year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1969978-0-901366-00-9Travellers digest
1978978-0-901366-01-6Anna BuxtonBurghley: The Three-day Event
1985978-0-901366-02-3Pony Club Book: No. 1
1986978-0-901366-04-7British Horse SocietyTransporting Horses by Road
1987978-0-901366-05-4Virginia LengPriceless
1989978-0-901366-07-8Jeanne Kane · Lisa WaltmanThe Event Groom's Handbook
1998978-0-901366-09-2Jane Holderness-RoddamPreparing for a Show (Threshold Picture Guide)
1969978-0-901366-10-8B. O. A. C. Guide to the Americas: 1 (Explorer Guides)
1981978-0-901366-11-5Alexander BlandThe Royal Ballet: The first 50 years
1987978-0-901366-13-9Mary Gordon-WatsonCourse Design and Construction for Horse Trials
1986978-0-901366-14-6Catherine HaillThe Theatregoer's Cook Book
1988978-0-901366-15-3Marian EasonLong Distance Riding
  ''978-0-901366-16-0Mary RoseThe Horsemaster's Notebook
  ''978-0-901366-17-7British Horse Society & Pony ClubPony Club Book: No. 2
1990978-0-901366-19-1K.M. HaralambosThe Byerley Turk: Three Centuries of the Tail Male Racing Lines
1970978-0-901366-20-7Barbara CooperBadminton: A Record of the Three-day Event from 1949-69
1985978-0-901366-21-4Jeanne Kane · Lisa WaltmanEvent Groom's Handbook
1987978-0-901366-23-8M.M. ReeseGoodwood's Oak: Life and Times of the Third Duke of Richmond and Lennox
1986978-0-901366-24-5German National EquestrianAdvanced Techniques of Riding (Complete Riding & Driving System)
1998978-0-901366-25-2Jane Holderness-RoddamColours and Markings (Threshold Picture Guide)
1988978-0-901366-26-9British Horse SocietyManual of Stable Management: The Horse at Grass Bk. 3
  ''978-0-901366-27-6Mary Gordon-WatsonBeds and Bedding (Threshold Picture Guide)
1971978-0-901366-30-6Malcolm Ross-MacdonaldWorld Wildlife Guide: 2
1985978-0-901366-31-3German National EquestrianPrinciples of Riding (Complete Riding & Driving System)
1998978-0-901366-32-0Valerie WatsonManes and Tails (Threshold Picture Guide)
1987978-0-901366-33-7Jane Holderness-RoddamBoots and Bandages (Threshold Picture Guide)
  ''978-0-901366-34-4David LangThe Complete Book of British Berries
1987978-0-901366-35-1Jane Holderness-RoddamRugs and Rollers (Threshold Picture Guide)
1988978-0-901366-36-8Pat SmallwoodManual of Stable Management: Saddlery (Book 4)
  ''978-0-901366-37-5Mary Gordon-WatsonFeeds and Feeding (Threshold Picture Guide)
1971978-0-901366-40-5Malcolm Ross-MacdonaldThe world wildlife guide
1984978-0-901366-41-2M.C.R. WallaceThe King's Troop: Royal Horse Artillery
1986978-0-901366-42-9Valerie WatsonTrimming and Clipping (Threshold Picture Guide)
1987978-0-901366-43-6Jane Holderness-RoddamFitting Tack (Threshold Picture Guide)
1988978-0-901366-44-3R.S. SummerhaysEncyclopaedia for Horsemen
  ''978-0-901366-45-0Julie BasilAfter the AI: A Guide to Taking the Stage IV and Intermediate Teaching Examinations
  ''978-0-901366-46-7British Horse SocietyManual of Stable Management: Specialist Care of the Competition Horse Bk. 5
1990978-0-901366-47-4Rhydian Wynn-WilliamsInternational Three-day Event: Results and Records from 1912
1972978-0-901366-50-4Travellers digest: A guide to six continents
1984978-0-901366-51-1Gillian Newsum · Malcolm WallaceOlympic Three-day Event, Los Angeles '84
1986978-0-901366-52-8Gisela Holstein ( Translation )Advanced Techniques of Riding (Complete Riding & Driving System)
  ''978-0-901366-53-5Joan WanklynDrawn for Friends
1987978-0-901366-54-2P. J. S OlneyThe wildfowl paintings of Henry Jones
1989978-0-901366-55-9Jane Holderness-RoddamShowing
1989978-0-901366-56-6British Horse SocietyManual of Stable Management: The Stable Yard Bk. 6
  ''978-0-901366-57-3Pippa CucksonRush-hour Rider: Practical Horsekeeping for the Working Owner
1973978-0-901366-60-3Barbara Cooper · M. MathesonWorld Museums Guide
1985978-0-901366-61-0Helen Barnes BassettLiterary Places in and Out of London
1987978-0-901366-63-4Ann NicholPick Your Own Cook Book
  ''978-0-901366-64-1Pegotty HenriquesBalanced Riding: A Way to Find the Correct Seat
1988978-0-901366-65-8Karen Bush201 Handy Hints for Horse Persons
  ''978-0-901366-66-5Mary Gordon-WatsonFields and Fencing (Threshold Picture Guide)
1992978-0-901366-68-9British Horse SocietyThe Manual of Stable Management: Watering and Feeding: Watering and Feeding Bk. 7
1974978-0-901366-70-2Travellers digest: A guide to six continents
1985978-0-901366-71-9Pony ClubKeeping a Pony at Grass (A Pony Club publication)
1988978-0-901366-73-3German National EquestrianHorse Management (Complete Riding & Driving System S.)
1987978-0-901366-74-0Stephen HadleyTraining the Show Jumper
1988978-0-901366-75-7British Horse SocietyManual of Stable Management: The Horse Bk. 1
1998978-0-901366-76-4Mary Gordon-WatsonMaking Your Own Jumps (Threshold Picture Guide)
1989978-0-901366-78-8Mark ToddCharisma
  ''978-0-901366-79-5Toni WebberSheds and Shelters (Threshold Picture Guide)
1975978-0-901366-80-1Barbara (ed) COOPERBadminton: the three-day event 1949-74
1985978-0-901366-81-8M.C.R. WallaceKing's Troop: Royal Horse Artillery
1987978-0-901366-83-2German National EquestrianVaulting (Complete Riding & Driving System)
1988978-0-901366-84-9   ''Driving (Complete Riding & Driving System S.)
1988978-0-901366-85-6Gunnar HedlundThis is Riding
1989978-0-901366-86-3Elaine PickworthGrooming for Ginny
1991978-0-901366-88-7Mark Todd · Gillian NewsumMark Todd's Cross-country Handbook
1989978-0-901366-89-4Toni WebberSafety (Threshold Picture Guide)
1976978-0-901366-90-0M.M. ReeseRoyal Office of Master of the Horse
1985978-0-901366-91-7British Horse Society · Pony ClubThe Instructor's Handbook (A Pony Club publication)
1986978-0-901366-93-1Kathrine Sorley Walker · Sarah C. WoodcockRoyal Ballet
1988978-0-901366-94-8Susan McBanePonywise
  ''978-0-901366-95-5British Horse SocietyManual of Stable Management: Care of the Horse Bk. 2
1989978-0-901366-98-6Jane Holderness-RoddamFirst Aid (Threshold Picture Guide)
1990978-0-901366-99-3Pegotty HenriquesDressage for the Young Rider

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