E.J.P. Publications

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1969978-0-900850-00-4James OppenheimDevelop Your Hidden Talents (Self education books)
  ''978-0-900850-01-1Leo MarkunPsychology of Leadership (Self education books)
  ''978-0-900850-02-8William J. FieldingWoman's Sexual Life (Self Education)
  ''978-0-900850-04-2Gaylord DuboisSpanish Self Taught (Self Education)
1972978-0-900850-05-9E.J. PikeExport-import without Capital
1969978-0-900850-06-6   ''Directory of Manufacturers and Exporters of Hong Kong
  ''978-0-900850-08-0   ''Directory of Manufacturers and Exporters of Italy
1969978-0-900850-09-7E.J. PikeDirectory of Manufacturers and Exporters of Germany
1972978-0-900850-10-3F. HillandHow to Start and Run a Business (Extra Income Manuals)
1970978-0-900850-11-0Gloria GoddardPin Money at Home (Extra Income Manuals)
1968978-0-900850-12-7Ralph CheyneyHow to merchandise ('Extra income' manuals)
1970978-0-900850-13-4Fiswoode Tarleton · Charles J. FingerWrite Short Stories (Extra Income Manuals)
  ''978-0-900850-14-1Stanley M. LangbergHow to Win Prize Contests (Extra Income Manuals)
  ''978-0-900850-15-8Lloyd E. SmithHow to Write Business and Other Letters (Extra Income Manuals)
1968978-0-900850-16-5Miriam Allen DeFordTypewriting self taught ('Extra income' manuals)
1970978-0-900850-17-2George A. ButtonLightning Shorthand Self Taught (Extra Income Manuals)
  ''978-0-900850-18-9E.J. PikeExtra Cash from Mail Order (Extra Income Manuals)
1969978-0-900850-19-6   ''Simplified Mail Order Bookkeeping (Extra Income Manuals)
1970978-0-900850-20-2Gloria GoddardHow to Make Cosmetics (Extra Income Manuals)
  ''978-0-900850-21-9Archie MusicHow to Start Oil Painting
1970978-0-900850-22-6Harry HazelhurstHow to Teach Yourself to Swim
  ''978-0-900850-23-3Clarice CunninghamHow to Raise and Train Cats and Dogs
  ''978-0-900850-24-0Herbert SpencerHow to Improve Yourself Physically
  ''978-0-900850-25-7Lloyd E. SmithHow to Overcome Self-consciousness
  ''978-0-900850-26-4Helene PaquinHow to Make Candy or Sweets
1970978-0-900850-27-1Mrs. TempleHow to Make Desserts, Pastries and Pies
  ''978-0-900850-28-8Gloria GoddardHow to Run Adult Party Games
  ''978-0-900850-29-5   ''How to Cook Simple American Style
  ''978-0-900850-36-3Ralph CheyneyHow to Merchandise (Extra Income Manuals)
  ''978-0-900850-37-0Gloria GoddardHow to make cosmetics ('Extra income' manuals)
1970978-0-900850-45-5Primrose PeacockAntique Trade (Extra Income Manuals)
  ''978-0-900850-46-2Lloyd E. SmithHow to Overcome Self-consciousness
  ''978-0-900850-51-6Primrose PeacockHow to Deal in Antiques (Extra Income Manuals)
  ''978-0-900850-52-3C. WoodChildren's Introduction to Crossword Puzzles
  ''978-0-900850-54-7Edward LearFunny Alphabets for Children (Laugh-in Books)
1970978-0-900850-56-1G. MilburnPuzzles and Teasers (Laugh-in Books)
  ''978-0-900850-58-5"Bibliomaniac"Magical Secrets and Spells for Love
  ''978-0-900850-59-2C. WoodCrossword Puzzle Book
1970978-0-900850-60-8C. WoodAdult Introduction to Crosswords
  ''978-0-900850-61-5Lloyd E. Smith500 Riddles and Jokes (Laugh-in Books)
  ''978-0-900850-62-2   ''500 Riddles and Jokes (Laugh-in Books)
  ''978-0-900850-63-9Clarice CunninghamBest Lover Jokes (Laugh-in Books)
  ''978-0-900850-64-6   ''Best Lover Jokes (Laugh-in Books)
1970978-0-900850-65-3Clarice CunninghamFor Laughing Only (Laugh-in Books)
1971978-0-900850-66-0C.CunninghamFor Laughing Only (A Caperback)
1970978-0-900850-67-7Clarice CunninghamHow to Die Laughing (Laugh-in Books)
  ''978-0-900850-68-4   ''How to Die Laughing (Laugh-in Books)
  ''978-0-900850-69-1R. EastmanJumbo Joke Book (Laugh-in Books)
  ''978-0-900850-70-7   ''Jumbo Joke Book (Laugh-in Books)
  ''978-0-900850-71-4Clarice CunninghamTell the Best Jokes (Laugh-in Books)
1970978-0-900850-72-1Clarice CunninghamTell the Best Jokes (Laugh-in Books)
  ''978-0-900850-73-8"Bibliomaniac"Magical Secrets and Spells for Love
1971978-0-900850-75-2J. MartinSix Hundred Ways to Extra Cash
1972978-0-900850-76-9John HarperPreach and be Damned
  ''978-0-900850-77-6John MaughamEuropean Armour (Learn by Drawing)
1972978-0-900850-78-3John MaughamFishing Boats (Learn by Drawing)
  ''978-0-900850-79-0   ''Early Costumes (Learn by Drawing)
  ''978-0-900850-80-6   ''Inventors: Brunel (Learn by Drawing S.)
  ''978-0-900850-81-3   ''Early Railways (Learn by Drawing)
  ''978-0-900850-82-0   ''Military Uniforms (Learn by Drawing)
1972978-0-900850-83-7John MaughamBalloons and Airships (Learn by Drawing)
1972978-0-900850-84-4John MaughamOcean Liners (Learn by Drawing)
  ''978-0-900850-85-1   ''Tutankhamun (Learn by Drawing)
  ''978-0-900850-86-8Children's Party Songs and Games
  ''978-0-900850-87-5Harold T. WilkinsMonsters and Mysteries
  ''978-0-900850-88-2Anthony GishAmerican Outlaws ([Compelling literature series])
1972978-0-900850-89-9N.A. CrawfordStories Short, Stories Tall
  ''978-0-900850-90-5M.H. JuliusMurders Unsolved
  ''978-0-900850-91-2   ''Notorious Trials
1968978-0-900850-92-9Ambrose BierceThe Devil's Dictionary
1972978-0-900850-93-6Doris Blanche CharltonForty-four Games of Patience
  ''978-0-900850-94-3E. F. BensonMan Who Went Too Far (Weird & Supernatural)
  ''978-0-900850-95-0Arthur MachenOut of the Earth (Weird & Supernatural)
1972978-0-900850-96-7Brander MatthewsRival Ghosts (Weird & Supernatural)
  ''978-0-900850-97-4Arthur MachenShining Pyramid (Weird & Supernatural)
1970978-0-900850-98-1George A. ButtonLightning Shorthand: Self Taught (Extra Income Manuals)
  ''978-0-900850-99-8Clarice CunninghamHow to Raise and Train Cats and Dogs