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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1969978-0-900860-03-4Idries ShahDestination Mecca
  ''978-0-900860-07-2Idries ShahReflections
1971978-0-900860-10-2   ''Wisdom of the Idiots
1970978-0-900860-12-6   ''The Book of the Book
1974978-0-900860-35-5Hakim SanaiThe Walled Garden of Truth
  ''978-0-900860-36-2Idries ShahThe Elephant in the Dark
1983978-0-900860-45-4Widad El-SakkakiniFirst Among Sufis: Life and Thought of Rabia al Adawiyya, the Woman Saint of Basra
1982978-0-900860-46-1Idries ShahThinkers of the East: Studies in Experientialism
  ''978-0-900860-47-8   ''Tales of the Dervishes
1978978-0-900860-56-0   ''Neglected Aspects of Sufi Study
1978978-0-900860-57-7Idries ShahSpecial Illumination: Sufi Use of Humour
  ''978-0-900860-58-4   ''A Veiled Gazelle
  ''978-0-900860-59-1   ''Learning How to Learn: Psychology and Spirituality in the Sufi Way
1979978-0-900860-62-1   ''A Perfumed Scorpion
1980978-0-900860-69-0Jami · Al-Ghazzali · Hakim SanaiFour Sufi Classics: "Salaman and Absal", "Niche for Lights", "Way of the Seeker" and "Abode of Spring"
  ''978-0-900860-71-3Abu Hamid Muhammad ibn Muhammad al- Ghazali · Al-Ghazzali · Sufi TrustThe Alchemy of Happiness
  ''978-0-900860-80-5Idries ShahThe Way of the Sufi
1981978-0-900860-86-7Al-Hariri · Amina Shah · al Qasim ibn 'Ali al-HaririThe Assemblies of Al-Hariri
1982978-0-900860-91-1Idries ShahSeeker After Truth
1982978-0-900860-92-8Sheikh Shahabudin SuhrawardiThe Mystical and Visionary Treatises
  ''978-0-900860-99-7Sirdar Ikbal Ali ShahAfghanistan of the Afghans