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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1974978-0-905249-00-1David SpanglerMan, nature and the new age
1975978-0-905249-01-8David SpanglerSynergy
  ''978-0-905249-02-5   ''Manifestation
  ''978-0-905249-03-2   ''Links with space
1973978-0-905249-05-6New TroubadoursLove is
1971978-0-905249-06-3David SpanglerThe vision of Findhorn in world transformation
1977978-0-905249-08-7Dorothy MacleanThe Living Silence
1974978-0-905249-09-4David SpanglerRevelation: The birth of a new age
1974978-0-905249-11-7ElixirGod spoke to me
1975978-0-905249-12-4David SpanglerFestivals in the new age
1970978-0-905249-13-1   ''Sex and identity in the new age: A series of lectures
  ''978-0-905249-14-8   ''The new age vision
1975978-0-905249-15-5David SpanglerAttunement
1977978-0-905249-16-2   ''Laws of Manifestation
1978978-0-905249-18-6   ''Vision of Findhorn: Anthology
1977978-0-905249-19-3Eileen CaddyFootprints on the Path
1976978-0-905249-20-9David SpanglerLittle Church
  ''978-0-905249-21-6Billy et al. SargentONE EARTH (FINDHORN) NO. 2
1978978-0-905249-22-3David SpanglerTowards a Planetary Vision
  ''978-0-905249-23-0   ''New Age Rhythms
978-0-905249-24-7Findhorn FoundationONEEARTH 3
1978978-0-905249-25-4David SpanglerRevelation: The Birth of a New Age
1982978-0-905249-27-8Eileen CaddyLiving Word
1978978-0-905249-28-5David SpanglerReflections on the Christ
  ''978-0-905249-29-2Eileen CaddyFoundations of Findhorn
  ''978-0-905249-31-5David SpanglerRelationship and Identity (Findhorn lecture series)
1977978-0-905249-32-2Alexis EdwardsGuidelines
1978978-0-905249-33-9David SpanglerLinks with Space
1977978-0-905249-35-3Eileen CaddyGod Spoke to Me
1978978-0-905249-36-0David SpanglerFestivals in the New Age
1979978-0-905249-39-1Eileen CaddyThe Dawn of Change: Selections from Daily Guidance on Human Problems
  ''978-0-905249-40-7Richard St.Barbe BakerMy Life: My Trees
  ''978-0-905249-41-4David SpanglerExplorations: Emerging Aspects of the New Culture
  ''978-0-905249-42-1Dorothy MacleanTo Hear the Angels Sing: An Odyssey of Co-creation with the Devic Kingdom
1982978-0-905249-45-2William Irwin ThompsonFrom Nation to Emanation: Planetary Culture and World Governance
1980978-0-905249-46-9Unnamed UnnamedFaces of Findhorn: Images of a Planetary Family
1982978-0-905249-47-6Sara MarriotFrom the Centre
1981978-0-905249-48-3Faces of Findhorn: Images of a Planetary Family
  ''978-0-905249-49-0David SpanglerTowards a Planetary Vision
1981978-0-905249-50-6Kay Lynne ShermanFindhorn Family Cook Book
  ''978-0-905249-52-0David SpanglerReflections on the Christ (Findhorn lecture series)
  ''978-0-905249-53-7Eileen CaddyGod Spoke to Me
  ''978-0-905249-54-4   ''Footprints on the Path
1982978-0-905249-55-1Peter LemesurierThe Cosmic Eye: Traveller's Guide to Inner Space
1984978-0-905249-56-8Donald KeysEarth at Omega: Passage to Planetization
1982978-0-905249-57-5Peter PleaseThe Chronicles of the White Horse
1984978-0-905249-58-2Mary Inglis · Vance MartinWilderness: The Way Ahead - Congress Proceedings
  ''978-0-905249-59-9Nick InmanCanoeing Through Life
1983978-0-905249-60-5David HoffmannHolistic Herbal
1985978-0-905249-61-2M. Inglis · Sandra KramerThe New Economic Agenda
1994978-0-905249-62-9Corinne McLaughlin · Gordon DavidsonSpiritual Politics: Changing the World from the Inside Out
1986978-0-905249-63-6Richard St.Barbe BakerMy Life: My Trees
1986978-0-905249-64-3George TrevelyanSummons To A High Crusade
1988978-0-905249-65-0From Organization to Organism: New View of Business and Management
1987978-0-905249-66-7Eileen CaddyOpening Doors within
1986978-0-905249-67-4David HoffmannHolistic Herbal
1987978-0-905249-68-1Eileen CaddyOpening Doors within
1988978-0-905249-69-8Eileen CaddyLiving Word
1989978-0-905249-70-4Findhorn CommunityThe Findhorn Garden: Pioneering a New Vision of Humanity and Nature in Cooperation
2000978-0-905249-71-1Anna BartonSpirit of Dance
1990978-0-905249-72-8Peter LemesurierThis New Age Business: The Story of the Ancient and Continuing Quest to Bring Down Heaven on Earth
  ''978-0-905249-74-2Judith L. BoiceAt One with All Life: A Personal Journey in Gaian Communities
1992978-0-905249-75-9Eileen CaddyBringing More Love into Your Life: The Choice is Yours
1990978-0-905249-76-6William BloomSacred Times: New Approach to Festivals
1991978-0-905249-77-3Carol RiddellThe Findhorn Community: Creating a Human Identity for the 21st Century
  ''978-0-905249-78-0Eileen CaddyFoundations of a Spiritual Community
  ''978-0-905249-79-7Hope TodThe Maze and the Arc of Light
  ''978-0-905249-80-3Eileen CaddyFootprints on the Path
1992978-0-905249-81-0   ''God Spoke to Me
1992978-0-905249-82-7Anne BartonSpirit of Dance: The Next Steps
1996978-0-905249-83-4David SpanglerA Pilgrim in Aquarius
1993978-0-905249-84-1Ian WhiteAustralian Bush Flower Essences
  ''978-0-905249-85-8William BloomFirst Steps: Introduction to Spiritual Practice
  ''978-0-905249-86-5John L. TalbottSimply Build Green: Technical Guide to the Ecological Houses at the Findhorn Foundation
  ''978-0-905249-87-2Eileen CaddyDawn of Change
  ''978-0-905249-90-2   ''Choosing to Love
1994978-0-905249-91-9Michael DawsonHealing the Cause: Path of Forgiveness
1994978-0-905249-92-6Michael BradfordHands-on Spiritual Healing
  ''978-0-905249-93-3Gerry ThompsonAstral Sex - Zen Teabags: An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of New Age Jargon
  ''978-0-905249-96-4Pierre WeilThe Art of Living in Peace: Towards a New Peace Consciousness
  ''978-0-905249-97-1Eileen CaddyThe Spirit of Findhorn
1996978-0-905249-98-8Michael BradfordHands On Spiritual Healing [VHS]
1999978-0-905249-99-5Alex WalkerKingdom Within: A Guide to the Spiritual Work of the Findhorn Community