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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1976978-0-905441-00-9Desmond HoganThe ikon maker: A novel
1977978-0-905441-02-3Leland (1922-2016) BardwellGirl on a Bicycle
  ''978-0-905441-03-0Ronan SheehanTennis players (Co-op books)
1978978-0-905441-04-7Jim SheridanMobile homes (Project plays)
1980978-0-905441-05-4Peter SheridanThe Liberty Suit (Project plays)
1978978-0-905441-06-1G. P GallivanDev (Project plays)
1980978-0-905441-07-8James PlunkettRisen People (Project plays)
1978978-0-905441-08-5James BrennanSeaman: A novel (Co-op books)
1980978-0-905441-09-2James BrennanSeaman
1978978-0-905441-10-8Ray LynottA year in the country (Co-op books)
1980978-0-905441-12-2   ''Year in Dee Country
  ''978-0-905441-13-9Adrian KennyFeast of Michaelmas
978-0-905441-14-6Adrian KennyThe feast of Michaelmas
1980978-0-905441-16-0Bernard FarrellI Do Not Like Thee Doctor Fell (New Irish plays)
  ''978-0-905441-18-4Peter SheridanEmigrants (New Irish plays)
  ''978-0-905441-20-7Sean McCarthyRise and Shine (New Irish plays)
1980978-0-905441-22-1Paschal FinnanSwine and Potwalloper (New Irish plays)
  ''978-0-905441-23-8Anthony CroninIdentity Papers
  ''978-0-905441-24-5J.Graham ReidDeath of Humpty Dumpty (New Irish plays)
  ''978-0-905441-25-2Peter O'ConnorHappy Elephants
  ''978-0-905441-26-9F.D. SheridanCaptives
1980978-0-905441-28-3Bernard FarrellCanaries
  ''978-0-905441-29-0J. Graham ReidClosed Door
  ''978-0-905441-30-6Stewart ParkerNightshade
  ''978-0-905441-31-3Neil DonnellyUpstarts
1981978-0-905441-32-0Leland BardwellLondon
  ''978-0-905441-33-7Leland BardwellThat London winter (Modern Irish fiction)
1981978-0-905441-36-8Anthony CroninLife of Riley
  ''978-0-905441-38-2Nell McCaffertyThe Armagh women (Focus Ireland)
  ''978-0-905441-41-2Raymond Byrne · Gerard Hogan · Paul McDermottPrisoners' Rights: A Study in Irish Prison Law
  ''978-0-905441-42-9Council for the Status of WomenIrish women speak out: A plan of action
  ''978-0-905441-43-6William TrevorScenes from an album (New Irish plays)
1981978-0-905441-44-3Martin BoylanThompsons (New Irish plays)
  ''978-0-905441-45-0Philip DavisonThe book-thief's heartbeat (Modern Irish fiction)
  ''978-0-905441-46-7Philip DavisonThe Book-Thief's Heartbeat
1982978-0-905441-47-4Pierce ButlerA malady (Modern Irish fiction)
  ''978-0-905441-48-1Pierce ButlerA Malady (Modern Irish Fiction)
  ''978-0-905441-49-8Kevin KielyQuintesse (Modern Irish Fiction)
1982978-0-905441-50-4Sebastian BarryMacker's Garden
  ''978-0-905441-51-1The Anthology (Modern Irish fiction)
  ''978-0-905441-53-5J. Graham ReidThe plays of Graham Reid (Modern Irish plays)
  ''978-0-905441-54-2Bernard FarrellThe plays of Bernard Farrell (Modern Irish plays)
  ''978-0-905441-56-6Veronica CleeveA Woman's Story
1982978-0-905441-60-3Neil DonnellyThe plays of Neil Donnelly (Modern Irish plays)