0-905705-91-0   ''ARM Microcontroller Interfacing
2011978-0-905705-93-4Rudolf MoersFundamental Amplifier Techniques with Electron Tubes: Theory and practice with design methods for self construction
978-0-905705-94-1Arm Microcontrollers 1
2011978-0-905705-98-9Vincent HimpeMastering the I2C Bus: LabWorX 1: Explorez le bus I²C (Inter Integrated Circuit)