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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1975978-0-905220-00-0Mervyn PeakeTwelve Poems, 1939-60
1976978-0-905220-01-7Olaf StapledonFour Encounters
  ''978-0-905220-02-4Olaf StapledonFour Encounters
  ''978-0-905220-03-1James Goddard · David PringleJ.G.Ballard: The First Twenty Years
  ''978-0-905220-04-8James Goddard · David PringleJ.G.Ballard: The First Twenty Years
  ''978-0-905220-05-5Nicholas MaxwellWhat's Wrong with Science?: Towards a People's Rational Science of Delight and Compassion
1976978-0-905220-06-2Olaf StapledonNebula Maker
1977978-0-905220-08-6Vernon WatkinsThe Influences
1978978-0-905220-09-3Colin WilsonScience Fiction as Existentialism (Bran's Head library of science fiction criticism)
  ''978-0-905220-10-9Jim AllanAn Introduction to Elvish: And to Other Tongues and Proper Names and Writing Systems of the Third Age of the Western Lands of Middle-earth as Set ... of Professor John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
1981978-0-905220-11-6Vernon WatkinsYeats and Owen: Two Essays
1979978-0-905220-12-3Brian W. AldissScience Fiction as Science Fiction (Bran's Head library of science fiction criticism)
  ''978-0-905220-13-0Douglas BarbourWorlds Out of Words: Science Fiction of Samuel R. Delany
  ''978-0-905220-14-7Stan GoochAlternative Persons: Entities of Science Fiction and Myth
1981978-0-905220-15-4Stan Gooch · Christopher EvansScience Fiction as Religion
  ''978-0-905220-16-1Michael CarlsonWinter Lovers: Limited Edition
1981978-0-905220-17-8Theophilus SwiftThe Judgment of Hercules: Limited Edition
  ''978-0-905220-18-5Robin HamiltonWhere the Pulse Beats Double: Limited Edition
  ''978-0-905220-19-2Fulke GrevilleSonnets from Caelica: Limited Edition
  ''978-0-905220-20-8Adrian ClarkeImperfect Copies: Limited Edition
  ''978-0-905220-21-5John MatthewsMerlin in Calydon
1981978-0-905220-22-2J.P. WardThings: Limited Edition
1982978-0-905220-23-9J. P. WardThings
1981978-0-905220-24-6John. WainThe Twofold
1982978-0-905220-25-3John WainThe Twofold
  ''978-0-905220-26-0Grahaeme Barrasford YoungFractures
  ''978-0-905220-27-7   ''Fractures
1981978-0-905220-28-4Michael VinceMountain, Epic and Dream: Limited Edition
1982978-0-905220-29-1Vince MichaelMountain, Epic and Dream
  ''978-0-905220-30-7Bruce PalmerVisions of Paradise in the "Lord of the Rings"
  ''978-0-905220-31-4Kathleen HerbertLady of the Fountain
1982978-0-905220-32-1Kenneth R. TimmermanThe Wren Hunt
  ''978-0-905220-33-8Robin HamiltonNotebook for the Beautiful and Damned of This Present Age
  ''978-0-905220-34-5   ''Science and Psychodrama: The Poetry of Edwin Morgan and David Black
  ''978-0-905220-35-2Robin FreemanEau du Styx (Hunting Raven chapbooks)
1984978-0-905220-36-9Miltos SahtourisStrange Sunday: Selected Poems, 1951-71
  ''978-0-905220-37-6David AnnwnFoster the Ghost
1982978-0-905220-38-3David M. MillerOrientation
1982978-0-905220-39-0David M. MillerThere and Here: Meditation on Gerard De Nerval
2000978-0-905220-40-6Grahaeme Barrasford YoungLynsongs
1982978-0-905220-43-7David M. MillerThere and Here: Meditation on Gerard De Nerval
1984978-0-905220-45-1Moyra CaldecottChild of the Dark Star
  ''978-0-905220-46-8David AnnwnInhabited Voices: Myth and History in the Poetry of Seamus Heaney, George Mackay Brown and Geoffrey Hill
1982978-0-905220-47-5Robin FreemanEau du Styx
  ''978-0-905220-49-9David MillerOrientation
1983978-0-905220-50-5Moyra CaldecottTwins of the Tylwyth Teg
  ''978-0-905220-51-2   ''Taliesin and Avagddu
  ''978-0-905220-52-9Norman JacksonFieldwalking
1984978-0-905220-53-6Giacinto ScelsiSummit of Fire/Le Poids Net
1984978-0-905220-54-3Michael Ayrton · Elizabeth AyrtonMinotaur
  ''978-0-905220-55-0Robin AtthillOld Mendip
1985978-0-905220-56-7Moyra CaldecottBran, Son of Llyr
  ''978-0-905220-57-4David H. W. GrubbAlmost Child
  ''978-0-905220-58-1David PunterChina and Glass
  ''978-0-905220-59-8Robin HamiltonThe Lost Jockey: Poems 1966-82
1986978-0-905220-60-4Michael AyrtonTittivulus: Or, The Verbiage Collector
1986978-0-905220-65-9Meriol TrevorThe Golden Palaces
1985978-0-905220-66-6Nicki JackowskaThe Road to Orc
1987978-0-905220-67-3Kenneth R. ClewSomersetshire Coal Canal and Railways
1979978-0-905220-68-0David Gascoyne · Gerald Durrell · George Seferis · Diana Menuhin · Peter Levi · Derek Stanford · Ken Richardson · J.R. MorrissonLawrence Durrell: a Symposium (Bran's head labrys edition)
1981978-0-905220-69-7Alan Garner · Peter Plummer · Neil Philip · Kathleen Herbert · Gordon Crosse · Walter MacVitty · Maria NikolayeuaLabrys 7: Alan Garner Symposium
1983978-0-905220-70-3George Seferis · Roderic Beaton · Takis Sinopoulis · Nassos VayenasGeorge Seferis
1984978-0-905220-71-0Yannis Goumas · Gianni Fucci · Giuliana Rocchi · Giacinto Scelsi · Jose Emilio Pacheco · Brian Ferneyhough · Vittorio Ghmetti · Roger CalloisEuropean Literature and Music: 1984 (Bran's head labrys edition)
1985978-0-905220-72-7Tonino Guerra · Otfried Buthf · Pascale Charpentier · Severo Sarduy · Wolfgang Witzenmann · Lucia Lombardi · Goffredo PetrassiEuropean Literature and Music: 1985 (Bran's head labrys edition)
1983978-0-905220-73-4Madelaine Santschi · Jennifer Waelti-Walters · Michael Butor · George PedrosMichael Butor and George Petros: A Tribute to a Friendship (Bran's head labrys edition)